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Key Difference: Coaching and mentoring are two similar development techniques generally used at work in order to improve an individual’s performance and skills. Coaching and mentoring are two important ingredients of relationships which develop in order to achieve some kind of learning. Coaching is often of short term and is connected with the achievements of organizational relevance. On the other hand, mentoring is a long term type of relationship in which mentor and mentee shares a good rapport with each other. It is important to mention, that due to similar type of guiding nature, both coaching and mentoring tends to overlap each other.
The corporate sector regularly brings individuals into contact with the concepts of coaching, mentoring, and training.  The problem which many corporate workers face is that their views of each of these concepts are often skewed by the fact that these models are often spoken of as being not only interchangeable, but identical. The truth is that coaching, mentoring, and training are individual concepts applicable to differing situations.  Granted, they are all aimed at the betterment of certain individuals in terms of their outright performance, but their approaches and expected outcomes can differ greatly.
In order to best distinguish the differences between these three concepts, it is best to highlight the fundamental role of a coach, a mentor, and a trainer individually. A trainer is a knowledgeable individual brought in to facilitate the learning of another individual.  In this case, there is a clear lack of knowledge or practice in a specific task on the part of the individual who requires training.
A trainer teaches an individual how to perform a certain task and monitors the individual’s progress.  Once the trainee can perform the task at a particular level of proficiency, the training is complete. This article was contributed by Shirish Agarwal from Flow20, who offer web design, SEO and other digital marketing solutions. At the Strategic Growth Intensive you will spend a full day with Shweta learning and actually creating a plan for growth in YOUR business over next quarter.
The Difference Between Mentoring And CoachingWhat Is the Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching, and Why Should You Care?
In a coaching relationship, the client is the expert and the coach acts as a catalyst to draw out the best in the client.
In a mentoring relationship, the mentor is the expert and shares his wisdom based on experience with the client.
That’s why a skilled coach can help anyone achieve any objective, but a skilled mentor should only provide input on their exact field of expertise. The key in selecting a financial coach is to judge how you react to that coach’s style.

The most powerful relationships occur when mentoring and coaching are combined into one package.
In addition, as a coach I walk side-by-side with you on your journey to financial freedom, providing accountability and support to help you stay the course with discipline until you succeed.
I work with you to correct and adjust your plan so that you overcome the inevitable obstacles that occur along the way.
A skilled mentor-coach provides both and can flip back and forth between skill sets so that you can achieve the financial success you deserve.
You must grow your financial intelligence to grow your wealth, but how do you do it the smart and efficient way so you don’t get ripped off? This book takes you behind the scenes of the financial coaching industry showing you how to get your best value in financial education that perfectly fits your needs and price point – whether books, seminars, or coaching.
Thank you for giving of yourself and your knowledge and experience to citizens trying to get out of debt and create wealth for prosperity not only for themselves but also for all they believe in… I appreciate your generosity. The information contained on this web site is the opinion of the individual authors based on their personal observation, research, and years of experience.
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The coach in context to coaching and the mentor in the case of mentoring are the key persons involved in the process of this imparting knowledge or sharing their learning.
On the other hand, when one talks about mentoring the emphasis is on the longer term relationships and a more wide and broad development. A coach may or may not have a direct experience of the individual’s occupational life, whereas a mentor is generally the person who is more experienced and qualified than that particular individual who is being mentored. Below we compare both activities graphically, to better explain what they have in common and how they ought to be viewed. It is about us reeducating you with the tools and frameworks that turn good businesses into great businesses. Think of a prospective mentor as the projection of your future – do you want to be like that person?
I help you avoid the obvious potholes based on my experience, and I guide you to focus on the critical factors that lead to success. There are times when you need a mentor to guide you and lead the way, and there are times when you need a coach to help you overcome personal obstacles, and provide accountability and support.

The publisher and its authors are not registered investment advisers, attorneys, CPA’s or other financial service professionals and do not render legal, tax, accounting, investment advice or other professional services. Coaching is targeted to achieve specific skills and goals, whereas mentoring covers a broad scenario related to an individual, where it focuses on both professional and personal issues. Mentoring is more focused on grooming mentee, whereas, coaching is aimed to effect performance in a positive manner. I’m unique in having both the financial expertise to serve as a qualified mentor and the coaching expertise to draw out the best in you.
A coach may or may not share a very good rapport with the client, but still a minimum level of comfort is usually required in this kind of relationship. Because each individual’s factual situation is different the reader should seek his or her own personal adviser. Neither the author nor the publisher assumes any liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions and shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained on this site. Generally, coach sets the tasks for the client or learner and then provides an optimum feedback of this performance. A coach will draw out of you what you know was inside of yourself but maybe are hesitant to talk about. Additionally, this website may receive financial compensation from the companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs or otherwise. The coach will ask you a lot of questions, and will wait patiently while you answer them–even if it takes three or four tries.
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While we strive to maintain timely and accurate information, offer details may be out of date. Maybe both sets of skills have valuable things to add to your effectiveness.This is when you need a mentor.
Church planters are often greatly blessed by being mentored by someone who has been there and done that.

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