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While some people spend their days dreaming about the corner office and adding the word “manager,” to their LinkedIn profiles, others find themselves in management positions almost by accident. Most businesses hit a breaking point when they can’t keep up with deadlines and assignments with simple email communication.
As young start-ups get bigger, they often face the growing pains of keeping an eye on employee hours.
Companies and managers who are looking to grow should invest in workforce management solutions.
Next, you will send out countless more emails – some of which employees might not reply to. There are even some tools out there that tell you if the recipient downloaded attachments and how long they looked at the message.
If communication breakdowns continue to happen, evaluate where the holes in the system are. It’s possible that your employees don’t feel comfortable offering feedback and suggestions yet. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator.
Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. A profitable business is often one that has a quality product that addresses a need or desire. It will have a clear effective marketing strategy, with the right human capital driving its success. The concepts and variables that comprise successful branding continue to change over time, and no doubt have changed more over the past decade than at any point in history.
The effects that branding can have upon consumers and shoppers are many, but the most important example is the connection of the brand to consumer behaviour, according to Valiant Kent’s Director Rohan Fernandez. Branding can also affect other important considerations of marketing and how each corresponds with the others. As more and more disruptive technologies continue to emerge and continue to challenge the ways in which brands must identify themselves to the public, professional firms such as Valiant Kent will continue to find ways in which to push forward. Ever since the bottom dropped out of the economy on a global level in 2009, UK Chief Financial Officers have had some varying degrees of doubt in the overall recovery within the United Kingdom. Another cause for optimism is the fact that Chief Financial Officers throughout the UK are actually more favourably inclined to take greater risks. Valiant Kent is ready to do their part in promoting their clients’ products and helping to increase brand awareness by ramping up direct marketing events. One of the main ways in which advertising budgets are wasted is when they aren’t directed properly to reach the right audience. Companies realise that it is vital to budget an adequate amount of money to get their brand or product line out there but sometimes that is where their understanding stops. Valiant Kent are a highly successful direct marketing team that bring their clients products directly to the public through live events. We have come to expect successful entrepreneurs to be bold and outspoken as so many have been over the past several years. Sales associates are often advised that to be good at selling you need to be great at listening. Besides being a great listener, a person who is humble learns to test what they are hearing, test their gut level feelings. As the nature of communication, commerce and entertainment all continue to change, so do the needs and desires of consumers.
The underlying infrastructure for all upcoming changes in the telecom industry will be centred around the internet, according to Valiant Kent’s Director Rohan Fernandez.
Home commerce also is likely to become a more powerful force in the coming decade, strengthening the client relationships that Valiant Kent enjoys among its clients in the event planning and telecom marketing sectors.
Voice communication as a whole continues to decline in use as a share of the telecom industry, indicating that marketing firms will need to find ways in which to market clients without the use of cold-calling (and that telecom industries will have to rely upon non-phone services for a larger percentage of its revenue). Entities such as Valiant Kent understand these developments and how they will change both marketing and telecom interaction in the coming decade, and a variety of other marketing firms are also becoming aware of this transition. One of the aspects of marketing that draws a huge number of entrepreneurs is the fact that there is never a dull moment. As a direct marketing firm, Valiant Kent knows that each client has specific marketing needs.
Rohan, having worked at each and every level, appreciates all the hard work and effort his team puts into doing their jobs.
You often hear parents quipping, “Do as I say, not as I do,” when reprimanding unruly children. Valiant Kent, under the direction of Rohan Fernandez, set the ropes high with Fernandez at the lead.
One of the reasons why local shops always seem to do so well is because of the fact that they are just that, local. According to data compiled by Gartner research group, integrating processes for local marketing will have the effect of increasing revenue by as much as 15%. This is a critical part of the advertising process if you are looking to branch out into new markets. Effective advertising takes the audience into consideration and when selling to local markets, this is important. Businesses would do well to integrate these local marketing processes into their advertising scheme in 2015 to increase sales by at least 10 to 15%. Acknowledgement of success should never be the goal, but rather, it should be a symptom of achieving goals. More than 2,000 young entrepreneurs and industry leaders will converge on the Royal Festival Hall in Central London for an important industry awards event and conference. When asked about the important of success, Rohan Fernandez flatly stated, “Success is a pragmatic, tangible achievement – the types of achievements that occur when no one is doing anything but working solely for the benefit of clients and brand”.
Recognition often is seen as a goal in the marketing industry because of how important of a role it plays in the day-to-day functions of marketing.
Within the past few years it has become increasingly evident that online marketing is so much more than SEO-rich written content.
As an example of how images are used within the industry, think about the traditional ‘thumbs up’ expression.
Whether giving a speech in front of a large assembly, talking one on one with a peer, or meeting with a client to close a deal, your non-verbal communications speak almost louder than your words. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition so it is important to always put your best foot forward.
Many newcomers underestimate the difficulty of launching and sustaining a successful email marketing campaign. The reality is far different, and many marketers find it quite difficult to make their email campaigns effective and sustain a growing business.
Fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways email marketers can make their campaigns more effective – and more profitable.
It is tempting to get your marketing message to as many people as possible, but be sure to limit your list to those who have opted in to receive your emails.
Savigent Software provides software that manufacturers need to consistently deliver results. Through automation and coordination, the Savigent software suite raises your effectiveness to a new level. With SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-sensitive) goals, your company’s goals should cascade in a nice waterfall from the executive team to each level.
After 12 years of leading my company, my passion for small businesses hasn’t wavered a bit. Send email newsletters, special offers, and invitations to keep your customers coming back again and again. You’re adding to your team or your customer-base is increasing, but either way, there’s more work for you to manage. Project management software like Podio lets teams come together to assign tasks and deadlines to stay accountable. The original founders might be salaried and willing to work 60 hours per week, but the new hourly employees like to leave early or take long lunches.

At the very least, it makes your business look more professional, while, at the most, it saves your company time and money. Something as simple as creating company Skype accounts can help employees collaborate and share files. If you’re having a problem with employees spending all day on Twitter, consider making company accounts. This list was meant to help get you thinking of new ways to implement technology to make your office run smoother. It makes working on projects and collaborating across departments intuitive, easy and most of all fun. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! The effects that the internet and technology have had on brands’ abilities to convey meaning through branding have been profound.
He stated that “a well-designed branding effort will inevitably convey multiple meanings to the sub-conscience of a shopper, which in turns impacts how he or she is likely to respond to auxiliary marketing efforts”.
The important branding elements of brand positioning, extensions, elements and relationships are all affected by how the core branding elements resonate with shoppers and consumers. Despite the changes that continue to manifest, the importance that branding has on the overall shopping experience remains a notable and influential component that affects how consumers decide to engage with products and services in a variety of ways.
For the first time in four years, their confidence is up and even though there may be doubtful recovery within the EU, Britain’s Chief Financial Officers believe the economy is on the mend. They go face to face with consumers throughout the UK as an outsourced sales force and have found that UK consumers are less likely to hoard their disposable income.
With such optimism in the current landscape, they hope to increase revenue for their clients in order to fund further expansion. Many corporations aren’t aware of the importance of spending in the right places in order to achieve maximum results. Once we have taken a look at what they have done to date, it becomes quite apparent that they haven’t spent their advertising budget targeting the right audiences. What should happen is that the board decides on an amount which can be spent and then the marketing experts should be called in to help allocate funds in the right direction. As a natural part of their highly effective advertising strategies they research and build campaigns based on the data they obtain. With such up-front and bold personalities as Steve Jobs and Mark Cuban setting the stage, it is almost an expected prerequisite to success.
Rather than having an oversized ego, humility demands that you question all your own assumptions as well as those of others.
Instead of trying to save face, learn those magic words, ‘I’m sorry.’ You can get much further when you are willing to admit that you haven’t got it right and are willing to correct yourself and go on from there. Humility is actually a sign of strength where you have the courage to put your ego aside for the success of the team. Over the past twenty years, the world has been fundamentally altered by the presence of the World Wide Web, transforming how people conduct business and how personal time is enjoyed throughout the world.
In addition to the fuelled growth in this particular metric, mobile commerce is exploding and could soon encompass a majority of all e-commerce transactions globally.
As more and more people globally begin to rely upon telecom services for a connection to the outside world, explosive growth awaits firms and businesses that seize the moment. No two clients will ever be the same and as a result, it is necessary to be adaptable to their specific needs.
He has recently switched campaigns and is now on a huge telecoms client that necessitated adapting quickly to a new industry. Not only is it necessary for direct marketers to be flexible in a client’s needs but as the outsourced sales force they need to be adaptable to the prospects needs as well.
Yes, there are those odd few who get appointed to the board of a family business based on who they are, not what they know, but those cases are few and far between.
It is best if you have actually done those jobs before because it gives you a better perspective of what it takes for them to do their jobs.
He often encourages them by telling them that each task is a vital link in the chain and without their role, the ultimate goal wouldn’t be doable.
Valiant Kent understands this as direct marketing professionals because they always seek to understand the local market before an event they are sponsoring. For example, if you are selling bottled water in the UK, your adverts might centre on the benefits of drinking water free from chemicals but if you were placing an advert in the region surrounding the Tabernas Desert of Spain your adverts would target an audience looking for potable water to prevent dehydration. Whether selling face-to-face at live events or through an e-commerce platform, it is vital to know your market. Marketing firms and brands across all industries understand the importance of both, but many confuse the two as being one and the same. During the day, individuals from several hundred companies will network and learn from each other, followed by an entertaining awards event and after-party in the evening.
Reaching audiences and persuading them with a message is something that Valiant Kent and countless other firms excel in every day, and their clients expect these results.
There is a huge push towards using images for their retentive power in marketing for the simple reason that non-verbal communications are just as important as the written word. Rohan Fernandez went on to say “We should all take a look at how successful business icons use body language when they are addressing an audience. Our goals tie in with those of our clients ensuring a long and very successful relationship is shared.
Understanding what our clients are looking for and how they want to be represented, has been instrumental in our success. Those unfamiliar with the business may assume that all it takes is a couple good lists of email addresses, some quality content and the ability to target the right consumers.
Email marketers face a number of significant challenges, including low read and open rates and subscribers unsubscribing when those marketing messages land in their inboxes.
Taking the time to incorporate these strategies into your future campaigns could have a huge impact on your read rates and response statistics. They make it easier for your messages to be read across a variety of email platforms and computer systems, but using the same old template time after time can reduce read rates. If you want your messages read, you need to make the subject line interesting and intriguing.
We hold town hall style meetings twice a month to keep everyone on the same page and enable them to ask questions and provide input and feedback.
What if you company is doing bad or on a slight decline, being honest about that would hurt your company.
First time managers who suddenly find themselves responsible for a group of employees – or even their ex-peers – will face myriad challenges in the transition. As a manager, you’ll be better able to grasp the workloads of your charges and make sure that no deadlines slip through the cracks. Some new companies just use a Google Doc as a time clock or ask their employees to email their hours on the honor system.
Having employees clock in and out through the software instead of using the honor system will assure you that you’re getting the full 40 hours a week from them. All of your employees will go through you to make decisions, so failing to reply could hold up an entire project. Email software tells you when someone opened an email, and reminds you to send a follow-up if you haven’t received a reply in a set number of days. A successful manager will face challenges head on and try new systems and tools for improvement, and a poor manager will stick to a broken system. Many describe this period as one of great disruption, affecting how brands can most effectively convey meaning through their designs. The importance of carefully considering logos and design elements can make or break the entire process when it comes to marketing objectives, requiring that marketers and brands alike consider how best to incorporate various colours and elements into their designs.
Established marketing firms like Valiant Kent understand that in order to make an ideal impression, all of these branding elements must first be in sync with one another and reinforced by a broader, overall effective branding impression. By focusing on the important elements of branding, businesses and brands will be able to continue to improve their overall standing in select markets.
Here, Valiant Kent marketing group explain why it is important to direct a marketing budget to those schemes that will bring in the highest results because they reach the right audience. Their scope was too broad or too narrow, and an adequate amount of market research hadn’t been done,” says Rohan Fernandez, marketing director of Valiant Kent.

Quite often the board will approve percentages for various mediums without ever knowing if those mediums have proven effective within their market for their industry. Actually, Valiant Kent direct marketing group explain that there is a flip side to a successful personality and that is humility.
People are more apt to open up and confide in someone who is humble and willing to listen to what they have to say.
Being successful means that you exhibit leadership qualities and one of the most important of those qualities is humility. Advanced telecom solutions in the home – primarily in the form of internet – will increasingly play a bigger role in how residential life is shaped.
A variety of changes in the telecom industry’s service provisions over the past decade can be seen. As marketing agencies seek to connect clients with consumers, this trend could be the most disruptive of any to traditional marketing tactics that focus on large groups of consumers who use traditional devices. Unlike most jobs that require the same duties day in and day out, direct marketing requires a wide range of both knowledge and experience to excel in the field. Not only did the industry change but Rohan also is promoting this client with an events based direct marketing strategy which is a totally different strategy from what he had been working on. This is important because so much of what they do is behind the scenes research and analysis. Direct marketing at live events gives them the edge because they are communicating face to face with prospects and can switch up their ‘pitch’ if they feel like they are getting nowhere with that particular person.
Here, Rohan Fernandez, managing director of Valiant Kent talks about what it takes to be an effective director and how to inspire greatness in others. However, even if you haven’t worked your way up the ladder as I did, take the time to learn each job, each function. To put it simply, a successful director is one who encourages greatness in his or her team and is willing to lead by example. That’s a concept that businesses need to understand if they want to grow by conquering new markets.
It doesn’t mean that some products won’t sell in new markets, it means that we need to research and analyse how that client’s product or service fits into that local market and then begin advertising based on that data,” Rohan explains. Brands who strive for excellence will naturally be observed and recognised, but brands who believe recognition is a goal in and of itself tend to underperform.
Valiant Kent’s Managing Director, Rohan Fernandez, as well as his entire office, will be attending this success-driven extravaganza. When it comes to the long-term success of the brand, however, recognition works differently. What the Managing Director of Valiant Kent and other successful marketing leaders caution against in regards to recognition is the mere pursuit of it as a metric of success. It is the mark of success, of a job well done, of acceptance, go ahead, you got it, I’m with you, and so much more. You are the face behind your brand, so make it a face that encourages engagement and you’ve done your job.
Currently, I am running a Digital PR & Content Agency named 'Moonshot' in Bangkok, Thailand. If you are experiencing any of these problems in your own marketing campaigns, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Spend some time experimenting with different messages and different ways to engage the interest of readers and turn them into customers. The more you can make the content useful to your customers the more successful you will be. Using subject lines that engage the curiosity of the reader can increase your response rates substantially. This has been incredibly effective at keeping us all in rhythm and keep the momentum and excitement building and let everyone know how what they do plays a role in our success and growth. We’re here to build the best online marketing tools and resources for our customers so marketing their businesses is a snap. By having the same level, if not even more of a vested interest in our customer’s success than I had the day I started VerticalResponse, I help us continue to move the business forward. I understand from their you have to keep pushing and moving forward but at the time it seems wrong. Here, Valiant Kent examine the most important concepts of branding in order to assist their clients in maximising overall brand recognition and effectiveness.
Many brands have had excellent results by combining these elements with a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, which reinforces a positive narrative in the minds of shoppers. The entire team at Valiant Kent is sharing the optimism of the CFOs they’ve polled and are looking forward to business expansion themselves. The most effective advertising is based on research and analysis and this is why we always suggest companies defer to analysis from marketing pros. A simple email usually works well where you can question others and then have a written record of responses that you can collate and assess. Here, Valiant Kent review the need for more advanced telecom solutions to be implemented in new home construction and existing infrastructure, in order to guarantee consumer satisfaction. One notable example is the transition of traditional phone service to internet-based or VoIP phone service. One client’s products may literally scream for being brought live to events whilst another client’s services just can’t be demonstrated in an events arena. An effective leader is one who sets the ropes high and proceeds to climb the ropes in advance to show how it’s done. That’s a true managing director and one that a team will willingly follow into uncharted territories. Here, Valiant Kent direct marketing group discuss why locally targeted and personalised advertising is critical in 2015. Find out what that something is based on local demographics and advertise based on that knowledge. Valiant Kent announced recently that it will be attending a premier industry awards event in Central London, and also explained why recognition is indicative of successful tactics rather than success itself. The recognition they receive is an after-thought in their eyes, because the real prize has already been won”.
Entities that seek tangible success will be recognised; entities that seek recognition as an equivalent of success will inevitably falter. Rohan Fernandez, Managing Director of marketing firm Valiant Kent places a huge emphasis on brand awareness.
Even all the major messenger apps have the thumbs up icon which is used millions of times each and every day when texting. Changing templates between campaigns can make your messages more visually appealing and increase the odds that subscribers will read your content. But that doesn’t mean we have to dress in suits and ties and write in corporate speak. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to VerticalResponse with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Even among telecom companies that have not made this switch, drastic price reductions for standard phone service have occurred due to the competition. What sets Valiant Kent above the competition is in their ability to adapt to each and every client’s needs. Simple things like choosing templates with bright colors and attractive fonts can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your message. If you also give them quality content week after week, they will stick around to see what you have to say. I need everyone, at every level sharing that clear vision we talked about, taking initiative and thinking like a boss to move it. What’s really great, is that we often hear the thing people most like about working here are their co-workers.

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