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And how is it associated with furthering or else disrupting one’s communication skills? Body language is the language that the body speaks to the eyes as either opposed to or conforming to the language that the tongue speaks to the ears. Various body expressions like the overall posture of the body, certain specific gestures, expressions on the face, and the ways the eyes move themselves while looking around form the entire gamut of the discipline called the body language.
According to James Borg 93% of human communication comprises body language whereas only 7% comprises the tongue with the words it uses! Some of these expressions are universal in their meaning while a few others might vary from culture to culture. Humans have a much more developed mind than their biological counterparts; and the more it is developed, the more it goes complex. This is the reason that often the body language contradicts the language of the tongue, and here in lies the clue to read between the lines when communicating with others.
Think how much power it will give you in your communication skills if you are able to read between the lines not only at the level of ‘feeling’ but also at the level of both apprehending and comprehending these signals that speak of the total meaning that is really being conveyed by the person speaking to you! By mastering body language you will become a master in communication skills as well as be able to win friends and influence others! We have been imparting communication skills training including spoken English fluency and English grammar classes for the past 30 years to all shades of people, be them professionals needing to expand their skill set for professional upgrading, or be them students complementing their curricular studies for academic upgrading. People are often bothered about how to learn English and how to improve communication skills whether they are in jobs, in business or else in academics.
You cannot underestimate the importance, the privilege and the status that spoken English reserves and enjoys in the social and business set up of our society, not only in India but everywhere else internationally as well! We have meticulously designed a flawless English speaking course that takes care of effective communication through pursuing presentation skills, interview skills, resume skills, English writing skills, English vocabulary, written communication skills, email writing skills, reading skills, and listening skills. We have a great privilege of being in this field for the past 30 years and thus have a lifetime of invaluable experience of how to improve English speaking and how to improve English communication skills. English language has become one of the most important language and hence perfecting it is the need of the hour.
This centre is closed and shifted to 2nd Floor, Near Punjab National Bank Fountain Chowk, Gurgaon-122001 Mob: 0124-2329000, 9811112013 - PLEASE GO TO THE WEBSITE FOR EXCITING OFFERS AND DETAILS !! There is very little understanding of the challenges involved in teaching English as a second language in government schools. To meet this challenge of improving English in government schools, the CLR has set up an English Resource Centre (ERC) to strengthen the English skills of teachers as well as students in the predominantly Marathi medium schools of the Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC. In partnership with the Pune Municipal School Board, the ERC addresses an existing systemic problem, by serving as an institutional measure within the government system, dedicated to the improvement of English language learning. An audio course for teaching basic spoken English skills to approximately 12,000 students in Class 4. Development and provision of a supplementary reader to each of the 12,000 students in Class 3 to teach alphabet and early reading skills. This was implemented after conducting a baseline test of the listening and speaking skills of the ZP school students. At the end of the year, this programme was externally evaluated by the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in Loni.

Encouraged by this improvement, the CEO of the Pune Zilla Parishad and the DIET recommended that it should be continued into its second year, i.e.
A major recommendation of the DIET evaluation report was that the CLR radio course should be broadcast throughout Maharashtra. Given this existing scenario, and the dearth of English courses that cater specially to the unique needs of these young learners from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, the Centre For Learning Resources (CLR), funded by the Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF), has designed a course entitled a€?Yuva Englisha€™, to impart basic communication skills in English, with a focus on speaking, listening and reading. Use English to improve performance in higher secondary schools, colleges, polytechnics, vocational education training institutes, at the workplace and in social situations. Yuva English is an interactive, bilingual 140-hour course - 140 modules, each of 1-hour duration. These include an Instructora€™s Package comprising an Instructora€™s Manual, audio-visual materials, as well evaluation materials (pre-test and post-test) to track the progress of learners. It is proposed to diffuse Yuva English from 2012 onwards through Yuva Academies in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.
Yuva English has been developed through extensive trialling and monitoring, as well as feedback received from participating organisations and learners in Delhi , Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.
Pre-test and post-tests conducted by NGOs, who participated in the trialling, indicated a significant improvement in English skills of Yuva English learners. There is very little appropriate reading material for students learning English as a second language in our regional medium schools. The books in this series feature much needed fictional and non-fictional reading materials for students learning English as a second or third language in regional medium schools. HAAQ Academy is a premier institution in teaching Communicative English Language, Effective Communication Skills, Personality Development, Fast Handwriting, Child Development and Non Destructive Testing techniques. We assure you the highest quality of learning through our 20 years of teaching and training experience and a most successful methodology of EASE-TO-GRASPa€¦patented curriculum.
The institute has well equipped air-conditioned spacious classrooms with computer, projector, camera and speakers.Teaching aids include recording systems, televisions, VCDs and video camera.
For intensive high quality learning of every individual we limit our learning groups to ONLY 10 and in some cases we extend ONE-TO-ONE COACHING too. Making Child-hood LEADERS with Effective use of English a€“ communicative skills, Powerful Presenting abilities. Such a complex mind houses a large subconscious part of it in itself that generally wants to express what the conscious mind does not allow it to do. Even if you don’t know reading the body language at a conscious level, your subconscious mind does receive the hidden signs that the subconscious mind of the other person in communication with you is trying to express.
It certainly gives you a decisive benefit and privilege over others in that your words can be more persuasive as well as more impressive at the subconscious level for others.
Thousands of people already got trained by us who are reaping the benefits of their training in their specific fields of action today. You don’t want to be left out of the mainstream social, professional and business trend of the society as far as influencing communication is concerned. Join the class and sharpen your English communication skills!Course description:--Build oratory skills-Difference between verbal and non verbal communication-Roadblocks of communication-Role of listening.
This is a three-year project which aims at improving the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of students in Classes 3,4,5 and 6., as well as improving the English communication and teaching skills of English teachers.

Institutions interested in conducting Yuva English courses can depute their instructors for a 3-day training programme to these Yuva Academies.
NGO staff, instructors, students, external experts, CLR and TMF staff have all attested to the high quality of the Yuva materials, and its relevance to teaching English communication skills to post-secondary youth from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
For regional medium upper primary and middle school students struggling to achieve proficiency in reading English, these books will provide motivating and appealing age-appropriate content with the necessary low readability levels, thus giving them a sense of success in reading whole books from cover to cover.
The relaxed and friendly atmosphere not only soothes the learning mood but also promotes easy learning.
A large number of students from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Oman, UAE, Afghanistan and Maldives have successfully completed English language Diploma courses in Basics, Intermediate and advanced level. Hence the human body language has both the expressions, the universal biological ones resembling those of animals and the specific cultural ones which are unique to various different cultures around the globe.
As a result, it tries to express itself in less obvious and partially hidden ways ditching the conscious control mechanism and thus satiates its urge to express itself for various different expressions of resentment, boredom, amusement, anger, lack of attention, attentiveness, interest, focus etc. They want to know how to improve English as well as how to speak English fluently, but find no satisfactory coach who can rightly guide them to learn speaking English making them confident in how to speak good English fluently. Nor is there a clear understanding of how the language can be acquired by students who have little or no exposure to it in their home and immediate environments. For each learner, there is a Learnera€™s Book, Supplementary Reader and a Spoken English Practice CD. Yuva Academy trainers will provide training to these instructors, and will continue to support these instructors through periodic audio conferencing. For older learners, existing books in English that are at their reading skill level do not contain age-appropriate text as they are originally written for younger English-speaking students. Consequently, despite English instruction starting in Class 1 in most states, an overwhelming number of young people graduating from our mainstream regional-medium schools lack functional English skills.
The external evaluation reflected that the radio course had led to substantial improvements in the listening and speaking skills of students. The Yuva Academies will also provide testing services for certification of learner proficiency. Since reading is not only pleasurable but enhances language learning, we plan to address the problem of this mismatch between interest level and language level through the publication of several series of titles a€“ fiction and non- fiction a€“ for at least 3 levels of English text, matching the content of each level with the appropriate interest level. Graded language structures and controlled vocabulary, combined with age-appropriate interest levels, help learners to become proficient readers and experience the joy of successfully reading an entire book.
The modules and courses have been carefully prepared by experts catering to the requirements of studentsa€™ level of English language. Without basic English skills, these students are handicapped in terms of opportunities for higher education and employment, and access to various bodies of knowledge and to new technologies.

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