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The importance of effective communication in the workplace, across all levels in organisations, has never been as profound as it is in today’s fast changing, diverse and multicultural workplace. The pace of modern life means people are now sending and receiving more messages, instructions and other communications than even before. The diversity of workers with different cultural backgrounds and ages, ranging from Generation Z to Baby Boomers demands that effective communication skills becomes a priority.
Effective communication skills is the lifeblood that courses through an organisation’s veins and keeps it alive and functioning.

In organisations of all types and sizes, people are under constant pressure to understand and implement new processes and constantly fulfill higher standards and expectations.
If people are to work together to achieve the goals of the team, department or the total organisation, then effective communication skills must exist at all levels. It is a core management skill that underpins everything an effective manager aspires to be and do. Team structures are changing frequently, requiring new team members to be brought up to speed as quickly as possible to maintain optimum performance.

Leadership, talent management, productivity, quality and planning all rely of effective communication.

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