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Summary for Monday November 16 2015: Chad works to get Rafe to believe him, Brady defends Theresa, and Steve and Bo share a touching moment. At the Brady Pub, Rafe tells Chad that Jennifer heard from Abigail, who insists everything is great with Ben.
At the Brady Pub, Chad knows Rafe believes him now and says Ben will do whatever it takes to keep Abigail away from him. At the park, Kayla tells Bo he has a sizeable tumor in his brain; surgery and chemotherapy aren’t options for him. Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and asks Victor to flush out the guys who captured him and deal with them. Find news about all Days of our Lives actors, check out DOOL spoilers and then read who is returning to Days of our Lives for the 50th anniversary. Summary for Friday November 6 2015: Brady and Theresa's relationship goes from cool to red hot, Hope fights for her life, Bo rushes to Hope's side, and Steve gets a suspicious letter. At the Martin mansion, Caroline rushes into Bo’s arms and sobs as she apologizes for failing her son. Victor and Maggie arrive at the Martin mansion and Victor apologizes to Caroline for not believing her.
Allie comes across Sami with EJ, Jennifer has a disastrous meeting with Ben, and Rafe destroys Nicole's video evidence. Melanie tells Victor that if Maggie left without telling anybody then something’s really wrong. Please abide by the Guidelines when posting and Contact Us if a moderator is required to handle comment issues. Summary for Friday November 13, 2015: Sam and Jason kiss, Liz worries about Hayden, and Robin tries to tell Patrick the truth. Feel free to visit General Hospital late breaking news, General Hospital spoilers and the General Hospital comings and goings. Ciara thinks she should be with Bo; he’s staying away because he thinks she doesn’t want him here. She’s impressed he turned down the ISA job but he says there’s only one place he needs to be.

She fixes a martini and says as long as she has the video, she can bring Sami to her knees, which is where she belongs. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families and other residents of the fictional town of Salem. Lexi arrives and he gives her the first pound he ever earned and wants her to give it to Theo. You’re in here." Hope knows he feels guilty but Carly insists they both know it’s more than that. Soap opera fans are invited to read in-depth Days of our Lives daily recaps, as well as the late-breaking DOOL news. Liz pops up to explain that she and the prince have kept her role in covering up Jason's identity a secret.
Ben answers and barks, “What the hell do you want, DiMera?” He says he’s lost and it’s over, and hangs up. Kayla replies, “Hopefully you’ll have months,” but then admits, “If you were my patient, I’d tell you to plan for the worst.” She cries in his arms. Rafe calls in a favor to Mike to get a program to stop the video from going viral and asks Mike to distract Marco for a while. He wanted to buy a Star Wars action figure with it but his step-father thought it was best to save it. Since the motorbike is dead, he races on foot, passing out in the woods before getting back up and making a run for it.
Downstairs, Aiden dons a black ensemble and wraps the red necktie around his hands as he flashes to his wedding. He strangles her and as she passes out, Bo breaks in and upon seeing Aiden, yells and charges. She refuses to believe that so he points out that they re-enacted their vows and it still didn't jog a memory. The toxicology results return and there were drugs in Joey’s bloodstream but he insists he didn’t take them. She thinks he’s entitled to be screwed up after all he has been through in life but is amazed he's wonderful and dependable.

She thinks it’s laughable that a grown man would leave everyone in his life to go find himself.
Barnes claims that she and Nikolas have made a deal and taunts the nurse, suggesting that Jason will run back to Sam soon.
When she returns to bed, he pants that he can’t do this, then works up courage and goes up to her room. Maggie tries to stop Victor and when the baby cries, he tells her to go see her meal ticket. She wonders if she was a shrew who drove him away and then asks Bo to keep this to himself. The Cassadine talks about how his father is in love with Hayden but something is going on that he doesn't understand. Theresa runs upstairs and overhears Brady tell his grandfather that Theresa has changed for the better.
She admits that she's happy Jason is alive but worries he'll return to being Sonny's enforcer. She thanks him for defending her and admits she’s hurt that he won’t admit he enjoyed their kiss.
He flashes to meeting with Mike who gave him a thumb drive that’ll wipe out the hard drive and ensure if the user downloads anything else it too will be destroyed. Rafe fakes a call from the foyer and plugs in the thumb drive into her laptop and deletes her files.
Back at Crichton-Clark, one of Robin's captors shows her a live video feed of Emma in the park with Spencer. LOAD MOREBack to Top Terms of Use Privacy Policy© Copyright 2003-2016 SheKnows,LLC.

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