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Credibility as a leader allows your subordinates see you as a reliable source of information and decision making.
Part of establishing credibility is to create a sense of trust between you and your subordinates. Every manager and leader has detractors who do not accept his authority and doubt their abilities. A leader needs to have more than a basic understanding of his field to develop credibility with staff, customers and other companies within the industry.
A good leader is focused on the goals he has imposed and guides his team towards achieving these goals.
The delegation of responsibilities show confidence in the abilities of your employees and this is an important factor in the development of the credibility factor. Working with subordinates while holding a position of authority, as opposed to talking to your staff from the top, helps to develop leadership reputation. To develop great leadership qualities, always keep your eyes fixed on your goals and set timelines.
A looser knows what his strengths are, but concentrates on his weakness, and a leader knows what his weaknesses are, but concentrates on his strengths. Making choices and taking actions aligned with your morals and values helps you succeed almost effortlessly. Most of the leaders have their own distinctive styles, yet there have been some prevalent characteristic commonalities.
By stepping in front of her children, she was setting a boundary as to what was going to be acceptable for her own children…and just as importantly, what was not.
All too often, we don’t even start thinking about leadership and our development as a leader until it is, for whatever reason, suddenly thrust upon us.
Owning The Leadership Mindset: Some would describe the leadership mindset as a set of beliefs, values and attitudes directed to empower people.
Stay with me here, because what I’m suggesting is that the real glory in leadership comes not from what you accomplish, but rather from what you assist others in accomplishing. I trust that you found this article valuable, if so feel free to send this to your friends. He is also a bestselling author, and Executive producer and host of The wildly popular internationally broadcast Full Monty Leadership Show featuring those at the cutting edge of leadership. As an Elite Mind Strategist he specializes in the Psychology of High Performance Leadership and can move you and your organization from where you are to where you want to be at hyper speed.
Sign Up Today and Receive This Special Report at No Charge (a $47.00 Value) The three sentences you, as a leader, can start using today to have your team hanging on your every word and happily go the extra mile for you and your organization to generate fierce loyalty.
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that the recession has aggravated what already was a deteriorating relationship between employers and their employees. And you also know the result: People are willing to abandon companies like the proverbial rats on a sinking ship because no one feels safe!
A Wharton School of Business article says that most companies can expect to lose anywhere between 20 and 50 percent of their employees in any given year. If not, you can be certain that your team’s morale is going to tank faster than a preschooler who needs a nap because conflict is the nature of relationship.
You’ve got to understand that crappy moral is contagious!  Problems that don’t get addressed, be they feuds between departments (silos), interpersonal quarrels, or performance issues all negatively impact employee enthusiasm, motivation, and ultimately loyalty. That being said, a leader who is a master of conflict resolution knows that healthy conflict creates a deepening bond. Generational bias has always been an issue, however, now more than ever in a global economy, it can be a crippling one. It was estimated that that same level of training could be completed to competence in around 20 hours by a GenXer because of their much higher exposure to technology.
The challenge can be that as a leader you are likely to be either a Boomer or an Xer, have likely climbed through the ranks and invested a considerable amount of time in getting where you are today.
You see, part of the challenge is that we often (even unconsciously) use the time we’ve put in, rather than effectiveness, as a standard of measure. The challenge is that if the criteria by which we measure authentic leadership remain the same as it was for old school leadership, we won’t be able to recognise the value that is in front of us. The most important of the Top 3 Reasons “Leaders” are losing their Star Players is because of Inauthentic Leadership!
There was a time when a leader could lead through image, reputation, experience, force or any combination thereof…However, hold on to your seats. Today, if you want to keep your star players, you had better find out who they are, what they care about, what “really” motivates them, and how they want to be rewarded for great work.

What this means is that if you want to generate fierce loyalty in your team (and ultimately in your customer and supplier base,) you have to show up and let them see you…warts and all.
I realize that this flies in the face of what you originally learned about being a leader and elevating yourself away from your “underlings.” Although that might have worked at some point in time, that outdated model will have your Star Players deserting you and your company so fast it will make your head spin!
In summary, if you want to keep your Star Players you must become a master of dealing with conflict in a healthy way. Despite what you’ve been told, the truth is that Vulnerability is Power in the new global economy! It could be argued that leadership is the most important quality for any business professional to have.
We know from a 2011 Gallup Poll that 71% of American workers are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” in their work.
Spiritual leaders are the carriers of God ’s DNA in the church, the shapers of a church ’s vision and core values.
The implications of these questions are so huge for leadership development, we want the Vision Room content to focus beyond the good leadership books, principles and “Maxwellisms” out there. Are you doing everything you can up front to ensure the chemistry and culture fit with potential staff?
Once you have the strategy articulated and pictured, you must go back and revise your organizational structure.  If you don’t strategy becomes impotent.
Will Mancini wants you and your ministry to experience the benefits of stunning, God-given clarity. While I understand the title after reading the article, my first thought upon seeing the image and title was "No. A credible leader has earned the respect of his peers and staff members and show positive and strong attributes. Developing a reputation for giving honest and accurate information that can be verified if necessary goes a long way toward gaining the respect of employees and establishing credibility. Strength of character is a trait that helps establish credibility as a leader, and to ignore the naysayers helps to show that strength.
Seeking continuous higher education in your field is open sample to your subordinates that you do not have all the answers but are willing to do the work necessary to find solutions to problems around you. He is expected to be a leading expert in his field with the ability to analyze a situation and develop possible solutions. Leaders may lose credibility if they lose the right way and do not take steps to help employees separately and the entire group achieves the objectives actions. If the company is considering decisions that may result in a pay cut or layoff, you must speak out on behalf of your staff and work to find solutions that can help them keep their jobs.
Showing confidence in the skills of your employees and their ability to perform designated tasks builds confidence in your ability to guide the team.
It shows respect to the needs, skills and individual opinions of the members of your staff and you will gain their loyalty in the process.
Someone who is eager to develop leadership qualities must possess good communication skill.
She knew very well that she was placing herself in the direct line of fire of verbal abuse from their father.
Others speak of leaders being born not made, and that the “mindset” was either there or not. Full Monty Leadership is a selfless journey of empowering people to step up, to better themselves and perform to their greatest potential.
He is the Leading expert on Authentic Leadership and is the world’s Only Corporate Cultural Strategist.
While things weren’t rosy before, now everyone knows someone (or has experienced it themselves!) who has been caught in layoffs, buyouts, downsizing, capsizing, and reductions in benefits, not to mention freezes on new hires, pay raises, and promotions. If you even suspect that the ship you are on could go down and something else comes along, there’s a good chance you’d jump ship too. Few things are more disruptive and costly to your business than an unexpected exodus from your talent pool. In a recent survey of employee benefits, trends, and attitudes, MetLife found that employee loyalty is at a seven-year low.
Are you comfortable with conflict?  By that I don’t mean that you are aggressively looking for some form of fight, but when conflict comes up, can you confront it with compassion and empathy? Small problems that are ignored develop into resentment, and will develop into bigger problems. I can remember when I first started speaking to individuals and organizations of influence back in the 80s.

Now you are likely to find yourself leading Millennials, while having an empathetic bias towards your own generation.
Furthermore, even if we are measuring the effectiveness of our top players, our leaders, it’s important that we examine whether our criteria for measurement may also be outdated. I have just focused on the top three so that you can begin incorporating change right away.
You will also need to seek to understand the other generations you are working with, remembering they likely have different values and priorities than you). What’s your business doing?  Is it growing, staying about the same or losing ground?  Now let’s be brutally honest—and I suspect if you are like most business owners, you may be tempted to deny this–but if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying!
If we are going to talk growth in business, one of the key areas we have to discuss is the quality of the leadership. Despite what you may believe, there is a powerful and somewhat destructive impact of having leaders who don’t inspire us. How will you use vision to recruit leaders, develop leaders, structure people, and divide your attention among the right leaders? All too often the topic of leadership development is disconnected from your church’s unique vision.
Credibility can result in improved performance of personnel under your direction and an effective relationship with suppliers and customers. Take every opportunity to show the staff that you’re willing to perform any task needed to succeed. The loyalty of a manager on staff usually leads to a sense of commitment and mutual success.
You can showcase your strong attributes and people will start to take note of you and respect you. If you are fizzled, there is every chance that your team will be too, and the productivity will be much less.
These seemingly common traits are, in fact, extremely rare as very few possess all of them. Do you believe that a Baby Boomer (people born between 1946 and 1964), Generation Xer (people born between mid 1960s to the early 1980s), Millennial (people born between 1982 and 2000) are all treated equally in the climb to the top? At that time, I came across research that said it took a rookie over 100 hours to learn the skills to become a fighter pilot.
These latest members of the work force have grown up with even more electronic interface than the generation X group, and as a result their TQ (technical intelligence) far exceeds those of the last two generations. And finally, you must be willing to let your people in, let them see that you are more than your title, or even your experience. Many top level C-suite executives are just as disengaged.  These leaders close their office doors and distance themselves from the group they are supposed to be leading.
The key to radical discipleship is the development of trainer – coaches that carry the DNA to the edges of the movement. Because no leader wakes up with a specific responsibility (and accountability) connected to your church’s strategy component.
As a leader you will always have to communicate your ambitions, requirements,and expectations to your subordinates effectively. Display of determination and commitment is the most important characteristic for those who want to be followed. Hence, you must strive to gain leadership skills in order to boost your career opportunities. A leader’s sincerity devotion and determination towards work increases his respectability among his subordinates.
If someone has to say something, even if his or her suggestions are beyond the scope of considerations, listen to him or her and show due respect.
Possession of these virtues may not be sufficient but they are essential beyond the scope of dubiety.
Only courage brings change and who else but a leader can bring a change for a better future.
You have to be consistent in their practice so that they become embedded in your behavioral manifestations.
Go through these most important features of leader and try to embrace them in your personal life.

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