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To someone who might not be familiar with the concept of manifestation, it seems like a nonsensical statement – even absurd! How Can ‘Sceptics’ Get the Proof They Need That The Law of Attraction is Working in Their Lives? Most people who have had a sort of breakdown in their lives, have tried to find a solution to get out of the pain of their situations. Positive Thinking, and having a positive outcome of life, is great, but most teachers are taking this concept too far, in fact, far too far. His programme, “The power of letting go” is, undoubtedly, one of the best programme I worked with and that you will work with. What this programme will do for you is finally clean your emotional baggage that has been solely responsible for manifesting your current situations and also keeping you from moving forward in your life.
Do not make the same mistakes I made before: not taking an opportunity like this one and then seeing other striving while I watched them… life is too short to be stopped by our fears. About MeI am Heart Centred, authentic, innovator, visionary and Passionate about helping people in the world (mainly the people who really need this), I created and I am your guide in "Express your Greatness" Community, in which I am bringing invaluable information, deep wisdom and perspectives to its members, to you. The Law of Attraction is based upon the idea, belief, or principle (call it what you will) that whatever you put out into the universe you will attract. Many people have dismissed or criticised The Law of Attraction, however there are so many case studies and reports from people who swear that their lives have been transformed as a result of them learning how to tap into this particular universal energy. On the other hand, many people are keen to have personal accounts backed up by scientific evidence.
Neuroscience is continually making advances into how our brains work – and lets face it we would be arrogant to think we are even close to knowing the full complexity of how our conscious and subconscious minds are connected to the wider universe.
If you truly want to attract into your life what you say you want, then you have to follow it up with the right amount of energy.
If you are putting an intention out there but not following it up with every part of your being, then it isn’t going to work. Be sure SIMON STEPSYS is your sponsor and I’ll send you free bonuses worth more than $2,000. But then why don’t you do Time Line Therapy® Limiting Decisions process to change the belief that’s bothering you in 10 minutes? Doing all of this Law of Attraction mechanically does not imply any doing, any investment of energy, and action at all. Doing something consciously about changing old beliefs that prevent one form achieving what one wants.
However people who get the desired results are doing something else aside from focusing on what they want: they take action.
At the same time, not understanding the basic concept of NLP of how information is received, deleted, distorted and generalized before it can even be analyzed consciously, one can assume that the people in very poor countries, dying of malnutrition and disease are focusing on what they don’t want and therefore they attract it. And here we get into the hazy misunderstanding of something happening independently and something “attracted” by one’s thoughts.
The idea that we can change our beliefs and values and eliminate the counterproductive ones (IE a reality) we don’t like does not enter anybody’s mind.
If your beliefs are of a positive nature, these in turn will create the necessary pulling force that drives you toward the achievement of your goals.
People who are clear about their future and their beliefs about their ability to create it are by far more determined and act on them. In large numbers of our students, the philosophy of the Law of Attraction is just a stepping stone – if they take action for themselves with the new skills they acquired, it becomes irrelevant. And from here on we’re just a step away from societal absolute thought control – you’re not allowed to think some thoughts – they’re bad for you and for society – but surely this is another issue and we’ll leave it for another article. Using the “Law of attraction paradigm” is like trying to fit an ocean into a river!
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If you’ve been even remotely conscious for the last 19 years you’ve no doubt heard about the book, The Secret. If you read the book, practiced the teachings and applied them to your life – you probably expected there to be a difference, a change or some kind of improvement to your finances, relationships, or health and wellness. Since so many of us think that what we can rationalize, reason, or think about is how we govern our behavior (and ultimately our lives), it is important to note the difference between the subconscious and the conscious parts of our brain.
Knowing now the difference between the conscious and the subconscious, does it make sense that if we want to experience long-lasting change in our lives, that we would attempt to achieve results by accessing and focusing on the “information-gathering” part of our brains only?

John Assaraf, one of the top keynote speakers and featured experts in the hit movie, The Secret explains the reason why 99% of people will never achieve positive results based on the law of attraction.
Most programs designed for personal growth and development teach us how to become passionate about our dreams, set goals, and provide us with methods for reaching our goals.
The reason why the law of attraction doesn’t work for the majority (99%) of the people who practice the principles of this law is because in and of itself, it is incomplete. In order to receive different results from our actions we need to take a new approach and discontinue doing what we’ve always done thinking that this time the outcome will be different (however we rationalize it in our minds). In the weeks and months to come we will be posting regular articles that will provide you with more insights into the Blueprint for Changes program; who it can help and how you can experience the best benefits from it. Learn how emotions can hijack your behavior and that “what you resist persists.” You have probably been resisting what you don’t want in your life thinking that by talking about it, you will prevent yourself from attracting it.
But to a success conscious individual, it is a powerful statement and within it contains life’s most precious secret.
You must be completely convinced as that it is so just as you are convinced that the earth is round. Think yourself into riches, a new home, a new car, an opulent lifestyle, happiness, meaningful relationships, peace of mind…whatever you desire.
We aim to publish only happy, motivating texts full of hope from which radiate love that we want for you. In this way, we weed the garden, the underlying beliefs will start to loose their power in our mind and we can send seed something great.
I, personally, resisted this, and also I have repressed a lot of these negative feelings, based on the teachings I was listening to. This is the programme that will make a real, deep and long lasting impact in your life and in your success. The real beauty is that you can now avail of this programme at a very affordable price, but also you can become an affiliate and receive a 100% commission when you are sharing it with others. As a result, firing up those brain regions involved in intention will start to fire up your action centers.
Underlying all of these ideas is the notion of connection – we are connected within and without.
My personal experience is that if you are prepared to believe, and then importantly invest energy, then the Law of Attraction ABSOLUTELY WORKS.
Consider for a minute the congruence between a child saying what they want and the energy they invest in getting it. So ensure that the intention you put out there is something you absolutely want, and something you can emotionally connect with. If you have your own website it’s always a good idea to leave a comment as you’ll get a link back to your site, as my own site will give you an organic link. MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Live Online Business Opportunity Webinar Presentation 8pm UK GMT Start!
It’s about as effective as trying to move forward in an active ocean while sitting in a paper boat and paddling with a soup spoon.
People who focus on what they want are far more likely to achieve the desired results than people who focus on what they don’t want and with this basic concept we begin our NLP Practitioner Training. Based on the same simple way of understanding the Law of Attraction a geographic area hit by a devastating tornado or flooding must have a lot of people thinking a lot of negative thoughts.
The possibility of both happening simultaneously does not occur because we’re all “oh-so-educated-to-thing-black-OR-white-with-no-shades-of-gray-in-between”. Or maybe it stays relevant only in as much as it is a platform from which they make things happen in their lives.
You may have even watched the movie, attended a seminar or purchased the sequel, The Power – all written by Rhonda Byrne.
Were you disappointed to find that the long-lasting changes you were hoping for didn’t transpire?
In order to create and experience the changes we want in our lives, we have to be able to tap into the decision-maker – our subconscious. These methods are delivered without accessing the part of our brains where real change takes place.
We believe that together we can fulfill all wishes and we can live dreams with enough training, will and motivation that each of us must find in themselves. I have been there, and me too, I have succumbed to the promises of the Law of Attraction, the power of Crystals, Feng Shui, Positive Thinking and other techniques that did promise me a better life, or at least less pain. This is leading to repressing these, and, at some level, judging ourselves for feeling negative emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, blame and many others.

If we are OK that, like in the plot of garden, we have weeds (limiting beliefs, blocks, traumas, repressed feelings), and that these weeds are in fact our negative feelings and emotions.
So, the triggers were there: I was making progress, and when the time came to breakthrough, it did not happen, and I got upset, I sabotaged, I procrastinated and I judged myself.
Oh, I remember now – they serve to (hopefully) change your beliefs if you happen to be one of those who do them religiously for several months.
She is the author of the book Time Line Therapy® Made Easy, an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. One of the reasons this book was so popular is because there is such a deep desire and need in our society for personal and professional change.
The subconscious is what is referred to as the “executor” – think of it as the root or source place of decision-making. The Blueprint for Changes program takes the most direct route to change in your life by consistently accessing the structures in the subconscious that need to be stimulated to create alternate, more desirable behaviours (change!). Chances are you already know this because you have experimented with these methods in the past. Donald Trump had a thought of being rich which led him to the right people, right opportunities that helped him along the way and he became rich. We also know that thoughts are real because everything that has ever been invented or created in our physical world began with a thought.
We believe that everyone in this world is the creator of his life and as an individual entity is 100% responsible for everything that happens in his or her life. Not feeling them, is like brushing them under a carpet: we do not deal with the core causes triggering these emotions, and we are stacking emotions and energy, instead of letting them flow out of our body and energy systems. Weeding this plot, is in fact, feeling these emotions and taking the decision of letting go of them (and not putting a layer of dirt of them and seeding something new). As I said, this is most powerful concept, and combined with some positivity, being open to possibilities, and action, your garden will emerge in the way you designed it, and probably more, as the magic of nature will take over (as long as you are OK that there will also be some weeds, and you can take care of them). I would not wait, and I challenge you to take this step to help you freeing yourself and have a mean for you to express your new found “you” and step up (and this is a strong message for the Universe).
From the earliest pre-school years to post graduate level we’re basically indoctrinated with the model of “this VS that”. But those who don’t want or feel they can’t take action anyway will take the Law of Attraction as a replacement for their inability and they’ll do absolutely nothing about what they want.
If you live in a Capitalist society it makes this desire for improvement even more prominent. Bill Gate had an idea (thought) about making the computer easy to operate and accessible to everyone. The manifestation of the “thing” from the invisible plane into our physical world is enabled by the persistence of thought. The level of thought frequency determines the kind of physical manifestation and circumstance that we have; low thought frequencies correspond to the physical expression of similar frequencies while high thought frequencies correspond to things, people, or circumstance of similar frequencies. Feeling these emotions, is seeing the weeds, not judging them, but acknowledging them and then wondering if we like them, if they serve us.
Where we find our programming is the only place where we can truly affect behavior – in the subconscious. Then I moved on to the next best thing because I was (and still am) so interested in self-improvement and success in life. We want you to achieve all your desires and live your dreams and pushing to be happy, be creative and fulfilled.
Well, we know that this is unlikely to take root, to grow, or will produce very mixed results.
I am mentioning him, as I loved his programme (and it is still one that I am using on consistent basis).
Nowhere in the Law of Attraction is stated the fundamental step necessary – to take action and DO something. To remember the difference between the subconscious and the conscious, envision this: the conscious part of our brain gathers information and the subconscious part of our brain makes the decisions. These men (and women) and many other successful individuals understand the most fundamental law: the Law of Attraction. Jim Britt is one of the most best Personal Development Teacher of all times and has coached amazing people, such as Tony Robbins (and we all know about him).

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