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Spelling Bee This poster was designed to promote the Spelling bee contest, hosted by Pui Ying, for kids who are still in elementary school.
GuZheng Class This poster was designed to promote Pui Ying's GuZheng (an ancient Chinese instrument) class. English Writing Class This poster was designed to promote Pui Ying's English Writing class. If you need any help during your class term, please leave a message on Q&A borad of our website after sign in. If you have a schedule conflict on any date or period for which you scheduled a class, you may request to cancel your lesson for a day, or postpone for a week.
Bring in papers that have been handed back to you in other classes, giving you entries for your spelling and grammar logs. Proposal due for research paper with three bibliographic entries; synthesize research from the three sources examined. Effect of point of view on writing, searching for multiple perspectives on your research topics while formulating plans for argument and evidence. Group analysis of authors purpose and point of view, argument, and evidence, and thinking through how futures students can do the same. Part of your final will be the reading of one piece of your writing at a pot-luck gathering, hopefully at the home of your instructor.
If you are in the AP or IB track at school like me, room for expanding your creative side is very limited in the English curriculum mandated by College Board or the IBO. However, if you take a step back and think about it, the study of literature and English is supposed to add to your appreciation of the artful way the authors transmit their message. So with this, I encourage you to talk to your English teacher this coming semester about doing something  similar. That is why we stress our fixed lesson plan - even though we understand you may have unexpected events requiring rescheduling now and then. You can learn about your current class informatiion such as your teacher's name and Skype ID, textbooks to download, class progress and schedule you need to attend. You have the opportunity to cancel your lesson two times per every 20 lessons, or to postpone your lesson for one week once per every 20 lessons (if you use one of them first, the other option becomes unavailable).

In addition, English classes are supposed to help hone your own writing skills so you can transmit your own messages to the world in an effective and creative way. She encouraged us to think outside of the myriad of literary technique terms when we analyzed characters in prose writing. Often described as “bouncy”, Jinchen’s enthusiasm coats everything from deep philosophical discussions about amoebas to fresh homemade smoothies to new archeological digs.
We strongly recommend you to read the following instructions before your first class starts. If you did not receive the Free English Level Test yet, we are going to schedule it before your class. If you do absolutely need to reschedule, you can request this at any time by visiting your My Page or entering your request in the Q&A menu.
You may also download the MP3 file recording of your lesson a€“ this is a useful tool allowing you to review the lesson and track your English speaking progress. If you took the English Level Test without Sign Up, you need to Sign Up with the same e-mail account you used while appliying for the Test.
This part of your final is confidential, but it should focus on your response to groups and not necessarily on the members in your group; nevertheless, it will be destroyed the day after it is turned in.
English classes have consisted mostly of discussions of books on the suggested reading lists, writing practice essays, and answering practice multiple choice questions. Now, effective might be achieved by all those practice essays you write for the rhetorical analysis prompt or the persuasive writing exercise, but most English classes lack a component that challenges students to think and write creatively.
She explains the whole spiel about the lack of creativity, and she encouragingly allows us to experiment without worrying about grades.
Let them know that they can always find ways to use the creative writing segments to complement items in the syllabus. Jinchen can be spotted volunteering at the zoo or museum, planning new events, scribbling and doodling in her treasured journal, or staring at the sky and thinking about the meaning of life. Simply click the a€?Rebook my previous packagea€? if you want to take the same course and package you took before. There is little flexibility in that the students might write according to a strict five-paragraph template — intro, body, conclusion.

And this is how our snaps and laughter ended class the next few days instead of the usual hurry to leave. Further, it’ll be a gift for their future and not just for the AP test looming in May but quickly forgotten.
She loves anything international affairs-related and has recently discovered her interest in engineering. Yes, almost everything that we do seem to be directed toward preparing us for the AP exam at the end of the year (in other words, teaching to the test).
However, as I stared at the blank page before me, pen suspended midair, thoughts that seemed so potent and fluid in my head dried up. As for me, I needed support in the form of instruction, tips for improvement, and company as other people attempt the same feat for the first time simultaneously.
Having lived on three continents, it is her dream to one day explore and travel around the world. These were questions that eschewed the big abstract vague ideas about racism or idealism and focused on the practical and the real.
I did not really have the full initiative to take the project on my own to figure out the ropes. Gradually, interspersed in our regular study of great classics like the Iliad and King Lear were invitations to illustrate a theme or write a poem responding to a chapter. The argument is similar to the one made for finding a good violin teacher to start a young child off on his music career. Plus, I think the stress-free environment for creativity is a brighter spot that students will look back on among other English class memories.

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