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I mean look at softball, some players or coaches think of it as a game 2 be tough, hard, mean, competitive, rough, winners, haters. When you lose sight of that, there is no sense continuing to play, because it becomes a job.
You can take advantage of our free coaching tools and manage your softball practice plans online. It is one of the free coaching tools included in our suite of products TeamOnThree members have access to throughout volleyball season.

Just provide us with a name and email address and we’ll send a copy of your volleyball practice plan to each person. Its about being confident,having motivation, being inspiring, having passion, and lots more. And, if you own a smart-phone, you can use our mobile website to pull up your volleyball practice plan on your phone.
So have fun with wat u doing,like softball, well u do got to be competitive if u look at it at another way, well dat ain't the point, hav fun with wat u doing and live it.

We have thousands of coaches all over the world that use TeamOnThree to create, print, and share their volleyball practice plans online.

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