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The Graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management will provide the knowledge and skill to progressively enhance the leadership and management skills necessary to successfully operate in the practice setting.A  It is envisaged that the Registered Nurse who undertakes this program of study will consolidate and advance their leadership and management competence to enable them to function in that capacity within a variety of complex situations. AdmissionRequirementsThe course will be available to registered nurses who have a previous nursing degree or equivalent and who have accumulated appropriate experience in a relevant discipline area.A  Applicants must be employed by the Health Department of Western Australia. More InformationThe course timetable will take into consideration the working requirements of the majority of individuals enrolling in the course.
The Certificate in Christian Leadership prepares the student for leadership positions in the corporate world. The Graduate Certificate in Benefits and Compensation prepares HR professionals to have a considerable impact on an organization's effectiveness by developing and retaining talent, formulating performance management systems, and designing competitive compensation plans. This 18-credit program is comprised of two required courses, followed by four elective courses from the M.S. The program can be completed fully online, or in a traditional classroom setting, or by blending a combination of the two formats. NYU School of Professional Studies faculty and staff members look forward to learning more about you, and we want you to learn more about us, to ensure that your decisions regarding your educational experience are well informed.
The Graduate Certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching provides the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of business coaching theory, methodology, and techniques. The curriculum is aligned with standards of the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching, of which the NYU School of Professional Studies is an institutional member.

This last full week of school has been a crazy one with final projects, papers, and meetings.
To showcase all of the work that I have put toward obtaining this leadership certificate, I was required to create a leadership portfolio. If you are interested in being one step ahead, I would highly suggest completing the leadership certificate. Opinions expressed in the blog do not necessarily reflect those of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information provided.
Courses focus on leading organizational change, developing servant leadership, and implementing a variety of management techniques.
The community within Liberty Online made me feel as though I was a part of something that was greater than myself. Seven new courses created specially for this certificate include critical topics such as retirement plans, variable pay, and executive compensation. Individuals who have earned this certificate can apply credits towards completion of the M.S.
This program may be submitted for review as coach-specific training hours when applying for an ICF (International Coach Federation) Credential via the ICF Portfolio Path. The curriculum is completely aligned with the competency model endorsed by WorldatWork (WAW), which is the certifying body for: the Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), the Certified Benefits Professional (CBP), the Global Remuneration Professional (GRP), the Work-Life Certified Professional (WLCP), the Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP) and the Certified Executive Compensation Professional (CECP).

I have been working toward this day for the past two years by attending I-Programs and workshops, meeting with my leadership coach, taking leadership classes, and applying these skills to my personal experiences. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity; you can’t get leadership training like this anywhere else. It is great to see my hard work pay off and know that I am one step closer to becoming a teacher and hopefully school administrator! I took this portfolio very seriously because it will eventually be a part of my professional portfolio when I start applying for jobs. If you are not interested in the certificate or minor program, you can still attend workshops and I-Programs offered by the Leadership Center. Students who earn this graduate certificate may apply for advanced standing if accepted into the master's program. She is always there to give me advice and help me work through my challenges even if they are not related to the leadership certificate.

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