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Like most of us Americans, a lot of my ESL students are avid movie fans.  They love watching movies in their own language or subtitled, and would like to learn more about American Cinema but are not sure where to start. They can also verbally retell the story, with you as the teacher stopping them occasionally to assist with pronunciation if they are having difficulty. The site also provides links to other places on the web where you can print sections of script dialogue for many movies.  What a wonderful resource for studying the natural flow of speech, as well as idioms and slang in action!
With clips in the video listening comp section ranging from Eat Pray Love to The Lovely Bones to the animated feature Bolt, Learn English Feel Good has something for everyone’s tastes.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where you’ll have the opportunity to check out another Best of the Web movie site, as well as ways to turn your students into American movie critics! Ascent’s aim is for our student language skills to ascend, meeting their needs to enhance their social and professional confidence in daily life and the work place. Professional educational material and methods to enable trainers to offer high quality training with a great result. During this time she has worked with students of all ages from countries such as China, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mali, Africa.

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