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With the museum wrap method, the image goes to the edge of the surface with plain white canvas exposed on the sides.
With the gallery wrap method, the image wraps around the edge, and continues back toward the wall.
A couple of weekends ago Jim and I went to a horse clinic sponsored by Perfect Partners Equine - I took Babe and he took Kate. Spring has been big around the farm - lots of new additions.ChickensAt the end of April we received 6 new Faverolles - 5 hens and one roo.

EatSleepDraw is an online art gallery where we post 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe. This shows well with any image and can be hung on your wall with the sides left white, or the sides can be painted with one of our 18 custom colors to match or complement the colors of the piece. This canvas treatment is ideal for seamless designs, abstract images, or imagery that has a central focus.
If you loook closely at the photo on the right, you will see that Bongo is giving one of his signature smiles to Jim.

In addition, treatment for the IMTP included a new drug which cost more than $800 per treatment.

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