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When you're out cruising for critters, it's always a good idea to have a trustworthy companion riding shotgun.
Attention men with red flannel shirts: you're just one paper towel purchase away from a great costume. This is the greatest thing we've seen since The Onion's "Che Guevara wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt" T-shirt.
No-cook banana pudding made with instant vanilla pudding mix, condensed milk and whipped topping. Handpicked recipes, party ideas, how-to articles and cooking tips—with gorgeous, full-page photos to inspire you.

Ice cream sandwich cake is made by layering ice cream sandwiches with hot fudge topping, caramel topping, and whipped topping for a decadent and crowd-pleasing dessert that will be requested for every gathering.
Apples are softened in the microwave then baked in a sweet batter in this easy and quick dessert. For this wonderful trifle, chocolate cake is cubed and doused with coffee liqueur, and then it's covered with chocolate pudding, crumbled candy bars and whipped topping.
Sure, you could do your sister a favor and fill that seat with your goofy brother-in-law, or you could pack serious heat and bag the big ones when it matters most.
So, give ‘riding shotgun' a whole new meaning with the Great Day Quick-Draw Gun Rack.The Quick-Draw Gun rack lets you carry your guns in the cab, safely and securely.

It fits most pickup cabs in a ‘stand alone' fashion, mounting your guns right where you can grab ‘em. Multiple position angles make for quick access, and you can mount the Great Day Quick-Draw Gun Rack and still maximize passenger space.Your front seat gun rack securely holds two rifles, shotguns or muzzleloaders in a soft, cushioned cradle. Sturdy Velcro straps conform to the exact size of the guns' stock or forearm, so they stay secure, without disturbing sight and scope settings.

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