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The Customer Service Training Institute has enjoyed over 30 years of successfully specializing in interactive, fun, skill based customer service training seminars, courses, and workshops. At the conclusion of our customer service training seminar you will know and understand what the ideas are behind the skills and how to use them in business situations to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have found that adult learning works best when using your own practical experiences in shared work-related situations.
Research shows that businesses providing excellent customer services make more money than business that don't. The Foundation of Customer ServiceEvery one of these tenets is an essential part of high quality customer service.

So we use discussions where you can share your experiences, participate in team exercises, audio and video taped simulations and do a little problem solving and discussion with fellow team members during the workshop.
At the Customer Service Training Institute we have developed a practical easy to learn customer service program to help you understand and apply the basic skills that build excellence. Harvard Business School supports this view of practical learning.
Our customer service training seminar will help you better satisfy your customers' needs. Its research shows that adults learn best when they can apply the skills immediately to solve a problem!

Our seminar is based on the fact that people want to be treated well when they buy or use your services.
They don't want stressful experiences that make their lives more difficult.

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