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In recession Britain we need as much good news as we can get so sharing in his success this weekend is as welcome as saying goodbye to the recent rains and floods. Cycling is perfect if you have a weak pelvic floor or pelvic organ prolapse (POP) – because it isn't a weight-bearing exercise, and your body is supported.
Cycling is good for your heart – cycle 20 miles a week and you’ll reduce the chance of suffering heart problems by half. We love you Bradley – but you can keep your drop handle bars and your razor sharp bike seat. As we celebrate the spectacle that is the Olympic Games, let’s spare a thought for the sacrifices of these dedicated, focussed and driven young women. Urinary incontinence is frequent among young childless women who practice physical activities and sports.
By highlighting urinary incontinence problems amongst elite athletes it helps to make these young women and their coaches aware of the problem and gain a greater understanding of their bodies. Sadly for 1 in 4 of our female Olympians results indicate that urinary incontinence early in life is a strong predictor of urine incontinence later in life too.
Are former female elite athletes more likely to experience urinary incontinence later in life than non-athletes?
An innovative pharmaceutical company in India has just launched a vagina tightening cream, claiming it can make women feel "like a virgin" again. Airing on national TV the ’18 Again’ Bollywood style advert shows a young woman dancing with her husband and singing ‘I feel like a virgin again’ watched on by shocked and curious relative. Dr Nisreen Nakhoda, a GP in India who advises on sexual health is sceptical about how 18 Again can actually work. With a Kegel8 you can achieve vaginal rejuvenation and a ‘designer vagina’ within weeks in the safest way possible – no creams necessary – and enjoy the results of a stronger, healthier pelvic floor for the rest of your life. India needs Kegel8 to make women strong and healthy for loving, having babies and living - maybe we should we launch in India. I’m a kind of ‘half full’ woman rather than ‘half empty’ and I have a positive attitude towards life. I did not want to have surgery so for the past two years I have embarked on pelvic floor exercises and a biofeedback device to help locate and effectively strengthen my muscles.
Most of the time I feel as though I need to go to the toilet, it feels like an uncomfortable bulge, but I have learned to live with it. I have found that using the Kegel8 Ultra on the prolapse programme helps me to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, I use it in the morning (vaginally) and this seems to stimulate a natural bowel movement – which is a real plus for me. If you happened to see the Lorraine show on ITV this morning you might just realise how important pelvic health can be especially after seeing Dr Hilary’s Secret Surgery. According to the Show some 84% of women who responded to their survey have a bladder weakness problem and while some may opt for a medical solution, a great many will want to find an alternative to surgery.
Pelvic Floor Exercises are the first line treatment for a weak pelvic floor as recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) but we all know these muscles are notoriously difficult to locate let alone exercise. Known as the Pelvic Brace, or bracing the pelvic floor, this simple technique can help you to keep dry from those awful sneeze and laughter leaks and protect your pelvic floor too – especially if you have prolapsed and you know your pelvic floor is particularly weak.
Contract your pelvic floor when you feel a sneeze building – as you do when you perform a kegel exercise so that the excessive pressure won’t catch those fast twitch fibres napping and leave you wet. By bracing your pelvic floor you are helping to support your pelvic organs, this is vital not only if you have a weak pelvic floor and suffer with wetness, but also if you have prolapsed organs or have had surgery. Great new too that The Cardiff University Common Cold Centre have said results from their clinical studies prove that Echinacea can reduce colds by 26% also taking it can also reduce the duration of the cold  - this could really help your pelvic floor this winter! Vitamin D is known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, it is a steroid vitamin, which encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous within your body. If your Vitamin D levels are good your diet will be more successful than if you are deficient in this super natural-wonder. A Group of 40 women suffering with period pain and low levels of vitamin D were given either a single dose of vitamin D five days before the start of their menstrual period or a placebo. Health professional recommend that any supplement be taken with care, and ideally you should test your Vitamin D levels first to see if you have a deficiency first before using high doses of Vitamin D.
A Daily Mail Article featuring Mark Slack, a consultant urogynaecologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge seems to have prompted some very painful comments from women about the mesh TVT operation in particular – here’s just a taster. Elaine in Glasgow says ‘It is worrying that Dr Slack and others play down the risks associated with TVT devices. Dinkydo in Farnborough comments ‘I bet they don't tell the unsuspecting patient of the all the explants they are doing!!
This really is the last taboo Justine, and we here at Kegel8 try to do our best to educate and inform women of options and to try to instil in them that like brushing your teeth, pelvic floor exercises are a vital part of looking after your body and need to be done daily.
At Kegel8 we have women who come to us for advice and buy our products because they can't get appointments with physiotherapists. One in every 4 women suffers bladder weakness and one in 10 of those will also develop faecal incontinence.
We at Kegel8 don't like to use the word 'incontinence' because it's just not sexy and conjures up pictures of 'old smelly women' - but that just isn't the case!
Surgery is the right option for some women but many of these procedures are temporary but women are rarely told this. Even in the depths of a recession we are seeing record sales as more and more women are looking to strengthen their bodies - women who are unwilling to put up with 'laughter leaks', reduced sexual sensation and a loose pelvic floor.
And of course, a healthy pelvic floor is an orgasmic pelvic floor, so let's hear it for those women looking after themselves and having better leak free sex than ever before.
This is the week that the makers of Bodyform pads scored a massive PR hit with a spoof complaint on its Facebook page. Puzzled 'boyfriend' Richard Neill posted a comment on the Facebook page of Bodyform on 8 October, explaining how confused he was after seeing their adverts for their period panty pads.
Richard says that as a boy he watched jolly, carefree women cavorting along the beach and hurling themselves out of airplanes, having 'blue water' periods that gave them fun-sounding 'wings', all to the soundtrack of the raunchy 'Woah Bodyform' theme song.
Bodyform responds to Richards facebook post with a 2 minute film from 'boss' Caroline Williams who proceeds to tell Richard exactly how it is. As an aside Bodyform Panty Pad manufacturers spend a whopping ?25 million pounds a year on advertising - this is one occasion when an ad has gone viral - over 2 million hits on You Tube to date, for very little cost.
Fibroids are small tumours that grow in or on the wall of the womb, the number and size can vary - fibroids are not cancerous but they do cause a lot of discomfort including heavy periods, painful periods and irregular periods.
It is estimated that as many as 3 out of 4 women have uterine fibroids sometime during their lives and whilst some women do experience pelvic pain with fibroids, many do not even realise they have them.
However if fibroids press on other pelvic organs, such as the bladder or bowel you may experience problems of incontinence and faecal incontinence. Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) a non-surgical procedure that deprives fibroids of their blood supply so they shrink in size. Aerobic exercises are a wonderful total body workout that can tremendously benefit every part of the body. Aerobics workout for weight loss isn’t very rigid but allows flexibility when it comes to the intensity of the workout.

Fat is indeed one of the essential elements of body, but excess accumulation of fat makes you overweight and obese.
Excess of blood sugar leads to serious consequences and therefore, must be kept under control. While doing aerobics (or any physical exercise), the proteins present in the muscles are broken down and used as energy. Known by different names like water aerobics, waterobics, aqua fitness, aquatic fitness and aquafit etc, aqua aerobics is the type of aerobics you perform under water (mostly in swimming pools). Buoyancy and water resistance are two main factors that give aqua aerobics its extra special benefits.
Water aerobics for weight loss is mostly done in gyms where there is a swimming pool facility. Dance Aerobics or Dance Cardio is one of the hot favorites among fitness workouts these days. Dance aerobics classes are choreographed in such a way that all the participants dance and have fun doing it. Step aerobics is performed with elevated boards or platforms, which are used to step up and down. The rapid step movements are very effective in burning calories and fat, resulting in the loss of extra weight. Millions of people across the world today are becoming more and more conscious of their overall health.
If you are looking for specific benefits like shedding some extra belly fat and toning your legs and buttocks; you need to select the proper type of aerobics. Madhavi is a senior editor at UrbanWired with deep love and passion for all things health, wellness, fitness and fashion. Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment. Signup to get the most important weekly news roundup from across the web about Health, Wellness & Fitness.
Hopefully the combination of ‘Bradley-cycle-mania’, good weather and visions of those uber-fit Olympians will trickle down to us couch potatoes and trigger a whole new wave of cycling activity.
A recent study looking into menopause and stress incontinence found that it wasn’t menopause itself that caused bladder weakness it was the weight gained during menopause that caused the incontinence. Bike seats have been shown to cause erection problems in men and it seems that we females are not immune either.
It seems that high-impact sport that demands maximum effort increases the risk factor for developing urinary incontinence. In a recent  study, 156 athletes with an average age of just 19.9 years responded to the questionnaire - 28% reported losing urine during their sporting activity. Once they are aware of the tell-tale signs of a weak pelvic floor they can learn to strengthen where they need it most. The company says it is a triumph for women and will help to empower them by ‘rejuvenating and tightening’. Originally it was written in Sanskrit the literary language of ancient India, probably in North India so an instant ‘virginification’ cream should not raise eyebrows; however seems that the India of today is very conservative.
No cream can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and prevent incontinence and prolapse so let’s hear it for Kegel8. I have suffered with IBS for 20 years and two years ago I was diagnosed as having anal mucosal lining prolapse (a form of rectal prolapse) - that one was a tough one to smile though – the thought of my rectum descending out of my anus was both terrifying and shocking.
My anal sphincter muscle is strong (that’s the bit that keep the poo in) but I have trouble passing a motion and need to be careful not to strain and this is not helped by my weakened pelvic floor possibly following a hysterectomy.
I have found that using a Femmeze does help me to pass a motion (I call it my poo-stick), it is better than gloving up and manually adjusting the prolapse.
I hope this helps other sufferers and lets them know that surgery is not always the only option, and I know for some it is not an option, but strengthening my body and learning to handle my conditions has really helped me to understand more about my body and get on with life.
The fast twitch fibres of your pelvic floor are the ones that contract quickly to keep in your urine, wind and poo – you need to exercise these by performing fast kegel exercises – usually squeeze and lift for 1 or 2 seconds and relax for 1 or 2 seconds – go on – try it now! What’s more important is a recent trial they found that higher levels of vitamin D predicted a greater loss of abdominal fat. So does that mean we don’t have to Kegel exercise for the rest of lives and we can just drop a Vitamin D tablet? A good multivitamin or mineral with added Vitamin D could be the answer to helping your pelvic floor, diet and period pains all in one! Whilst we congratulate The Daily Mail for featuring this article about the taboo and un-sexy subject of prolapse, bladder weakness and adult incontinence - thats urine and possibly faecal incontinence too. We also have women who have suffered for years with light bladder weakness'- the occasional drop here and there.  They don't realise that this is a warning sign that the pelvic floor is weak and pelvic organs could prolapse. For example, 25% of female college varsity athletes lose urine when doing provocative exercise, and most do not consider it a problem; indeed, most experts would agree that these young women do not have a major health problem.
It is thought that oestrogen stimulates the growth of fibroids and menopausal women seldom suffer with condition.
As added pressure is applied to your bladder by the fibroids the potential for suffering with urinary incontinence, or the loss of bladder control, as well as the possibility of frequent urination increases.
Supplements used to naturally reduce the growth of fibroids, include garlic, L-arginine and extracts of shiitake or maitake mushrooms.
Also popularly known as ‘Cardio’, aerobics serves as a holistic exercise and plays a significant role in maintaining health. For example, you can begin with a light intensity aerobic workout for a short duration and increase it to a moderate intensity or high intensity workout, for longer durations later.
It yields fruitful results, which are not just linked to one aspect of life, but overall health and happiness.
There are various ways to control blood sugar but aerobic exercises are one of the best and most popular ways of reducing or controlling blood sugar. It has been observed that while one does aerobic exercises, a chemical substance called endorphins is released by the body. Under the guidance of the instructor, you can easily learn breathing, floating, walking, bouncing and gradually stretching your abs, legs and waist. It is a full body workout, which means you target all areas of your body during this workout.
Along with lots fun, step aerobics tones your legs and provides lots of physical balance, flexibility and endurance.
It is therefore necessary to educate and inform oneself before undertaking any form of aerobics.
You may be overburdened by your duties and responsibilities but it is worth remembering that health must never be compromised. She is a master's graduate in human resource management but fell in love with healthy living.
It’s about time too, because a recent OECD report found Britain has the highest rates of overweight and obesity in the EU – making us almost as fat as our American counterparts.An impressive 27 million of us here in the UK own bikes – no-doubt that figure is rising rapidly following Bradley's success – however, many of us just don’t use them.

In a recent Yale study women cyclists (compared to runners) reported less genital sensation - now as many of us know, a weak pelvic floor and POP can also reduce intimate sensation and this is just what we don’t need to hear. Stress urinary incontinence is the most common form of bladder weakness for elite athletes. We need to make sure that our next generation of female Olympians do not suffer through ignorance and embarrassment. Whilst some critics feel that the cream could give younger women an inferiority complex the debate rages on about Indian women preserving their virginity before marriage, double standards (men are not expected to) and the pressures that young women are under. I do not want to endure further surgery and do my best to tackle this with diet – lots of flax seeds, exercise and healthy living. It’s not always as easy as you think but these are vital for minimising accidents and further pelvic damage. That’s the hard-to-rid-of ‘fat around the middle’ that is detrimental to your pelvic floor and your health!
Not exactly, kegel exercise should be like brushing your teeth – something you do twice daily without fail!
We wanted them to know that surgery is not the only option - as 1000's of Kegel8 users already know! Surgery merely treats the symptoms (leaking urine or faeces) - and that's great - ask any woman who's has a successful TVT op and she'll be delighted - but many TVT operations fail after 9 -18 months, because the pelvic floor is not supporting the organs properly and their symptoms will return.
Fibroids can range from the size of a walnut to larger than a grapefruit and they grow and shrink according to hormone levels.
Not only can this cause a great deal of pelvic pain and discomfort, but it can also be embarrassing.
Other helpful nutritional supplements that can possibly help to shrink uterine fibroids include coenzyme Q10, zinc, vitamin A and C. Ideally, when one does aerobics for weight loss, it should be performed at moderate speeds, so that you can burn a good amount of calories and not get exhausted.
For example, dancing makes your limbs stretch and makes them extremely lean, so you can build a leaner and more flexible physique by performing aerobics regularly.
Once you learn the basic exercises, you can then learn to workout with different equipments as well. It is a well known fact that the people who are overweight burn more calories when they start doing water aerobics. The confluence of traditional aerobic movements and dance create a wonderful effect and speeds up the process of weight loss. Apart from weight loss, there are several other benefits like, cardiovascular conditioning, enhanced stamina and toning of muscles. It is considered to be an excellent workout for weight loss at home as you neither need any expensive equipment, nor too much space. Be it dance aerobics, step aerobics or water aerobics for weight loss; all bring you several benefits in different ways.
Given how uninformed people were about personal health, fitness and fashion; she felt compelled to educate, enlighten and entertain the average joe and jane around the globe. We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website. We want to be fit, we want to be healthy with a strong pelvic floor and by-goodness – we want that sexy-sensation back again! How can this be when these women are slim, super-fit and in peak condition, many training for hours every day? I have found that as I have understood more about my IBS, my prolapse and pelvic floor seem better, I feel stronger mentally for tackling this too! People that attend aerobics for weight loss classes enjoy the choreographed workout because it is fun and easy to do. Walking, running, jogging, cycling, dancing and swimming are all considered to be aerobics that help with weight loss. Water Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Jog and Zumba are some different and popular forms of Aqua Aerobics. Step Aerobics is one of the simplest aerobics for weight loss and many gyms offer this facility. The Yale researchers found that if we lean forward, flatten our back and put our hands on the “drop bars” for an aerodynamic position we put more pressure on our perineum and this causes the problem.
Intense physical exertion exaggerates intra-abdominal pressure with a possible overload on the pelvic organs forcing them downwards. The involvement of music and dance in aerobics helps you to work out tirelessly for 45 minutes to one hour on a regular basis.
Aerobic exercises strengthen the blood carrying arteries and the muscles of the heart, thereby increasing the blood flow in your body.
Blood sugar is the fuel for muscles and it is a proven fact that aerobics burns more blood sugar than any other activity or exercise. Aerobics can increase the anabolic (muscle building) and reduce the catabolic (muscle breakdown) effect of muscle tissues.
The combined effects of rhythmic coordination of dance moves and aerobics help improve flexibility and gracefulness in the body. Prolonged exposure to pressure at this level can injure the supporting muscles of the pelvic organs. Pumping of blood in and out of the heart goes on without any break and the intensity of the pumping increases with the escalation in physical activity.
Dance aerobics also strengthens the memory, as one has to remember several steps and sequences. Aerobic exercises empower the lungs, muscles of the heart and ventricles (hollow part or cavity in an organ).
Moreover, because dance is usually done in groups, it renders an opportunity to be more social and adds more engagement in your life. Larger seats offer more support so you can sit on all three ‘sit’ bones (tripod) and seats with a hollowed out centre takes the pressure off your perineum completely.Therapist Tasha Mulligan, on the Prolapse Health Forum says ‘Riding my bike requires me to hinge at the hips and reach forward with my arms in perfect posture to lift "everything" by drawing all the connective tissue and fascial supports taught, as you are required to keep your chest up and head up when riding. When the lungs supply sufficient oxygen to heart, it in turn pumps blood, oxygen and other essential nutrients to the organs, tissues and muscles.
Aerobics strengthens the whole system of blood circulation and as a result enhances your stamina to a higher level.
Knowing that you should aim to be riding with pressure on your "tripod", often a middle depression or cut out will decrease the friction up front on your pubic bone.’Let us know how you get on (not literally) with the bike riding and let’s see if we get fit and strong together!

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