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This is -- -- go from Santa Clara the 49ers hold their training camp with your three and out.
I fight fan's mind but you can't afford CSN Bay Area dot com here in Las Vegas bringing some of the highlights from today's At the Wynn resort. Remember fight fans to follow our inside fights sports Twitter page at sports CSN for all your northern California anime.
Two of the best heavyweight in the world stepped in the octagon and the business champion Cain Velasquez who fights out of San Jose took on junior the son tells. Now I ever since Colin Kapanen took over as the starting quarterback by the things that he's often said about his wide receivers in particular Michael Crabtree why he likes throwing to them. For the third time in their professional careers came the last Successfully defended his UFC belt he won by tko.
And talented and very capable of pulling off the upset I think might be a little green and quantum leap in the flat against the pound for pound king of boxing in Las Vegas might be and it CSN Bay Area not. He -- uses that power forward type of mentality boxing out quarterbacks to use the positioning and his strong hands to go up and make catches. And -- says that that's something the -- still working on building net on the field report he calls it trust so that even when it looks like he's covered.

And that's what training camp has gone all about for the 49ers working on their chemistry between the quarterback and the top receiver because make no mistake. With Crabtree out of action until late in the season and humbled and as the 49ers number one wide receiver. The 49ers exhibition opener Thursday against the Denver Broncos -- featured -- debut of one football player that's right. Lawrence -- play defense or -- will be making his first appearance in an American football game.
Who turned into it discus thrower and ended up in the Olympics a year ago but he has never played football.
Therefore the expectation level is much lower than what it would be for another guy who's coming into 49ers training camp. Vick being TO says he's the defensive coordinator he says that he holds a -- to a completely different standard because he knows he's dealing with an absolute football -- fight.
Physical ability but he's still learning the game of football and until he really learns what he's doing on the defensive line it can think clearly. Then the physical side won't really have the opportunity to come out and expose itself so the 49ers are curious what they'll see from a play on Thursday night.

They're gonna try to give him some playing time but right now everyone is kind of taken a wait and see approach.
In the exhibition season and get under the number two back from a year ago is still on the PUP list with an Achilles injury so that means it's going to be wide open. For some of the forty that are running backs of their ninety man roster to get onto the field. Beginning Thursday night while Michael James was the back up late last season so the forty hours we'll certainly give him some action but keep your eye on a couple of unknowns. Jewel Hampton who spent some time on the 53 man roster last season we'll get his first playing time with the 49ers he was on the pup list all of last summer.
But also DJ harper he's an undrafted rookie from Boise State he really opened some eyes in the blitz pickup drills with his ability to block in fact at one point. Well now with some of these running backs or might not be a job with the 49ers because Marcus Lattimore also figures into the long term picture.

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