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We’re a sincere company with humble beginnings, and our people are the backbone of our business. Consulting responsibilities including Environmental Health and Safety Management to over 50 facilities. Consulting responsibilities include providing Environmental Health and Safety Management assistance to numerous facility operations. Provided environmental, health and safety consulting services for numerous clients, with our largest client being Alcoa. Performed EHS inspections, identified areas for improvement, developed comprehensive EHS action plans and assisted with the improvement, development and implementation of numerous environmental, health and safety programs. Participated as a Team Leader on Corporate EHS Audits to ensure that the international facilities were in compliance with Alcoa and European Union regulations.

While I love CrossFit it is no secret that with out some sort of training background you will not be completing CrossFit workouts on your own.
I would have loved to actually list a bunch of skills to give a better example in my mind map, but there are just too many routes you could go.
This portion you are looking at skills and techniques that are required to be good at what you want to do.
Example: When I first started working out I could not complete a dead hang pull-up to save my life. We began to gather in 1997, and have grown into a knowledgeable team with extensive skills and backgrounds. Typical services include EHS program development, EHS training, process development and implementation, project management, mentoring and auditing.

You may have to design some workout programs to get closer to being able to do CrossFit, or whatever you goal may be. Whether it was something, someone, an event, or anything make sure you keep that in mind and reference it when your motivation starts to dwindle.
If you cannot do the skill at all you need to start training by muscle group for strength and coordination.
A If you can do the skill, like running, then you need to run, but also plan on training muscle groups specific to running.

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