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According to the Divorce Fact Sheet 2012, Sweden has the highest percentage of divorce rates compared to all other countries with 55%. Although not in the list, India which once had the lowest divorce rate of 1.1% in 2006 is seeing a rise in divorce rates. According to the UN, the country with the highest divorce rate in the world is the Maldives with 10.97 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants per year. Our being matched may have been just good luck, because the processing back then wasn't very sophisticated. The picture to the left, from our wedding album, shows us at our wedding, June 28, 1970.You can click on the picture to zoom out, and then click again to enlarge it. Interestingly, the divorce rate shown on the graph seems to peak in 1979, although other sources say the high point was in 1981. Something I bumped into this afternoon made me curious, so I dug up some statistics on marriage rates in the last decade and the data’s quite interesting, actually. Go back further, and in 1975 the Department of Health and Human Services reported that “In 1973 the marriage rate declined for the first time in 15 years. Makes me sad for those soldiers, but they say that war changes a man, and I expect there were a lot of hometown sweethearts who weren’t so happy with that change as the war evolved and so did their husbands.
You can project the trends when you realize that the 2012 marriage rate per 1000 is 6.8, a rate that actually would drop the data point below the bottom axis of the graph above.

Though it may seem hard to believe, a recent article in the New York Times discussed the fact that America’s divorce rate is on the decline.
According to the Times, the problem with the divorce myth is that there are very few good ways for researchers to gather information about divorce.
One of the most consistent, though hardly perfect, measurements is a federal survey that asks county courthouses to report the number of divorce certificates issued that year.
The annual number of divorces in Canada is 71,000 and about 43% of marriages do not reach their 50th anniversary. According to the Centers for Disease Control even as the population of the United States has steadily grown, both the marriage rate and divorce rate have declined.
The good news is that if we projected to 2012, the divorces per 1000 is 3.4, so it continues to decline. The article caused a bit of a media stir, with Slate Magazine, Huffington Post and others chiming in on the findings.
Though court filings seem fairly easy to tabulate, the problem is that some states never report these figures at all, while others can be misleading. The data shows that the divorce rate peaked in 1979 and has proceeded to fall by about 24 percent since then. Interestingly, researchers say that the fact that so many marriages are lasting longer these days is precisely what is contributing to the rise in gray divorces.

Divorce increases the psychological and behavioral problems in children which becomes another pressure on the society at large. I passed it along to the group I belong to: Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Boulder County.
It’ll be interesting to look back on this post in 5 years and see how the numbers continued to evolve. The point of that article was that despite what many of us believe about the state of marriage in this country, the divorce rate is actually on the decline and has been for decades. Other surveys that ask people to self-report have been shown to be inaccurate, leaving little solid information on which to make conclusions. The data shows that the decline in divorce is not confined to only a few states, but has instead fallen across every single state to report figures. With people living longer and marriages lasting longer than ever before, there’s more reason for older couples to call it quits.

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