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The RFEF considers that Zidane's assistant is performing functions associated with a second coach even though he is listed as being "in charge of equipment".
Real Madrid have lodged an appeal to the State Sports Council (CSD) in an attempt to get the decision take by the Spanish Football Federation to revoke the license of Zidane's assistant, David Bettoni.
The problem originates from the fact that Bettoni doesn't have the documentation which is required to act as an assistant coach. To get around this requisite, Real Madrid listed Bettoni (defined as “Assistant Coach” on the club's official web page) as “in charge of equipment” with the Madrid Football Federation, the body in charge of processing registration of professionals (coaches apart) who are permitted in the technical area during matches. The RFEF's Coaching Committee have investigated to see whether Bettoni's license corresponds with the functions he is expected to carry out and have reached the conclusion that it doesn't which is why they have withdrawn his registration.
Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) “D” Certificate Coaching Course for Women-2012 commenced at Football House, Lahore on Tuesday with nineteen (19) women participants attending the beneficial activity which aims at importing latest knowledge to the participants of the game.

According to the press Release issued here by PFF, the 5-days coaching course being conducted by Mr.
Under the directive of Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, PFF is organizing such courses to get as many talented Pakistan-based men and women coaches. Sheeka Nazir, Suraiya Abid, Rubina Sadaqat, Khalida Parveen, Tehmina Zehra, Anila Khan, Razmina Sultan, Madiha Gillani, Yasmin Akhter, Iqra Tabassum, Sniha Khanum, Hira Aziz, Qibtia Jamshaid, Zahida Parveen, Neha Rehman, Amber Bashir, Shamim Akhter, Saima Iram and Hina Munir. The PFF “D” Certificate Coaching Course is design to provide knowledge in football coaching for any individual regardless of coaching and playing background. Since last summer, the Federation demands that all assistant coaches have the same qualifications as the head coach and Bettoni only has the ‘UEFA A’ license which is inferior to the ‘UEFA Pro’ license which allows coaches to carry out their duties with teams in the top three divisions in Spain.
Working hard is one thing but inspiring and motivating your teammates to work hard is another.

For that reason, Bettoni has not appeared in the technical area during Real Madrid's last two league matches against Espanyol and Granada.
Tariq Lutfi as Instructor will conclude on April 21, 2012.This is a milestone achieved by PFF to further develop football among women. It is the full-fledged PFF “D” Certificate Coaching Course for Women on Pakistan soil and first B license holder lady coach of Pakistan Kiran Ilyas will act as Assistant Instructor and Mr.

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