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FAQ: Why does the wheeling software say I can only wheel up to a certain number when the lottery I play has a bigger number field than that? If you feel like you’re throwing money down the drain when you buy regular lottery tickets, try our free lottery.
Furthermore, potential victims are urged to complete a form and enter a lottery called FreeLotto. FreeLotto scams have been making the rounds for many years now, but they’re probably still successful if we consider the large number of spam emails designed to advertise the shady sweepstakes. We advise users never to participate in shady lotteries, no matter how real they appear to be. Best of all, we purchase hundreds of genuine Powerball & MegaMillions tickets each and every month.
Lastly, not only are the tickets 100% free, you don't have to do anything more than register in the pools.
When one of our tickets wins, we will be sharing a multi-million dollar jackpot with hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people paying out millions of dollars to our members from all around the world! Each member in the winning lottery pool will potentially win $10's of thousands of dollars each, for free. So, not only do we retain 10% of all net jackpot winnings and distribute the remaining 90% our members, but we will also have an extremely valuable website! Most of all, we look forward to enriching the lives of so many of our family and loyal fans and friends here and all around the world. The highest paying ticket we've had is $150.00 - 4 out of 6 in the 8-16-13 MegaMillions' drawing. All current pool tickets can be viewed by clicking on View Pool Details and Tickets link found on the homepage pool bar. All past Megamillions, Powerball and SuperLotto pool tickets can be viewed on the Pool Roster. The average number of monthly ticket purchases is nearly 300 actual Megamillions, Powerball & SuperLotto tickets. Each time you login and enter a Free Lottery Pool you will automatically receive 1 Lucky Reward Point. Just click on the Play Now button a second time and you will be asked; Would you like to play with points?
To view your Lucky Reward Point balance; click on My Account Status on the top red menu upon login. You may also win Lucky Reward Points by playing our 3 reel "My Slots", "Premium Slots" and BlackJack. Just open a Fortune Cookie after you have registered in a pool and you may just win dozens of Lucky Reward Points, as well as extra pool entries and First Cabin Memberships (sorry, we do not award prizes for duplicates or consecutive prizes). You can view your Lucky Reward Point balance anytime by logging in and clicking on My Account Status on the top red menu. Whenever you accumulate 100 or more Loyalty Pool Points, you may redeem them for First Cabin Automatic Entry Memberships.
Save up 1500 Lucky Reward Points and you may redeem them for guaranteed, automatic entry into 100 pools in our First Cabin Automatic Entry Club.
If you would like to redeem points for a First Cabin Membership, simply email us using the contact us link on the bottom menu. Once the pool closes, My Free Lottery Pool will post the Lucky Usernames of all the free lottery pool entrants in the Pool Roster.
To find your Rank Number in the pool just login and click on the View Pool Roster & Tickets button. In the event of a winning pool, all registered pool members will be paid according to their rank on the roster. In the event of a winning Jackpot, as well as a second place Powerball or MegaMillions prize, everyone who is registered in the winning pool, and who has played by our Simple Rules, will be notified via email. Of course, since we are the world's largest online lottery pool with members in over 100 countries, the whole world will hear about it!
Generally, all winnings less than the full jackpot amount are re-invested into the next drawing. What If We Win A Second Place Prize (5 out of 6 numbers, 5 Matching, no matching Megaball or Powerball number)? In the event of a second place Powerball or MegaMillions prize, all members in the winning Powerball or MegaMillions pool will be entered into our exclusive Admiral's Club. The ADMIRAL’S CLUB is an exclusive ‘private pool’ which will be set up after a Free Lottery Pool wins either a 2nd or 3rd place prize in either a Megamillions or Powerball draw (it does not apply to SuperLotto Pools).
All members in good standing (including First Cabin Members) who are registered in the winning pool that wins either a 2nd or 3rd place prize will be eligible to be entered into our exclusive Admiral's Club. 25% of either 2nd & 3rd place Net Winnings will go to fund the tickets for our Admiral’s Club private pools. Qualified Admiral's Club members will be awarded guaranteed, automatic entry into our private Admiral's Club pools until either the Admiral’s Club Private Pool funds are exhausted, or we win a jackpot which will be paid out in Cash to all Admiral’s Club members in the winning pool. Each 2nd Place, Admiral’s Club pool will contain a minimum of 100+ tickets each until either a Jackpot is won, or the funds have been exhausted. Any 3rd Place Admiral’s Club Pool will contain a minimum of 25+ tickets each until either a Jackpot is won, or the funds have been exhausted. 25% x $500,000 ($125,000) will be reinvested into the Admiral’s Club Private Pool until either the full $125,000 has been exhausted or we win a Jackpot. Any additional 2nd or 3rd Place Cash Prizes will also be reinvested in the pool at 25% of net winnings. What If We Win A Third Place Prize (4 out of 6 numbers, 4 matching, 1 matching Megaball or Powerball)?
25% x $6,000 ($1,500) will be reinvested into the Admiral’s Club Private Pool until either the full $1,500 has been exhausted or we win a Jackpot.
Cash distribution payout policy and procedures will remain the same as outlined in Faq #10. The reason why we require your full name is so that the game is fair to all members who play by the rules. Our primary rule is that your profile must match exactly that which appears on your official ID.
In the event of a winning jackpot, the website will be locked down and no one will be able to login and modify or edit their profile information. At that time, we will contract with a US licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting Firm who will conduct a full audit of the winning pool.

To make changes to your membership profile simply login and click on My Profile located on the top red menu. In the event of a winning Jackpot, and Only in the event of a winning Jackpot, the website will be locked and we will contract with a United States licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting firm who will conduct a full audit of the winning pool. In the event of a winning Jackpot, official notice of the news will be posted on the homepage of the website and an email will go out to all qualified pool members registered in the winning pool. Please be aware, for winning pool auditing purposes - Only - we archive and retain all active members' website login history and activity.
Once a Jackpot, 2nd place or 3rd place prize is won, the website will be immediately locked down while an independent US licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting Firm along with an IT Professional auditing firm will conduct a full and comprehensive audit of the pool which will include an audit of all winning members past and present website activity. Therefore, it is important that you abide by our rules and Never attempt to game or cheat our website; and that your membership name and profile matches that which appears on your driver's license, passport or official identification. The Certified Public Accounting Firm will issue claim forms to all qualified members in the pool. Winnings will be distributed to all First Cabin members first, and then by the member's 'rank' on the pool roster.
How Can I Receive My Share If My Country Restricts Receiving Winnings From Outside the Country? Members who live outside the US will be given the option to pick up their share of the winnings directly. Whenever we set up a new pool, we estimate the number of members we anticipate will register in the pool and calculate the estimated winnings per entry.
Once the free lottery pool closes, we adjust the estimated winnings per share based upon the number of actual entries in the pool. 1: Your account has been disabled, or may be automatically deleted, because your email service provider has 'blocked' or has 'rejected' one or more of your Alerts. We work hard to keep this community website Spam Free and as Authentic and Transparent as possible. If you feel that there is a misunderstanding, please email Captain Dano on our Contact Us link on the bottom menu. Whenever a member enters a pool they are given an opportunity to predict their own sets of numbers (see My Picks #17). On the top of the Member Predictions Roster are the top 10 sets of the 60 most predicted numbers. These 60 numbers represent a ‘live’ compilation of the most frequently predicted numbers by all members currently registered in that pool.
Remember: In the event of a winning pool, you must be registered in that pool in order to share in the winnings. Note: You will not lose any Lucky Reward Points in your account balance by going on Vacation. First of all, we only ask for enough personal information (first & last name, age range, gender and city) so we can maintain the integrity of our demographic profiles and user data. Secondly, we keep all member information strictly confidential and never distribute or sell profile information. After you register into any Powerball, MegaMillions or SuperLotto pool, simply select your own set of 6 numbers.
Once the pool closes, your My Picks will appear next to your lucky username in both the Predictions Roster and the Official Pool Roster. To view your rank on the Pool Roster, simply login then click on the View Pool Roster & Results button and your pool rank number will automatically display next to the pool sponsor image.
Note: All My Picks Lucky Reward Point winners' points will be automatically added to your account balance. Important: After the official drawing results are posted to the Pool Roster, you must check your My Picks results on the pool roster to see if you are a Private Pool winner.
With daily opportunities to win over $11,000,000.00, FreeLotto is the ultimate destination for winning free money online!
The site is decently designed and there’s even a video in which an alleged winner is handed a $2 million check. Remember that it’s not difficult to design a website and even record a video of a woman receiving a million dollar check. We purchase our real Powerball & Megamillions tickets with Google Advertising revenue which is generated by website traffic. You will Never be asked for a credit card or to pay anything to join, participate or to share in any Jackpot winnings. The ads on our website are mainly Google Adsense advertisements as well as trusted sponsor advertisements. All you have to do is take a minute of your time to register into our free lottery pools as they open.
Unlike those free lotto sweepstakes sites, all of our tickets are scanned and posted to the website in advance of each drawing, so you can be confident the tickets and official results are authentic. Each time our members enter a pool they try to predict the official drawing results to win additional Lucky Reward Points to be used for second pool entries and for playing in our free casino. So, if you play the lottery now, you are significantly increasing your odds of winning thousands of dollars by playing in our free lottery pools.
Moreover, just like thousands of our loyal members, we also love playing the lottery for free!
You may also view all past Pool Rosters, Tickets and Results anytime by logging in and clicking the Ticket & Pool Room link found on the top red menu. You may request a copy of the actual tickets and official results to be automatically sent to you once the Official Results have been posted.
However, you will be given an opportunity to redeem a certain number of Lucky Reward Points for each additional entry into any particular pool.
For a second entry, simply click on the Red Play Now button after you are finished with your first entry. To see how many Lucky Reward Points you have, just click on My Account Status on the top red menu after you login. For a second entry, you will be given an opportunity to redeem a certain number of Lucky Reward Points for an additional entry into any Open pool. After you login, just click on Tell A Friend and you will receive your own link invite your friends and family to join My Free Lottery Pool. Once you have registered into a free lotto pool, enter your own picks for the official drawing, or select 'Quick Picks'. Each time you enter a pool, you are asked if you would like to place a bet that your picks will come closer to the official results than Captain Dano's picks.

Just click on the View Pool Roster Tickets & Results button located in the center on the homepage.
Once the official drawing results are posted, each member's prediction is highlighted depending upon how close they come to predicting the results. They are also used for advertising, website development and to help cover administrative costs to operate My Free Lottery Pool.
It also allows us to identify and remove those members who sign up and play under multiple accounts.
The reason why we require this information will be critical in the event of a winning jackpot. The firm will process all forms and handle all communications with the winning pool members, as well as distribute all winnings out of a Trust Account on a Best Method basis. All travel and accommodation costs will be arranged and purchased directly by the Certified Public Accounting firm and deducted from the individual's share of the winnings.
This means that the estimated winnings per entry can be higher or lower than our original estimate. If we determine that you are more than likely not a serious lottery player, or someone who is unwilling to fully participate in our pools, we will delete or reject your account.
Accounts either caught or 'suspected' of violating our RULES will be deleted without notice and permanently banned from our website.
We have to pay for our email alert service, so anyone who is not playing regularly will be deleted.
Any attempt to try and game, cheat, manipulate or defraud our website will not be tolerated. Consequently, we are compelled to delete accounts that do not return to our site on a regular basis.
You may be automatically deleted -without notice- if you do not participate regularly (at least 3 pools per week).
Simply notify Captain Dano that you would like to 'Take A Vacation" and the date that you would like to resume playing. It also helps to guard against those who would try to game our pools with multiple registrations. Every member who is playing on a regular bases should be receiving a New Pool Open Alert, unless you have already registered in the new pool when the New Pool Open Alerts are sent out, then the Alert will be automatically deactivated.
If you have opted in for the Pool Closing Reminder Alert, you should receive the reminder within 4- 6 hours of pool closing. The Official Results & Tickets Alerts are also optional at the time you register in the pool.
Then, once the official results are posted, all numbers that you correctly picked will be highlighted in red and your prize posted.
Specifically, when visitors and members click on advertisments found throughout our website, we receive a small commission. We earn Google 'click through' (CTR) advertising revenue which helps pays for our ticket purchases and ongoing website development whenever you visit our Google advertisers.
If you wish, we'll even deliver the official results and ticket images right to your inbox, for free! You can even wager lucky reward point bets with Captain Dano to see who comes closest to the official results.
All we ask is that you please play by our simple RULES and help us grow the site by inviting your family and friends to join.
We just keep playing with great patience and persistence while having fun in the hope that one day one of our free lottery pools will win and we will all share in a life changing Jackpot, for free! What we can promise is that each of our free lottery tickets will be genuine and should any one of them win a Jackpot, everybody who plays by our Simple Rules, will be paid their share of the winnings. The number of Lucky Reward Points that are redeemed for a second entry will be automatically deducted from your reward points balance. Depending upon how close you come to the official results, you can win Lucky Reward Points and participation in Captain Dano's Private Pools. All members will be responsible for their own country's applicable taxes, laws and regulations. The final estimate at closing also includes the number of double entries (members are allowed up to two entries per Powerball or MegaMillions pool). Also, if it's clear to us that you do not understand how this website is played, or that you haven't read through our How to Play and FAQ pages, we will delete your account. If you have already registered in the pool, then the Alert is automatically deactivated and you should Not receive the reminder. Your Picks will be automatically recorded and posted to the the Predictions Roster and the Official Pool Roster. To check to see if you are a winner, you will need to login to see what your Pool Rank number is and scroll to it to see the results.
If you ever experience any spam, or persistent pop up ads after visiting any of our advertisers, please let us know immediately. You will never be asked to purchase anything and we do not place cookies on your computer to track your browsing history, nor will you ever receive anything from us in your mailbox.
Remember, the more people who join and play, the more pools we'll be able to open and the more tickets we'll be able to purchase!
Whoever comes closer to picking the official drawing numbers wins!(Please see "My Bets" on the main menu for detailed information). We recommend that you chose the Confirmation Alert, but only as a precaution should we have a website malfunction.
We have zero tolerance for spam and want your experience on our website to be safe, fast and enjoyable.
Therefore; we reserve the right to deny membership to anyone for any reason, without notice.
If you return early, simply contact Captain Dano and let him know that you would like your account reactivated.

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