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The world is getting ever smaller, thanks in part to remarkable advances in technological communication over the past few decades. A Massive Online Open Course is a course offered for free by a university or educational institution to anybody with access to the Internet. The publicity and popularity of the Stanford course mentioned above spawned the creation of two dedicated online course platforms, Coursera and Udacity. Free online study from distinguished universities makes higher learning available to a whole range of people who once may have found it impossible to fit regular courses into their schedules or budgets. Like any university course, MOOC varies depending on the school that is hosting it, but a few factors remain constant.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Those who can take different types of data and visualize it in a way that helps provide clarity and insight are in demand.
A crash course in programming, this offering from Future Learn aims to teach the beginnings of Java, taking students through the basics of programming by modifying a small Java game (code provided) that can run on your desktop or your Android devices.Over the seven-week course starting June 1 , 2015 students will be introduced to the basic constructs of Java that are similar to many programming languages.
If you work in an SAP environment and have an interest in big data, OpenSAP offers this free online course and the name says it all.
This popular offering from Alison teaches you how to create videos, visual effects, motion graphics and animations, while you learn to use multimedia tools like, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, Audacity, Director MX and Adobe After Effects.
With the proliferation of the Web, online shopping and social media marketing, competition for organic search traffic has gone through the roof. Another MIT offering through edX, Building Mobile Experiences, looks at the foundation for building mobile experiences. Microsoft Virtual Academy offers a host of courses on mainly -- you guessed it -- Microsoft products.
Udacity got its start when Stanford University starting offering free computer classes in 2011.
Alison offers an array of free online technical courses covering everything from, building an online business, to C programming to several flavors of Adobe training. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a course entitled, Design and Development of Educational Technology via Edx, a service offering interactive online classes and MOOCs from some of the world's most distinguished universities. Mission to Learn is a destination for lifelong learners seeking resources for self-education and personal growth and development.
One of the most exciting movements to grace the globe is that of MOOC, or in layman’s terms, Massive Open Online Courses.
Although a fee may be required for educational acknowledgement, the MOOC movement is essentially offering free, first-class education from any number of distinguished organisations.

MIT responded with MITx, and Harvard released EDx, and the number of online course providers continues to grow. The course is scheduled, and enrollment is necessary before the commencement of term, which usually follows the academic calendar. What exactly lies in the future of this relatively young program is hard to tell, but the path forward can only be educational. The courses highlighted here are all free and are good examples of how the digital revolution is bringing education to the masses around the globe.At one time, universities and colleges were institutes of higher learning for those who were passionate about acquiring knowledge.
It's meant to be a first programming course, and as a result the focus is more so on understanding the concepts.
The course consists of video introductions, on-screen examples, Java game code, downloadable guides, articles and group discussions. The course, through use case examples, shows you how to find value in all the data being collected. Understanding your website's analytics can help you make better data-based decisions while at the same time improving the customer experience. Mobile app traffic accounted for 55 percent of Web usage, surpassing desktop to become the dominant percentage of internet traffic, illustrating the need for today's developer to become acquainted with the process, design and skills necessary to build the next "big thing."Based on a poplar MIT class that's been taught since 2006, Building Mobile Experiences' primary focus explores the analysis of mobile user behavior and the implementation of those findings in the design process. One of their more popular tech courses is, ABC IT - Computer Training Suite which teaches users the basics of computing.Altogether the e-learning provider reports more than 3 million have used its solutions to get educated and they offer more than 600 courses. Those who participate will get a foundation in basic coding and learn aspects of C programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.
We provide a continual stream of lifelong learning resources, news, and insights through our blog, podcast, and newsletter. A growing amount of well-known schools are jumping on board, including the prestigious Stanford University, who see the advent of their online department as a step in restructuring the face of the university to meet the needs of the imminent future. However, the event that made the movement really explode onto the world’s front page was the enrolment of over 160 000 students in an online artificial intelligence course offered by Stanford Professor Sebastian Thrun and Google Research Director Peter Norvig. Australia is no small contender in this game; Melbourne University, University of Queensland, and the University of Western Australia now also offer courses for online study. Some courses offer assessment based on peer reviews and collaboration, while others take a more traditional approach and call for set assessment pieces to be submitted online. For many Australians it offers an exciting opportunity for higher education that was previously unavailable. Today, education discussions tend to to center around how much individuals can make with their degree. In fact, according to recent data from Dice, big data skills rank highly among those most in demand by employers.This four-week free course offered by the University of Illinois through Coursera provides a foundation in elementary graphics programming, human perception and cognition, basic visualization, visualizing relationships and information.

There are no prerequisites and no advanced math skills are required so if you've ever wanted to learn how to code or are just interested in the simple intuitive programming syntax that Python offers now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn.This 10-week free course is offered from June 1st to August 9th 2015. The first week looks at how different companies found business success by acting on answers provided by big data. It requires overall roughly 10-15 hours of study and will teach you the basic techniques and tools used by graphic designers to create compelling content.
There is no cost to participate but you must use a Microsoft account and create an MVA profile. With Australians considered to be some of the most proficient Internet users in the world, this number will only continue to grow.
One characteristic of the newer MOOC courses is the predominance of a linear model, where students are presented with the course in designed chronology, rather picking and choosing what modules they wish to pursue.
Thanks to the Internet there are still places that offer open learning initiatives designed to help a new generation of technologists succeed. The course is offered from July 20th - August 15th, 2015 and requires roughly 4-6 hours per week of study time.
The remainder introduces the different SAP solutions and the parts they play in world of big data, enterprise deployment and SAP environments.This five- week course runs from June 23 to August 4, 2015. So much so that they've created this online learning center that offers courses to help you better use the hidden data located within your site. While there is some code writing required, the bulk of the course will be designing and evaluating what a "unique mobile experience" is.Students can pay to receive a verified certificate of achievement or audit the course for free and receive and Honor Code Certificate. Once you're logged in you can take courses or attend live events as well as build a learning plan and track progress towards your goals. In fact, Google recently partnered with Udacity to bring Android development to the masses.
If money was the only thing holding you back from learning more about technology, we've got good news for you. Individuals who access the courses for free get access to course materials, like instructor videos and project instructions.
Those who audit the course and achieve a satisfactory level of work will receive an Honor Code certificate.

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