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GET THE SCOOP ON WHATS HAPPENING EVERY DAY IN REAL TIME, PERKS, EXCLUSIVE EVENT… LikeFacebook Swoon! The festival opens Friday, September 13, at 5 pm, with the Oscar-winning, 40-minute documentary, Inocente. Inocente is a 15-year-old immigrant, homeless and undocumented, who refuses to give up her dream of becoming an artist. Told entirely in her own words, the film meets Inocente as she realizes her life is at a turning point, and for the first time, she decides to take control of her own destiny.
Irreverent, flawed, and funny, she’s now channeling her irrepressible personality into a future she controls. Her talent has been noticed, and if she can create a body of work in time, she has an opportunity to put on her first art exhibition. Alberto has not been able to spend much time with his children Lucia and Federico since his divorce, so he decides to take them to a hot springs for a short vacation. When they arrive at their rented cabin they learn that the pools have closed until further notice because of thunderstorms. Alberto tries to remain enthusiastic, but everybody’s moods inevitably turn sour, as the rain keeps falling and the walls seem to be closing in. With Salvador Allende, he turns to the life of an inspiring and controversial leader, whose overthrow by an American-backed military destroyed not only his dream of Chilean socialism, but the lives of many of his supporters.
On November 4, 1970, Salvador Allende was elected president of Chile and committed himself to the socialist transformation of his country. Three years later, he was deposed by a right-wing coup led by Augusto Pinochet, and he committed suicide before being taken prisoner.
His country faced two decades of military-led dictatorship, and his followers faced repression, exile, or death.
Lead vocalist and conguero Larry Belford has been performing since he was a child growing up on Long Island and has played with many of the best Latin groups in New York. Since joining the group full time in 2007, Alfredo Gonzalez (trombone, violin, percussion, and vocals) has added a certain Sabor Latino that reflects his Puerto Rican heritage. Bill Smith (piano, melodica, and vocals) and Wayne Burgess (bass and vocals), two Berklee College of Music alumni, complete the group.

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