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The contingency theory focuses on specific situational factors which can affect the direct relationships between independent and dependent variables. Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster.
It will be greatly appreciated if hierarchical and upper-echelon theories of leadership can also be added to the list as well as population-ecology theory.

2001It is difficult to distinguish all the legitimate and illegitimate kinds and uses of information.
Insurance is one of the devices by which risks may be reduced or eliminated and exchange for premium.Insurance may be defined asA contract between two parties whereby one party agrees to indemnify to loss suffered by other party for a consideration of some money called premium. The person or the property subject to risk is called insured.Insurance is a contract between two parties in which insurance company (one party) promises with that in case of any financial or life loss due to any reason, company will compensate the loss.

1987Was it merely the expression of her displeasure at Miss Bart's neglect, or had disquieting rumours reached her?

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