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Before understanding core competences you first need to understanding that a company need to have something that customers uniquely value if company want to make good profits.
The concept of core competency in management theory is originally advocated by two business authors and Gary Hamel and C. It must contribute significantly to the final consumer's experienced benefits and the value of the company product or service to its customers. Core competencies are those unique capabilities of a company that are critical to achieving competitive advantage.
Senior or top level management of a company cannot focus on all business activities and the competencies required undertaking them.
If a company is able to offer something uniquely good in its product or service, customers will want to choose its products and they will be willing to pay more for them. In simple words we can say that a Core Competency is a deep proficiency that enables a particular company to deliver unique value to customers.
I already mentioned above that Organizational Core Competency creates sustainable competitive advantage for a particular company and it also helps company to branch into a wide variety of related markets.
Pulling it all together, Understanding Core Competencies allows a particular company to invest in the strengths that differentiate it from rivals and set strategies that unify their entire organization.
Positive nursing communication skills with : the stroke patient, an angry family, Displaying empathy and compassion, A nurse story.
NURSING COMMUNICATION SKILLS POSITIVE AND NEGATIVELike it or not, every nurse engages in communication. When Communication Skills are LackingLinda is sleep deprived and has beenworking too much overtime.
Whether you are speaking or listening, looking into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing can make the interaction more successful.

Not only should one be able to speak effectively, one must listen to the other person’s words and engage in communication on what the other person is speaking about. Example of core competency of Daewoo (Bus Service) is their refreshment touch within the vehicle and in time departure as well as arrival. So the goal is for senior management to focus their attention on competencies that really affect competitive advantage. This is all incorporated in:- Assessment- Intervention- Documentation- EducationThese are just a few of the responsibilitiesof a nurse.
Take time each day to be aware of your opinions and feelings so you can adequately convey them to others. Communication skills can be practiced every day in settings that range from the social to the professional. Eye contact conveys interest and encourages your partner to be interested in you in return. An open stance with arms relaxed at your sides tells anyone around you that you are approachable and open to hearing what they have to say. Avoid the impulse to listen only for the end of their sentence so that you can blurt out the ideas or memories your mind while the other person is speaking.
The starting point for analyzing company core competencies is to recognizing that competition between different companies on the face of globe is as much a race for competence mastery as it is for market position and market power. Communications skills for the nurse is an essential part of a day's work.Good Communication SkillsAn ICU nurse is confronted with an angry family because of adying relative. The nurse also followsup later (per unit's policy) that medication has been effective.Wong Baker Faces Pain Scaleis one that is used for adults and children as young as 3 years of age. Individuals who are hesitant to speak because they do not feel their input would be worthwhile need not fear.

New skills take time to refine, but each time you use your communication skills, you open yourself to opportunities and future partnerships. If you have to deliver a negative message, make your words, facial expressions, and tone match the message. They said that a core competency is a specific factor that a company sees as central to the way the company or its employee work. The nurse takes the time to introduce herself,listen to their concerns and tells the other members of the medical team what their needs were. What is important or worthwhile to one person may not be to another and may be more so to someone else. This brought calm to the situation.On admission to the surgical floor, a nurse walks into the room,never introduces herself and begins her daily routine. The patient is discharged and calls to find outone week later, when to remove the hose.ERPoor communication in the ER - The triage nurse who did notfully communicate to the paramedics the patient capacity of theEmergency Room. The paramedics arrived to a full ER and hadto travel to another Emergency Room.ConclusionFinally, there are no easy answers. It is obvious that not everynurse will communicate to suit every patient, family or coworker.However, every attempt should be made to improve effectivecommunication skills.

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