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19712001? the art and science of humancommunication applied to the speedytransformation of a country and the massof its people from poverty to a dynamicstate of economic growth that makespossible greater social equality and thelarger fulfillment of the human potential.? the art and science of humancommunication linked to a society’splanned transformation from a state ofpoverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greaterequity and the larger unfolding ofindividual potential. Our understanding of developmentcommunication is that it is a discipline, which makes useof various communication media and materials toeducate and motivate the community to change, aswell as initiating research and applying scientificmethods to be able to analyze all aspects of adevelopment problem. Practitioners need an understanding of how early language develops in order to support children appropriately. The communication tree below provides a visual model of typical language development, although all children are individuals and will progress at different rates. The Child Monitoring Tool and Record of Communication and Language Development can be used to assess the language development of each child in your setting. The information and Telecommunication Technology sector is believed to improve Business Transactions and Communication in society, but Rwandans say the new technology tools have been leading to moral degeneration amongst the youth while also promoting theft. Emmanuel Mbonabucya, the Project Manager of Circuit Power LTD, a company that deals in electronics has been using internet to import generators, air conditioners and fuel dispensing pumps for three years.
In this deal, he said, the supplier sends me a quotation, which is a price list of the items that we deal in, and then I look at it to ensure that it fits my budget. It is upon payment that the supplier ships or airlifts the products to the agreed location. Mbonabucya did not dream of doing online business overnight, but he took the decision after carrying out some research on the supplying companies.
Apart from supplying companies and their clients, offices also use ICT in their daily business. Installing in his cell phone software that would help him access his emails as they come for a quick response, Gaston Hakizimana, an employee of Reime Rwanda, a technology company said ICT tools are key in their daily business. He said they monitor their telecom masts around the country and fuel their field vehicles from office.
The benefits of ICT are cross-cutting-from enabling education to facilitating business to thrive. In recognition of the importance of ICT, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in March 2006 dedicating May 17 every year to World Information Society Day. Information on the International Telecom Union web site says the aim was to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of Internet and other information and communication technologies can bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide. Friday marked the anniversary of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union.

Patrick Nyirishema, the in charge of ICT in Rwanda Development Board, said the day is not celebrated in Rwanda but many other days in relation to ICT are celebrated. In their report released early April, the World Economic Forum and European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), ranked Rwanda among the top 10 countries in Africa that are in better position to benefit from new information and communication technologies. To rank countries, INSEAD considers several aspects, including a country’s market and regulatory framework in advancing ICT for inclusive development.
Also, the e-Soko project scooped the International Arch of Europe Award, for its outstanding quality data prices that have helped Rwandan farmers and buyers to access daily commodity prices on the market.
Despite the good services they offer, the new information technologies are also being abused. Hakizimana recalls a scenario in 2009, when his boss almost lost his job because he had received fake information saying he had gotten a better offer at the United Nations. According to an e-mail he received, Hakizimana’s boss was supposed to go to the UN office in Kigali for travel facilitation, only to be told that they did not have any information about him in their database. Not focusing on the customer in one the top 5 five non technical mistakes made by programmers.
Even though code quality is something very subjective, (all code is crap), it drives many important aspects as: how hard is to maintain the application or how hard is to take on board a new developer. In my opinion, the main indicators for code quality are: simplicity, readability, robustness and testability.
There is an excellent article from Tony Morgan explaining the difference between a classic delegation approach and empowerment. Continuous integration is the process that guarantees that every piece of code committed is automatically integrated in the system. This article from Martin Fowler, is one of the best references online about continuous integration. While iterations are usually only related to agile methodologies, it is important to remember that there are other methodologies as RUP which also use iterations and they are not part of the agile family. Allows refactoring and iterations, provides confidence and if well implemented, enhances the correctness of the final product.
No matter how much care you put on coding, on your first attempt, you are going to be wrong.
Big design upfront (BDUF), unless you are NASA and can expend 50-60% percent of your project time on it, is a complete waste, but so it is coding without any preparation. Waste accounts is one of the major productivity killers in software development: unnecesary meetings, unnecessary requirements, unnecesary process, unnecesary documentation, being some of the most common and dangerous.

Focusing on the people as itsend-user or intended beneficiaries, it is capable ofachieving its goals and accomplishing change in ashorter time what normally takes years to do so.Poverty, being the greatest problem thatdevelopment communication combats, is concentratedin the rural areas. Again, I used the ASHA Speech & Language Development norms to communicate to gen ed teachers what is expected of our second and third graders! ASHA has great resources for "the public," but I still use them as a point of reference too!
When I find that I have no objection, I make a deposit by telegraphic transfer, an electronic means of transferring funds overseas. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed.After several years developing software, I have acquired a very a strong opinion on how software should be developed, I actually have come to the conclusion that everything boils down to 10 principles, that if well implemented, will make any software development successful. Other qualities as performance or extensibility, if not required, will over engineer your application. Waiting to integrate at the end of the project or after a big chunk of functionality is completed, is always a traumatic process.
Continuous feedback is important because it reduces the amount of uncertainty in software development.
To automate tests you may consider some facts about testing and some advices on how to write a good test suite. Refactoring is the practice by which we keep changing the code to meet the changes necessary to introduce in the system. Informal architecture is a compromise solution where architecture is discussed in an ongoing basics and is persisted in light documents, boards or similar.
The customer explains to the software development team what he wants to accomplish so that the software development team can explain it through code to a computer. The 7 anti-patterns for technologies, frameworks and other technicalities in software development. In the final analysis, rural developmentcannot take place without changes in attitudes andbehavior among the people concerned.
Just trying to get the school year organized with materials, and I appreciate all the time you have put into this website.

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