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Individuals who file bankruptcy must take and certify they have completed a course on personal financial management after filing the case, or the case will close without a discharge. For joint debtors who do not have free financial management education this is a cut in cost from $40 to $15. OUR MISSIONWe are here to help guide you through the roadblocks, and where necessary, perform minor surgery on your pocketbook. Just like the pre-petition credit counseling class, if you filed a joint bankruptcy case, both can take the financial management class at the same time. When finished, the spouse calls Cricket at 866-719-0400 to report completion of the course and that each needs a certificate. So what?  To get your discharge you need to complete the course.  I then file a motion to reopen your bankruptcy case, attend a hearing (waste of time) and the case is reopened and the discharge granted.
The Financial Management course is the final step you must take to get your bankruptcy discharge.
Unlike the first pre-petition credit counseling, the financial management course does not require you to enter any personal financial information. You can still use the computer behind the screen in our waiting room for the financial management course. Just like the pre-petition credit counseling class, if you filed a joint bankruptcy case, both can take the financial management course at the same time. Bankruptcy law requires that for me to be your bankruptcy lawyer you and I must have a written contract. Nevertheless, you must have a credit counseling certificate before you will be allowed to file. After you file, you must take a second course and obtain a second certificate.  This second course is called the “financial management course” and is designed to offer you guidance regarding budgeting and money management.
Most credit counseling vendors charge between $35 and $50.  Most charge only one fee for joint counseling for a husband and wife.

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However, I am not nearly as offended by the financial management course as I am by the credit counseling briefing. Congress in its infinite, politically motivated wisdom decided that you should take two courses. A feel good measure by some congressman which just adds to the money you have to pay out to file for bankruptcy.
When the law changed in 2005, I took this class myself when I evaluated different providers.
If you are not a client of Balena Law Firm, but still need the certificate call me to schedule a time. The filing fee for the motion is $260, and the attorney fee for the motion and hearing is $500.

In fact, I rather enjoy the thought that payment of the fee for the more useful of the two courses is helping to do away with the pre-filing requirement. One to qualify to file for bankruptcy, and the other to qualify for your bankruptcy discharge. When you paid me your fees and costs, it included the expense of this course as well.  I gave you a firm code. That’s a total of $760 for something you could have avoided by taking the Financial Management Course. The distorted symbols cannot be read by computer programs which are used for mass-collect email addresses and any customer information.
However, each individual debtor is usually charged a fee of $20 or more to complete this additional step which is required to receive a bankruptcy discharge. One third of the $15 fee, or $5 from each payment, is contributed to a fund dedicated to lobbying for the abolition of the pre-filing credit counseling requirement specified in section 109(h). Log on, enter the code, I will be billed, and I will receive a completion certificate.  You just do the course.
While both the pre-filing briefing and the personal financial management courses are an unnecessary impediment to filing and receiving a discharge in bankruptcy, the credit counseling briefing is nothing but a waste of time and money. Some of my clients have actually said they benefited from a personal financial management course. How to Recover Rex Securities LawWhat You Should Know About the K-1 Fiance Visaby Michael G.

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