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Need something special for a football fanatic or cricket buff?  Or, how about a gift for the angler who’d rather catch his own fish supper? Get their eye on the ball with our extensive range of behind the scenes stadium tours including the home grounds of Arsenal , Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool.
Give them a thrill with a fast and furious day of horse racing or a fun night out at the greyhound track.
The Large Group Coaching Kits are designed to safely and effectively teach 16 – 48* new learners at one time. If you view the "Additional Images" you will see the only difference will be the length and color of the clubs you order. After agreeing to coach to the Providence High School Girls Golf Team, I quickly realized how important it is to be organized. I know it probably seems like common sense you need to be organized as a coach, but I didn’t realize to what degree. All this copy is by Michelle Huber, feel free to use, link, copy, and smile with all my copy! Adam’s golf career started as a junior at Pedham Place Golf Centre in 2006 when he was 12 years old.
Adam now plays on the PGA South Region Tour and was fortunate enough to gain his first win in 2014 along with a few top 10 finishes. Adam offers individual lessons for men and ladies but his main role is the junior coaching and he is currently teaching a number of schools at Pedham or at their school along with coaching the junior roll up’s every Saturday and Sunday. Cranfield Golf Academy is the largest group of academies in the UK and Europe and is the most sought-after coaching experience.  They believe there is a better golfer inside each of us.

The team of sincere, highly-trained golf coaches will provide you with innovative, yet simple, golf solutions. Steven Orr is an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and has been a full-time coach for 12 years and for the last 6 has held the post of Director of Coaching for Cranfield Golf Academies. Russell Evans is an Advanced PGA Professional and has been a full-time coach for over 7 years.
Michael Peregrin is a Class AA PGA Professional and has been coaching full-time for over 7 years. Kat Chaszczewski is a Class AA PGA Professional and has been coaching full time since joining Cranfield Golf Academy in September 2010. Or if football’s not their game how about a VIP tour of the Rugby grounds at Twickenham, a sneaky peak at Lords or a wander around Wimbledon?
The kit includes clubs, targets, training tools, balls, launch pads and a specially designed equipment carrier. Green clubs are the shortest (ages 5-7), then blue (ages 8-10), and red are the longest (ages 11+). As his handicap started to drop he was asked to play for Kent County Under 16s and competed with them for a number of years. The hallmark of a good golf coach is the ability to lead a pupil to improvements via their own answers, rather than imposing a series of ideas.
All they do is coach golf full-time, and that’s the difference with Cranfield Golf Academy. He is also an England Coach, PGA ?Tutor, and works for the R&A on various golf development projects around the world.

He is a Level 4 CGA coach, a Sussex County Coach and is currently working towards his advanced professional certificate (Level 3).
He is a Level 3 CGA coach and has trained in Vector putting, The Golf Athlete and Karl Morris’ Golfer’s Mind. Kat is also an England Golf Regional Manager, and Junior Organiser at Rustington Golf Centre. Enjoy the role model, mentor and coach you get to be for them as you learn the ropes of this endeavor! Adam has won several junior Opens and also won the club championship 2 years in a row at Pedham and also the mens championship when he was 18. Cranfield works on intuitive whole-body movements to form an efficient golf swing, rather than over-analytical segmented instruction. Russell has great passion and enjoys coaching a diversity of players with differing abilities. Michael coaches pupils of all ablities and ages and really enjoys running specialist golf clinics.
The only thing that differentiates the Coaching Kits is the size of the clubs they contain. There are three primary age groups you may choose from when ordering - ages 5-7, ages 8-10, and 11 to adult.

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