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Joel’s coaching succeeds because it is a customized, personal experience for the executive who is being coached. Coaching for talent development in business involves active communication between the coach, the coaching participant, and the stakeholders. We establish commitment from the organization and from the person who will be coached so that clear guidelines are understood by both partners. The stakeholders are identified and ongoing support for the coaching program is clearly agreed upon. Be actively involved and demonstrate commitment to the coaching program, the coach and the participant.
Information gathering involves collecting feedback from the coaching participant, sponsors, 360-degree data and performance reviews. We identify the most important objectives and specific performance goals for the coaching relationship.
Agreeing on expectations, commitments, timelines, ground rules and alignment of goals and objectives. At this stage we implement the required actions and behavior changes so the desired results will be achieved. The coach provides the necessary support through formal coaching sessions and daily e-mail check-ins between the scheduled telephone sessions. The coaching participant fills out a post coaching form after every session in order to facilitate direction, clarity of action, and next steps.
During the last formal coaching session, the coaching participant will prepare and discuss a one-page overview of what has been learned and key action steps to continue the progress achieved.
After the last session, the key stakeholders, immediate boss and human resources will participate in a close-out meeting. After the formal coaching sessions have ended, continued and less frequent sessions may be scheduled. One free post coaching follow-up meeting will be scheduled to check in with the progress of the participant.
Many of the world’s most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching.
This Seven-Step Talent Development process is a structured, clearly defined and methodical program. The process starts with an analysis of the current state of performance for the coaching participant.
To achieve the maximum amount of impact and value from your executive coaching program, the objectives must be linked with senior management and the company’s overall organizational needs. Career Advancement BlogSign up to receive the blog via email and get a free tool that tracks your value to the organization. Joel Inspirational Speaker Learn Why Joel Garfinkle is Sought-After Professional, Motivational and Keynote Speaker. At the Coach Business we can help you develop your Leadership skills and engage your teams to improve performance. We believe our role as a coach is to give you the platform to help you develop the qualities you have as a Leader, a Manager, a Team member and an individual to be the best you can be. The founder of The Coach Business, Michael Schofield, is an associate lecturer and tutor on Business and Personal coaching courses and undertakes coaching projects for individuals and teams across the UK.
At Evolve Executive Coaching we offer practical application of leading edge theories and practices that bridge the ‘now’ to the ‘where we want to be’ gap.
Executive and leadership coaching is a powerful tool in the overall plan to achieve organizational excellence. Innolect has developed proven coaching protocols and cutting edge techniques to help leaders identify the perfect coaching match. We view coaching as a developmental process that leads to individual growth and change, and even transformation. Senior level leaders seek out confidential consultative partnerships with Innolect’s strategic coaches to build individual leadership capability and to gain clarity about organizational issues. Innolect coaches have extensive experience in establishing coaching relationships with senior executives. Our coaches partner and develop clarity relationships with senior executives.
Innolect’s Leadership Coaches assist with any and all aspects of their leadership effectiveness. Starting from a place of collaboration, Innolect coaches align with the organization’s business vision, objectives, leadership competencies and values to create meaningful goals and assure sustainable results. The breadth and depth of Innolect’s coaching community allows clients to make highly selective decisions about the best fit for their needs. Hold certifications in various assessment tools such as Lominger, The Leadership Circle, Birkman Method, Denison 360, Listener Preference Profile, Life Styles Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, etc. Some organizations are experienced with executive coaching and are simply seeking high-quality coaches. As leaders grow and achieve greater awareness and understanding about their aspirations, motivations, and abilities, they make better choices.  Working to build trust, we provide accurate perceptions of each leader’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. If coaching will be widespread, how do we establish a protocol for matching coaches with their leader partners? A recent study by the American Management Association discusses many of these questions in depth.
As strong as our individual coaches are, it is the collective coaching talent that sets Innolect apart.
Developmental Fit: Does the coach have a personal style, approach and developmental stage that matches the developmental needs of the coaching partner and the pressing business needs? Cost Effectiveness:  Are there costs related to travel and geographic area that might need to be considered? Developed coaching protocols and systems.  Helped Fortune 100 company define selection strategies for coaching candidates, made recommendations for the evolution of the program, and considered how the initiative could evolve into a sustainable program the client could manage independently.

Designed Coaching Initiatives for High Potentials.  Worked to assess, identify, and build capacity of selected high potentials by implementing coaching throughout a telecommunications start-up.
Offered transformational, developmental, performance and skills coaching:  Partnered with new CEO to identify and leverage strengths during health system reorganization.
Provided Virtual Coaching.  Supplemented face-to-face coaching sessions with virtual coaching to help an organization cut the overall cost and also to accommodate client travel.
Geographic location doesn’t matter – Garfinkle Executive Coaching has coached clients in over 25 countries. I have transformed my mindset and behavior to be a more effective and fine-tuned executive.
Personalized coaching sessions are designed for women and minority employees seeking promotions and stepping into leadership roles. Phone coaching sessions — Implement required action so the desired results can be achieved. Post coaching follow-up meeting — Meet with coaching participant to discuss progress. To learn more about the cost of the executive coaching program, please contact Joel Garfinkle right now. Choose one of these three options when deciding how to pay for your investment in a coaching partnership. Company-sponsored executive coaching The organization pays for the executive coaching program.
Partially company-sponsored executive coaching The organization pays a portion of the amount and the client pays the remainder. In some cases where these circumstances exist in extreme form coaching may not be the answer.
In my experience executive coaching can achieve significant outcomes in the right circumstances.
About Legal Leaders BlogLegal Leaders Blog's aim is to establish an interactive dialogue and exchange of useful information and expertise with like-minded legal industry professionals, leaders and managers about strategic issues of importance to all of us.
The definitive plain-English guide to developing and understanding brand strategy for law firms of any size. About Sean LarkinI’m a partner with global legal industry consulting firm Edge International. He has a unique ability to quickly cut through personal clutter and focus on root challenges that lead to professional growth. This systematic methodology provides a structured model to measure and evaluate performance coaching results. Therefore, the terms of the coaching contract, agreement and guidelines are agreed upon at the very beginning.
The key stakeholders can come from the Human Resources Department, senior management, the participant’s immediate manager or sponsor. This comprehensive process will help design a developmental plan that is customized for that particular executive. A measurable action plan is developed identifying the key behaviors to be changed and outlining specific metrics to be achieved. These post coaching forms provide an excellent method of tracking the value and benefits gained from the coaching program. During these informal reviews feedback is collected from follow-up conversations with the key stakeholders to identify what changes have taken place and what still needs improvement.
They will review the success achieved, create a future action plan, and identify the type of support and resources necessary to continue the executive’s development. The most successfully executed coaching engagements work in partnership with the organization, its stakeholders, and the coaching participant.
Our coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs, be it 1-2-1 coaching for Senior Managers to long term coaching strategies for entire management teams. He is an associate member of the International Coach Federation and is also a member of the coaching framework for UK Sport.
As  business leaders actively engage coaching support, the selection process to determine external coach qualifications become critical to achieve a strong ROI.
Innolect offers video profiles of our coaches and a web-based selection tool.  Once a coach has been carefully selected, the Innolect approach to the coaching engagement is unique, powerful, and results related. We recommend the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) as a validated tool to identify a leader’s current developmental stage. These engagements are driven by development goals derived from the results of profiling assessments. We focus on inquiry rather than advocacy using questions to gain insight and self-awareness before establishing development goals and desired business outcomes. Other organizations may believe in the value of coaching, but do not have an experience base.
Using a strengths-based foundation, we partner to build on the skills and capabilities that have made each leader successful. The breadth and depth of our coaching community allows clients to make highly selective decisions about the best fit for their needs.
How well does the coach understand the culture, competitive environment, and structure of the company or industry?
Co-developed integration coaching process for global pharmaceutical company going through acquisition and major change initiative.
Collaborated with a licensing client to select and administer assessment instruments to identify leadership strengths and areas for improvement. Served as an objective voice to deliver feedback about strengths, blind spots, and areas for improvement to accelerate performance.
Created individual development plans with concrete actions and ongoing coaching support for Vice Presidents of multinational insurance company.  Innolect’s IDPs ensure a business focus.

Worked with top executive leadership team and their direct reports to implement an integrated change initiative.
Created an online tool for individuals within a Fortune 100 company to review coaching bios and find the best fit for their specific coaching needs. Deployed multiple consulting resources to develop a key leader critical to the success of the business.
All of our executive coaching services are done by telephone coaching sessions and email support. I’ve increased productivity by 20-25% and have managed tasks more effectively, including increased delegation and leveraging of my time. Business coaching for women and minorities emphasizes not only gender and racial equality, but capitalizing on your talent pool of high-potential employees. Most Garfinkle Executive Coaching clients report improved performance within six to nine weeks. If any time-sensitive or urgent professional issues need to be discussed, the client can call the executive coaching specialist (outside the scheduled coaching session) during business hours Monday through Friday.
After the last coaching session, the executive coaching specialist holds a close-out meeting to review the success achieved, create a future action plan, and identify the type of support and resources necessary to continue the executive’s development. One free follow-up meeting will be scheduled to check-in with the coaching participant’s progress.
In the past it was usually deemed essential to undertake such personal assignments face to face. One on one coaching is flexible and versatile – it can assist a coachee overcome difficulties arising from derailing behavior, or it can help someone realize untapped potential or even assist an already successful person reach new heights. This will assist us all to take the lead rather than follow the dynamic and evolving changes taking place in our industry.
Joel works one-on-one with each coaching participant to help them achieve the highest possible level of performance in the workplace. My increased ability to direct and lead people has amplified the respect, influence, and working relationships I have with others. Besides the structured model, Joel spends an extensive amount of dedicated time with the coaching participant. Designing objectives and metrics at this stage assures that the benefits are clearly achieved and the return on investment is known. Funding for an executive coaching engagement comes from either the participant’s department budget or from Human Resources.
Next, we determine the key stakeholders who will show support and be actively involved in the employee’s talent development. Our commercial experience enables us to develop sustainable solutions to match the leadership development, team building and management needs across a wide variety of industries and situations. We know from research conducted over the last several decades that there are predictable and understandable development stages that leaders go through personally and professionally.
Using proprietary Innovative Intelligence approaches and tools, Innolect coaches work with executives to enhance organizational effectiveness and business results.  Our knowledge and understanding of both the demands and the opportunities of top leadership positions help inspire individuals to lead more effectively. In either case, Innolect consultants have the expertise and acumen to guide leaders through the process. Our clients benefit from our ability to identify coaching needs, design coaching game plans, create proprietary protocols, and draw from industry best practices. At the same time, we address potential career derailers and identify developmental capabilities required for future success. The criteria for selecting a coach can vary, but there are basic qualifications to consider when identifying potential coaches.
Handled issues such as influencing more effectively, building collaborative work processes, identifying and handling destructive conflict, coaching others, etc. The intensive offered speed, specific and targeted development goals, and a compressed time frame for change when more traditional coaching methods failed to deliver sustained change in leader behavior.
Clients have hired and worked with us from as around the world including Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, Africa, China, Australia, South America and North America.
Coaching relationships with executive coaching specialists often continue for at least twelve months due to the time required for changes to become permanent.
In my experience, while it is important to do this from time to time, much can equally be achieved via Skype or Google+ video, the internet or even the telephone.
My passion is the legal industry, in particular assisting law firms, legal entities and in-house legal departments to realise their full potential and position them for success and development. The primary focus of the coaching engagement is to achieve the goals and objectives for the participant. This provides the flexibility to adjust and customize the program to meet the specific needs of each participant. These stakeholders expect to see specific, visible outcomes that produce business results for the company. This creates an accountable and dedicated community around the participant which will accelerate reaching the stated objectives. In various situations, we have partnered with clients with the goal of setting up an ongoing internal coaching system.
However, we will conduct in-person coaching sessions if that’s what the company or client prefers. Leaders should therefore proceed with some care and fully understand what coaching should and should not be used for and what it is and what it is not.
The secondary (yet still important) priority is to ensure that the needs of the organization are being met.

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