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Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress. The whimsical “Winds Of Change” starts the album off on a light-hearted note before diving right into the more powerful sounding third single titled “Mess Is Mine”. Starting with a simple guitar strum that builds up and then turns into a cascade of violins and drums.
Track three,”Wasted Time”, begins at a faster pace but still has an almost sad sounding undertone, before introducing his hit single “Riptide” that refreshes the palate.

While the next song, “Who I Am”, is nothing too special and is really one of the only few snooze pieces in the album, it makes a wonderful segue into Joy’s very first single “From Afar”.
Another lyrically sad track that tugs at the heartstrings, Joy delivers the song with the skill of a seasoned veteran and the mounting chorus of “It doesn’t come as a surprise”, repeated over and over again make for a foot stomping good time.If Joy had ended the album here it would have been just fine, but then again that would only be half of a full length album. In what appears to be a similar pattern for the indie rocker, the slow build-up before a more frantic paced finish becomes his bread and butter on the next three tracks “We All Die Trying To get It Right”, “Georgia” and “Red Eye”. This all changes with the moody faster paced “First Time” that as soon as it ends, quickly changes gears and melds into the uplifting track, “All I Ever Wanted” that makes the listener think of better times.

While it is not the most bombastic way to end his album, it is very fitting considering he started as a folk crooner that played small venues around Australia.

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