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So every year, the gaming press files into the E3 briefing, fondles their PlayStation pens, sets their PlayStation folders in their laps, and looks on expectantly as the figures fly. Of course, there were games presented and the PSP was formally introduced, but the bar graphs and bullet points defined the show, as always.
While initially not as aggressive as Microsoft in the online gaming arena, Sony has never had to play catch-up. Certainly, the PS2's past and present accomplishments are nothing to sniff at, but what's coming up on the horizon?
Gran Turismo 4 (November 2004): With the series selling 35 million copies so far, Gran Turismo 4 is potentially one of the best-selling titles this holiday season and into next year. If you've seen 2002's Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, the Ancient Greek setting and extendable weaponry might strike a familiar chord. This latest episode emphasizes camouflage, survival tactics, close-quarter combat, and slow, silent stealth. Final Fantasy XII (Q1 2005): XII is set in the world of Final Fantasy Tactics and reveals touches of Vagrant Story, but that's no surprise, since Yasumi Matsuno directed all three.
The story follows Vaan, a sky pirate diamond-in-the-rough (yes, I said "Vaan," not "Vyse") in his battles against the Archadians (. Of course, it could hardly be called a Final Fantasy game without 100+ hours of gameplay, a sweeping cinematic approach, and magic galore. The protagonist this time is Carl Johnson, who comes back to his old inner city neighborhood after his mother is brutally murdered.
As intense as the story can get, the technical achievements of the game demand attention in their own right.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will look much better and play more realistically than you might ever have thought possible.
Este fondo de pantalla llamado God of War 2 esta archivado en la(s) categoria(s) de Juegos por Webmaster y fue etiquetado con los Tags de: , este fondo de pantalla fue subido la fecha del octubre 31, 2009. You love her, you respect her, but you know that whenever you see her she's going to talk about the same exact thing she always talks about. This year, Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Kaz Hirai started the event with talk of ten-year lifecycles and wrapped it up with some very dry technical information on the Cell chip set and the super-advanced digital content creation environment being jointly develped for it by Sony, IBM, and Toshiba. Between the hardware bundles and the sale of individual units, 3 million network adaptors have been sold in North America since that peripheral's late-August 2002 release. But though the name alone would doubtless move hundreds of thousands of units, Sony and Polyphony Digital are working overtime to make the game a must-have in its own right.
God of War takes those dynamics and adds its own brand of puzzles, traps, and intense combo-heavy and context-sensitive combat with dual blade weapons attached to chains. Still, fans of cinematic games and British crime movies might find just what they're looking for.
The focus here is on intensity: soldiers pinned down in trenches, cities under siege, and attack from all angles by ruthless and adaptable enemies.

In EyeToy: AntiGrav, the player twists and turns in front of the camera to pull off moves and avoid obstacles. The booths were packed at E3, the movies are hot downloads all over the Net, and everything looks to be in order for another Konami blockbuster. The venerated series is taking a more action-oriented turn, scrapping the random battles but refining almost everything else.
What if we were to tell you that it was set in a world inspired by Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the 1990's? He gets sucked in to the life of crime he thought he escaped, thanks in part to a pair of crooked cops who frame him for murder. Carl can change hairstyles, get fat, form relationships, ride a bike, and swim out of a partially submerged car. Launched in North America on October 26, 2000, the console has been an incredible success, moving 25 million hardware units here and over 70 million worldwide.
Sure, the usual numbers are being pumped up: this installment boasts 500 fully customizable vehicles on about 100 hyper-realistic courses. The combat is frenetic at times, utilizing short- and long-range attacks and mythology-based magic system, including the use of Medusa's head and Zeus' lightning bolts. The setting and the performances are impressively detailed and additions like the ability to ride motorcycles take the gameplay up a notch.
Some of the challenge will be making sure Snake's camouflage fits the background and he hunts down enough chow (flayed tree viper, anyone?), but there will be plenty of opportunities to pick off foes with both handheld and emplaced weaponry.
What if we told you that the game world will be four or five times the size of its predecessors, with about 16,000 unique objects and buildings and the option to run a casino? Now he has to avoid the police - whose helicopter blades can be used to stop your car or chop you up - and ruthless gangs. Year after year, the company leads the pack in just about every category there is: hardware and software sales, biggest-selling titles, software-to-console ratios, installed base, demographics, etc. The PS2 owns 60% of the current-gen console pie in hardware and sits comfortably at the forefront of a burgeoning market that has been pulling in more money than the Hollywood box office for several years now and is poised to explode all over again.
Then there are things like the Photo Mode, which allows you to take pictures of your vehicle in different environments for on-screen slide shows and even printing.
There are multiple ways to interact with the environment and lots of plot twists to keep you interested on the way to one or more of the game's multiple endings.
There are four squad members from which to choose in this online title, and, of course, each has his special abilities and personality, from stealth warrior to human tank. On the software side, the PS2's projected 750 million total software shipments worldwide by the end of 2004 include plenty of multimillion sellers, with Gran Turismo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 3 each at about 6 million sold in North America alone. All in all, the game continues the series' tradition of appealing to car nuts everywhere - and selling like nobody's business. The former has sold about 2.5 million copies and the latter once drew 36,285 simultaneous users during peak hours.

The three members of Vaan's party usable at one time are issued orders independently, so you can have the characters good with ranged attacks hang back and do damage from afar or you can have everyone close in quickly and snuff out the enemy. The geography of the battlefield plays a role in how effective the attacks are, adding to the strategy. You can micromanage the battle, pausing the action and changing orders among the three party members or you can assign "gambits" to one or two of the party members.
Gambits, which you can buy or find as the game progresses, dictate the way the character approaches the battle, the strategies she favors.
However, Zeus and the gods plotted against him, stripping Kratos of his powers, and betrayed him in cold blood, sending him down to Hades (familiar territory to any God of War fan). Greek mythology was never this much fun!5) God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP, PS3)While nowhere near bad (actually it's quite good), the first portable God of War game had Kratos taking on monsters and men alike from the tyrannical Cerebus to other mythological beasts.
Players swam, climbed, assaulted enemies with the titular Chains of Olympus, and brought forth Hades upon Kratos's foes. The second PSP game is longer than the original, has multiple costumes to unlock, various goodies and treasure to grab, devious puzzles to wrap your brain around, and has incredible boss battles to partake in. How can the series get even better?3) God of War III (PS3)For the first time the God of War was in high-definition, and boy, was it ever impressive!
Who can forget fighting atop a humongous colossus, mashing buttons so our antihero doesn't get crushed between its enormous fingers? The set pieces were bigger and better, the action was more intense than ever, the puzzles were cleverer, and bosses like Hercules and Hades were challenges all to themselves. The addition of trophies meant players would desire beating the game on the most difficult setting possible, find all of the minotaur horns, phoenix feathers, and gorgon eyes, and defeat the challenges that the gods place before them.2) God of War (PS2, PS3)I knew I was playing something magical and incredible when I impaled a Hydra's head on the mast of a rain-soaked ship. The first installment of this engaging series introduced the tragic life of Kratos who slayed his wife and child thanks to the tricks of the sinister Ares, the God of War. Everything about this game is polished except for one particular and infamous spot in Hades.
From moving across an expansive chain in the sky to attacking a baddie with an axe and a wide temper, God of War II has the best puzzles, combat, and challenge of the series. Even the beginning of the game starts off with a bang as Kratos is closely and meticulously stalked by the Colossus of Rhodes throughout the opening level. This reason alone is why God of War II stands head and shoulders above other games in this illustrious and ultra-violent franchise.===Rank Up!
Share your thoughts in the comments section as well as suggest a game series for a future installment of Rank Up!

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