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Whether for open-recirculating (in cooling towers), closed-loop, or once-thru systems, GE maximizes heat transfer efficiency and protects your equipment. The next step is to go beyond monitoring and use software analytics to optimize your performance and costs. Safeguarding natural resources (like rivers, lakes, and more) is an important part of wastewater treatment solutions.
Ensure indoor comfort, safeguard assets, and comply with regulations for your hotel, university, office building, and more.
The effects of water treatment go well beyond maintaining satisfactory performance in HVAC systems. GE offer facilities management solutions to optimize your heating and cooling systems… keeping indoor spaces comfortable while driving down fuel usage, water consumption, labor and maintenance. See how this 250-unit apartment building in New York City used ZeeWeed* membrane technology to reduce city water intake by 75%. GE’s Apogee program helps customers streamline cooling tower functions and achieve optimal performance. Boiler and cooling system improvements reduced scale and solved major mechanical problems for Del Monte. Each year, Bee’ah continues to improve on its waste management services and initiatives, expanding its geographical reach to other markets of the UAE and GCC region. By operating in line with the guiding principles of the ISO9001 and the ISO14000, Bee’ah has adopted a Cradle to Cradle programme focusing on the 4 R’s – reduce, re-use, recycle, recover.
These include the Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Facility (one of the busiest in the world) the Tyre Recycling Facility (the first of its kind in the region using environmentally cryogenic processes) the Material Recovery Facility (the largest in the region and third largest in the world) and recyclables are recovered and baled. Bee’ah is also currently in discussions with other partners and technology providers to setup plastic recycling and paper and OCC recycling plants as well as a wood recycling facility, which will help Bee’ah divert 67% of waste from landfill, bring it closer to its 100% diversion rate.

Bee’ah is also expanding its geographical reach, going beyond the borders of Sharjah, into other regions of the UAE and the GCC. Following the success story of the waste industry in Sharjah, and having built our reputation as a company that only employs the latest and most innovative technology to tackle and successfully overcome the waste challenge in the Emirate, Bee’ah is seeking to fulfill its mandate to protect the environment outside of waste, and we are now investigating the challenges of the ambient air quality in the city of Sharjah.
Therefore, Bee’ah is proposing a thorough and close examination of the air quality in the city of Sharjah, by launching a city-wide, large scale Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System.
This entails the procurement of the most accurate air quality monitoring equipment, installing them in several locations throughout the City of Sharjah, gathering data and information, and analyzing the results to produce precise reports and records of the ambient air quality.
Bee’ah has managed to successfully achieve its core mandates of not only managing the waste in the Emirate of Sharjah, but also fulfilling its mandate towards educating its residents and citizens of the values and importance of embracing a more holistic, environmental and sustainable lifestyle.
Bee’ah holds a very holistic view of the environment, and we understand that the spheres of water, air, energy and waste are all interrelated; it is difficult, in fact, inadvisable, to separate one from the other. Royal Park roads, channelisation, carpark, roads re-alignment, pedestrian paving, landscaping, preservation of an existing historic fence, earthworks and drainage for stages 1 and 2. Cogent Audit Systems can assist your organisation with an effective and efficient audit and compliance tool. CAS3’s wireless app provides you with an efficient time saving method for collecting data while our web-based reporting tool allows you to access the audit results for benchmarking across different facilities or in the same location over different time periods let us know your needs and we can tailor a CAS3 database to meet them. You need customized programs that ensure reliable, cost-effective steam supplies for your critical business processes.
The most basic need is to measure key parameters and ensure the reliable delivery of chemistry to your assets. GE’s sophisticated automation, control, and monitoring software can help your team increase performance while keeping operations sage.
As your business partner, GE helps customers meet ever increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures.

Water treatment has a profound impact on utility and maintenance costs, equipment life, worker safety, and regulatory compliance.
These practices are embedded within the Waste Management Centre in Al Saj’ah, which represents an innovative approach to managing waste in our region with a number of industrial, commercial and residential waste diversion operations and facilities.
Wekaya is the medical waste storage and treatment facility, and the landfill (one of the largest in the world, and one of the only landfills reengineered using enhanced safety practices), safely stores non-recyclable waste. Bee’ah has opened branches in Ajman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where it is collecting recyclables and providing environmental consulting services to private organizations.
We have designed CAS3 software to be adaptable to your specific facilities management needs amongst many other facilities management applications.
GE's boiler water treatment solutions bundle chemicals, consumables, equipment, and value-added services. Here, collected waste is sorted and sent to the different state-of-the-art facilities managed and operated by Bee’ah along high international standards of health and safety. Bee’ah is also in discussions with key entities in Saudi Arabia, particularly with Jeddah and Riyadh, to lead environmental change in the Kingdom and eventually across the Middle East in the years to come. You benefit from patented chemistry and some of the best-known and most trusted boiler water treatment technologies.

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