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The process of responding to an event that might threaten the operations, staff, customers, reputation or the legal and financial status of an organisation. Having a plan in place is the key to any success and we love to have everything up to date and know what the plan is for the next month or quarter.
We’ve put together a plan of action on how to manage your brand and your social media if you ever encounter a crisis. On Keyhole you are able to track what is trending on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what people are saying about your brand.
Once you have the process in place, it is time to decide who will be your key account manager and take hold during the crisis.  We suggest having a key account manager at your social media agency as well as internally at your brand.
In case your key account manager goes away on holiday or leaves your company, it is a good idea to have someone else in mind who would be able to cover for them.
We hope you never have to put this crisis plan into action, but it will be a weight off your mind to know that you have planned how to handle it if anything does go wrong.
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We provide both individual and group counseling with our experienced master’s level counselors and psychologists.
As crises in the workplace and community disasters are becoming more frequent, the need for effective psychological crisis response capabilities becomes obvious.
Our experts will help your business, school, or other organization mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any disaster or crisis that may come your way. Our psychiatric nurse practitioners are available in a timely manner to meet your psychiatric medication needs.

CPR provides complete psychiatric services for hospitals from our counselors providing interventions and assessments 24X7, to our psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychiatrist on the medical floors. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. An effective plan enables Brothers to address and diffuse difficult situations and to make important split-second decisions because they are prepared to do so. For example, someone talking badly about your brand on social media, negative press, or a news topic that relates to your brand or industry. You don’t want to jump the gun and cause more problems for your brand, but then you don’t want to seem as though you are ignoring the crisis all together. What should you post on social media, whether you write a blog around the issue and whether you need to hold a press conference. Hootsuite allows you to create relevant search feeds for Twitter on topics and keywords that are related to your business. Keyhole is a useful platform as it means you do not have to go onto each social media platform individually, which will save you time. Make sure you brief them on the crisis plan and introduce them to your other key account manager. It has security vulnerabilities and may not display all features on this site and other sites.
We can also customize our training to meet your organization’s needs and bring it to your workplace. You may also want to invite anyone affected to re-visit your brand whether online or onsite.

This way you are able to track what people are saying about your brand, even if they do not mention you in a tweet.
There are lots of other platforms that you can use to track what is being said about your brand, such as Brand Watch. Make sure they are both in agreement on how to handle things, prior to a situation occurring. Review and follow all rules and regulations from the RMF and your university regarding risk management, and have first aid and fire prevention supplies on hand in your chapter.Keep in mind that as the seasons change.
An effective year-round plan takes into account changing circumstances throughout the year: weather conditions. Gather the facts, and contact Sigma Chi HQ as soon as possible,then the Chapter Adviso r and Grand Praetor. If the situation involves damage to the Chapter House, call the House Corporation President or designated contact. Do not comment or answer any questions.Remember that crisis management plans are tools that should be used to help guide your response. Document and study the situation, and meet as a chapter once the crisis has passed to discuss the way it was handled.If your chapter does not already have a crisis management plan in effect.

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