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What follows are three stories about ordinary people who had extraordinary experiences – miraculous ones. James Loe suffered severe injuries, including brain damage as a result of a motorcycle accident on September 12, 2002.
He suffered from asthma, heart arrhythmia, and was unable to speak as his vocal chords were damaged. After going from foster home to foster home because of the high demands of his care, he was given a home by adoptive parents.
They frequently rushed him to emergency because of his heart and breathing being compromised.
She managed to wiggle and swirl inside her mother’s womb so much, her cord was knotted twice and wrapped around her neck twice and was actually as long as a skipping rope (doctors words). Talk to James, Mark, Gabby or Miriam and they will tell you – their life is the result of a miracle. Its at the corner of Hopeless and Helpless when God’s omnipotence overwhelms your impotence. Hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, mused, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” You miss 100% of God’s answers to what you don’t pray about.
FAITH refuses to put a period at the end of disappointments because God can make your impossible, possible. The stories above involve people who were too young to have faith; too impaired to use faith and too skeptical to think of faith.
Batterson shows how miracles were not simply something Jesus did in the past, but something he wants to do now, in the present.

When you follow Jesus long enough and far enough, you will eventually find yourself in the middle of some miracles. I write to inspire people to be real, grow an authentic faith in Jesus, enjoy healthy relationships and discover their life purpose. Subscribe. I’ll put helpful content into your email box on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as upcoming events at North Pointe Community Church, Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve had a shoulder healing, emotional healings, knee healing, supernatural experiences. Your story makes me glad for you to have found relief from carrying anxiety and heatache for so long.
The Miracle Zone is the state of being we lived in when we were small, before we found out we could not fly, that fairy tales are not true and people die and leave us. The adoptive parents were certainly not people of faith and were surprised when his health began to change.
He was able to speak, the symptoms of his asthma were gone and there was no sign of the arrhythmia. Experiencing a miracle is definitely not related to the amount of faith you have, or even the people who pray for you.
You will find stories here of how Christian faith catalyzes values, relationships and purpose.
You’ll feel like Dorothy landing in the colorful Land of Oz after watching Miss Gulch cycle off in black-and-white Kansas with her wee dog Toto. For over 25 years, since she was healed of crippling arthritis, Sister Briege has ministered hope and healing to countless people all over the world.

What I think we need is discernment to be able to know what is God doing and saying in a situation and then respond to that.
In the Miracle Zone, the extraordinary is ordinary and suffering is what is unplanned and unexpected. This book tells the story of Sister Briege’s encounter with the healing power of God.
I hope your story will be the inspiration someone reading this needs to find their own freedom from the past. You can create the space for miracles to happen by living in the Miracle Zone, a place where anything can happen – and does! Can you choose to receive a job offer where you’re able to use all your talents, make a difference in the world and get paid enough to transform the lives of your family members, too? It also shares her insights about faith, the power of the Eucharist and the importance of prayer. You have a strong connection to the Divine through your own prayers and leading other people and asking for the blessings the Universe will joyfully provide. Most of all, it points the way to a closer relationship with Jesus, great knowledge of His love, and deeper faith in His power to do the impossible.

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