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Or to get serious again, it will be interesting to see what Japanese tech and innovation can produce. Before any definite Japanese stealth fighter the ATD-X is going to act more as a technology demonstrator. With regard to transforming robots; while cool, does not have the additional functionality to justify a multi billion dollar unit which may be taken out by something like a foot soldier with a Javelin and at worst plagued by mechanical and electronic faults and finally taken out by a yobbo in his home clothes with a couple hundred dollar RPG.
Back in February 2006, Inside The Air Force (ITAF) reported that momentum was building within the USAF to sell the ultra-advanced F-22A Raptor abroad to trusted US allies, as a way of increasing numbers and production. Interesting article from Defense Industry Daily going over the choice of different fighters and the reason behind the eventual selection of the notorious F-35.
On the ATD-X, "Japan hopes the Advanced Technology Demonstrator eXperimental (ATD-X) will lead to a larger high-performance production aircraft with low-observable (stealthy) qualities, designed and built indigenously sometime in the next decade.
It will be launched in half the time it takes the US at just one-third the cost (they don’t outsource their labor). Add the new Chinese naval version stealth fighter bomber already in flight-testing to the mix and you have the makings of a formidable weapons system indeed.
China is the only nation other than Russia that can launch men into outer space (our capability ended with the last space shuttle launch . China ‘s new carrier could be twice as fast as anything we have, plus the stability of a catamaran type hull will greatly reduce the pitching, yawing and swaying common to our present designs. It appears that some profitable thought should be given to advising your grandchildren to learn mandarin Chinese(forget Spanish). You didn’t think the USA could bully the world for ever and get away with it did you !
These are not real pictures and are most likely to be planted by the CIA so that americans get all upset and give the war criminals even more money.
I’m sure your comments on housing developments were tongue-in-cheek but actually there are reports that China has something quite close to that in mind. It’s just a shame that any nation should seek to intimidate other nations, as the US has been quite happily doing for many decades now, with the constant threat of bombing and mass murder of civilian populations. If you think how this wealth could be spent in easing the lot of every person; if that were the strategic aim, then there would be no need for these highly vulnerable vessels. Look at Detroit and then compare it to lets say Bejing,Chinese standards of living and construction are out pacing the U.S right now They have the most advanced Aircraft. We give our money to help people like you, its not our fault you rob your people and blame it on us…. Please remember that the Chinese were making ocean-going junks of colossal size, before the United States was even thought of. If they sell you things that fall apart before you even leave the store, it is because they know that you are the only people on God’s earth stupid enough to buy it in the first place. Spirits incarnate, living as humans in our midst; moving openly and freely, yet undetected by the masses, or even their hosts. What about the the lousy Sherman tanks and stink cheese they forced the cockasians soldiers to eat?

I spent almost 10 yrs on US Air Craft Carriers… I very seriously doubt the Chi Coms can build a carrier that goes 70 mph.
One of the first women to graduate Ranger School has been assigned to the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade.
The Navy's Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 has taken over recovery operations for an AV-8B Harrier that crashed two weeks ago. The chief of naval operations is calling on top Navy brass and civilian leaders to step up their personal standards for behavior.
Two senators say they've scored a touchdown for taxpayers after the NFL informed them that it is refunding more than $700K.
The House voted on Thursday to ban the display of the Confederate flag on flagpoles at federal veterans' cemeteries. House lawmakers' anger over treatment costs when the VA claimed to have a role in developing the drug led the department to review what, if any, ownership rights it might have. The VA in the past has played up Schinazi's role as a VA researcher, and in 2015 presented him the Middleton Award, the top honor given by VA Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development, for his development of drugs to treat hepatitis infections as well as HIV. In 2011 he sold Pharmasset -- and with it the drug -- to Gilead in a deal that netted him more than $400 million. Ownership will eventually be decided by a court, he said, because it has been the subject of a lawsuit for several years.
Miller invited several VA officials to testify to his committee on the drug in early February, but Schinazi was a no-show. But it would also be able to take off like a helicopter and fly away from trouble or to avoid enemy road blocks. How is the weight of an up-armored humvee type vehicle going to balance with being light enough to fly? The defense contractors get their dough no matter who is in office cause the Dem union thugs on the production line.
Armament will be provided by roll down windows that the doomed crew can shoot their M9s out of.
Yeah a Sh*tty little car but it did possibly the best car stunt in a Bond movie a double twist .. Just like space exploration, we need to use UNMANNED vehicles and only send in humans AFTER the enemy is dead.
And let's face it, if they can pull it off then they really do need to come good on their debt to the world of some sort of transforming robot. At best it will compete with the current fifth gen fighters but overall be a lightweight short range more in line with just a step ahead of 4th gen and finally be in service when everyone else is looking to sixth generation fighters.
Japan clearly wanted them, and the Raptor was a topic of diplomatic discussions in several venues, including a 2007 summit meeting.
TRDI is due to fly the ATD-X this year, beginning an evaluation program that will run until 2016.
Plus they can service their nuke sub fleet in-between the twin hulls ( sight unseen ) or even launch amphibious opps from same.

And of course the launching and landing capabilities from the utilization of two flight decks at once. You sheeple are protecting them because of their anti discrimination-antisemitic Laws that they passed to protect them from you blokes.
Your insults are nothing and fall short of anyone with a brain and a mind capable of thought.
And thanks for vending all that Chinese-made junk that falls apart before it even leaves the store. Like the spasms of a decapitated body, the fact of the matter, thats precisely what it is; if you really think about it. Navy is ready to take ownership of the Zumwalt, its largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer. Air Force said Thursday a B-52 crashed on Guam shortly after takeoff, but all seven crew members made it out safely.
House of Representatives approved a measure to let doctors at the VA talk to patients about using medical marijuana. Raymond Schinazi, a former VA researcher officials previously claimed invented the drug alternately known as Sofosbuvir or Sovaldi, did not do so.
The treatment regimen last about 12 weeks and costs the VA an average of $40,000 per veteran, officials have told Congress. Under a technology transfer program, the VA can declare an interest on inventions it helps develop, with a percentage of commercial sales going into VA coffers for continued research.
Jeff Miller, R-Florida, denounced Gilead Sciences of California, the company that has reaped billions in sales of the drug, noting it charges only about $900 for the same course of treatment for which the VA pays $40,000. He said the work all was done at Pharmasset, his own research laboratory, which he operated while he also worked for the VA in Atlanta and Emory University.
He put in for retirement the same day that Miller's committee invited him, Under Secretary for Health Dr. 007 in the nice Aston Martin DBS in the recent Casino Royale versus 007 showing up in a Pacer.
In the end, however, US politics denied export permission for downgraded export variants of the F-22, and its production line was terminated.
The aircraft has been built to demonstrate technologies—including stealth shaping, skin sensors and fly-by-light controls—that the ministry hopes to apply in its next fighter development program (AW&ST Aug. The darkness of a dark world might call the light a bully but the truth is those that operate in darkness refuse to come to the light lest their deeds be reproved…. That left Japan looking at other foreign “F-X” fighter options in the short term, while they considered a domestic stealth fighter design as their long-term project.

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