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Improving communication skills can have a substantial impact on how well you do in your career. Without a doubt, good communication skills are among the most valuable life skills you can possess.
Good communication skills involve the ability to craft a message and transmit it clearly so that the recipient understands what you mean and, if appropriate, can act on that information.
Before you take this communication skills quiz let’s go over the basics: speaking, writing and listening skills.
In a great article, Mind Tools, an online platform that offers wonderful career tools, explains the eight elements involved in the communication process.
Encoding: The process of transferring the information in a form that can be decoded by the receiver. Feedback: It’s the information that comes back from your audience via verbal and nonverbal reactions. Understanding these different elements can be useful in identifying where there might be a breakdown in communication. In addition, dissecting the communication process can provide insights on how you could communicate more effectively. Learning how to communicate effectively in the workplace can be the difference between having a great career or a mediocre one. Over the past few years, there has been a substantial increase in communication methods (channels.) Yet there’s little in terms of instruction on how to update your communication skills to fit the various new modalities. Using informal language or an informal communication method to connect with a senior executive could be counterproductive.
It’s a fact that we all have different communication styles, and in general women have an altogether different style than men. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for women to have difficulty advancing in their careers due to the mere fact that they express themselves differently.
I’ve learned to keep my emotional responses to myself in order to avoid being labeled as an “emotional woman” or worse.

When someone talks to me I keep eye contact and I occasionally look away so as not to appear as if I’m staring at them.
I’ve been surprised more than once by my bosses saying I had done nothing to improve on a specific area they had supposedly brought up in a previous performance review.
When preparing a written communication I consider the audience and adjust my message accordingly. When someone at work has been awful to others or to me I don’t worry about how my reaction affects the relationship. Rather than let someone’s criticism of me make me upset, I frequently formulate a response in my head while they are making their point. When someone sends me an email I assume they know I will read it, so I only reply if there’s anything I need to say. Our favourite strap line is that the meaning of communication is the response that you get. Listen, wouldn’t it be great to improve confidence, remove confusion, have more focused meetings and know what the heck everybody is talking about? DIB Development is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and with a team of learning consultants covering the whole of the UK. Shattuckite is a stone of truth, wisdom and communication.Shattuckite aligns your life with truth. Mediums use this stone for channeling spirit communication and enhancing connection to the spirit realm. You may have great writing skills but not do so well when trying to convey your ideas in person.
For example, given the lack of context, misunderstandings often take place via email or text message.
If you notice that the lack of context often gets you in trouble, next time you could decide to provide more context in your written communications.
As a matter of fact, in most cases, good communication skills are more important than intelligence.

For instance, since the advent of text messaging, emoticons have replaced the non-verbal messages humans pass between each other during in-person interactions. Take the communication skills quiz now, and find out how great your communication skills are. Contact us for communication skills, certified NLP courses, team building, leadership and management, customer service, sales and behaviour change workshops or programmes. It also involves the ability to listen to other people’s messages and discern their meaning.
Or you may be able to communicate with large audiences but have trouble when it comes to listening skills.
As a rule, the moment you realize someone misinterprets something you said (mistaking humor for criticism, for instance) you should pick up the phone and clarify your intent.
The difficulty arises, however, when you are not aware of your own shortcomings— something we are hoping to solve by offering this communication skills quiz. But have you ever wondered if using a winky face on an email to a company executive is appropriate? With the results, you will receive additional ideas on how to communicate more effectively. Together we will make sure that every communication matches your business and makes sense for a total buy in.
A good communicator not only has the ability to express thoughts and ideas but also to listen carefully to the messages of others.
Context is easier established face-to-face where the other person can see your expression and gestures and perceive your tone of voice. Only that improving communication skills can contribute to your messages being decoded the way you intended.

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