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This article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not be taken as a part of the Harry Potter universe. The video game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was released on 15 November, 2002 and published by Electronic Arts. Different versions of this game were produced for the different platforms it was released for. Lee Jordan (commentating only), is the commentator for Quidditch and is good friends with Fred and George Weasley. Alohomora (all versions except GBC and PS1): unlocks mechanical locks, including those found on doors and locked chests.
Skurge (all versions except PS1): clears Ectoplasm (an "unpleasant greenish substance left behind by certain ghostly beings", in the words of Professor Flitwick) out of doorways and off floors. Expelliarmus (all versions except GBA): in wizard duels, deflects spells cast by the opponent.
Diffindo (all versions except GBC, GBA and PS1): "dead-heads" Venomous Tentaculas and Spiky Bushes, Diffindo (PC version) may be used to sever certain vines, ropes, spider webs, and hanging tapestries. Verdimillious (GBC and PS1): this spell is used in duelling and shoots green sparks at the opponent, and Harry already knows this spell at the beginning of the game (GBC), or unveils hidden platforms (pretty much the same as Lumos in the PC version) and Harry learns it on a private Defence Against the Darks Arts Class (PS1).
Informous (GBC): adds a brief description and the opponent's weaknesses and strengths to the Folio Bruti.
Harry also learns, in Potions, how to make a Wiggenweld Potion, which replenishes his stamina after he's been injured. Harry doesn't break his arm during Quidditch in the PC or home console versions, whereas he does so in the book, film, GBC and PS1 versions. Ron doesn't go into the Forbidden Forest with Harry in any of the games except the GBC and PS1 version.
The Whomping Willow is always located in the Forbidden Forest in all games except the GBC, GBA and PS1 version.
Hermione gets petrified after the Forbidden Forest scene in the games, rather than beforehand, as in the film and book. In all the games except the GBC version, Harry has to use Gryffindor's sword to fire lightning or magical energy at the Basilisk, while in the book and movie, he simply kills it by stabbing the sword into the Basilisk's mouth. The PS1 version of Hogwarts is nearly the same like it was in its predecessor, however, most locations were moved, changed, or disabled (like in Entrance Hall's two rooms - one of them contains a secret). In the computer game for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, there is a background character named Marilyn who is a Hufflepuff that collects curious objects.
In the PC, MAC, Xbox, GC, and PS2 games, Ron states that the Ford Anglia is parked in Charing Cross Road. In the PC game, even if Slytherin had the most house points at the end of the year, they would still be disqualified.
In the GBA version, Harry has to sneak into Filch's office to take a map though it isn't mentioned until the sequel the Prisoner of Azkaban, it can be assumed this is not the real Marauder's Map due to not showing the locations of subjects around Hogwarts. In the PC version of Chamber of Secrets, the serpent is not green, but purple (the same trait is in the GBC version), and attacks by spraying a purple stream of venom which Harry must dodge. The outside routes are also altered in that there exists a "warp coding", as when the player takes a set pathway leading one of four locations (the Qudditch Stadium, Hagrid's Hut, Flying Grounds and the Herbology greenhouses), the screen will fade to black and teleport Harry in an instant short notice instead, as opposed to manually walking to the location throughout the way on foot.

Unlike the previous game's console versions, this game's wizard card sets are more consistent with each playthrough, as the objectives for obtaining each card stay the same, and only certain set cards can have an extra copy to allow trading with certain NPC students for other specific cards. In the GBA version, it's possible to access a cheat menu with all sorts of debugs available. In the PS2 version, as soon as the player receives Expelliarmus, it is possible to use the spell to deflect the Locomotor Mortis spells from prefects at night to leave them surprised and shocked, all while giving Harry the chance to flee. Prefects on the PS2 also can be stunned much more from a Flipendo spell cast at them repeatedly, even at close range (though if not careful, they may still get to cast Locomotor Mortis).
Also in the console versions, it is possible to catch and deflect spells not only cast by prefects in the PS2 version, but it's also possible to do so on one's own backfired spell. In the GBC version of the game, in the part where Harry, Ron and Lockhart are in the Chamber of Secrets, there is an amazing stunt. This is a screenshot of a copyrighted website, video game graphic, computer program graphic, television broadcast, or film.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. The Harry Potter games have been very popular, just like everything else that carries the Harry Potter name.
MVP BaseballPopular CD-RomMVP Baseball 2004 wins the pennant for realistic baseball action. Bass StrikePopular ProductPractice your Bass Fishing techniques and compete on 7 detailed lakes modeled after real-world locations with more than 100 lures to choose from. If you can find it, dust off your Game Boy Color and buy yourself a pair of fresh Duracells because there's a new cartridge in town.
You may be looking for the novel, the film, the soundtrack, game soundtrack or the location. In the PS2, GameCube and Xbox versions, Harry also has to find Ginny's quill, brass scales and spellotape in Diagon Alley.
In the home console versions he gets trapped behind a tapestry, and Harry has to find the Diffindo spell in order to free him.
While normally absent from a good part of the game, he features prominently in a cut scene in which he tells Harry that he does not think that Harry is the Heir of Slytherin.
Known for being unusually strict, he is usually to be found in the dungeons, near his classroom. She teaches a flying lesson in an outside lawn area, and thereafter is always found there during the day if Harry wants to try to improve his score on the flight training course. He calls Harry to his first Quidditch practice of the year, and thereafter is always found at the Quidditch stadium during the day if Harry wants to try to improve his practice time for catching the Golden Snitch. Percy can be found in the Gryffindor Tower study room at night; he does not like to be disturbed, and will throw Harry out of the room if he catches him.
Used to light torches, clear away spider webs, and in combat against spiders and fire crabs. It is learned in Charms Class (GBA), or Harry already knows the spell at the start of the game (PS1). As an inside joke, in the next adaptation for Chamber of Secrets, there is another extra, Arthur, who is stated to be Marilyn's younger brother and shares her strange hobby. This is a real London street and the location in the Harry Potter universe of the Leaky Cauldron. However, this is only possible in the PS2 version, as the Xbox and GameCube versions lack the deducting of points from Slytherin house despite the dialogue for it being kept in.

If Harry loses the fight against the Basilisk, the chamber starts to collapse as Harry falls, and Riddle, while brimming with power, speaks in Voldemort's voice: "I have returned. After failing to kill Harry from the mouth of Slytherin's statue, the snake pops from grating in the floor to try and bite or spray the young wizard. The original PS2 version's graphics are carried over to the console versions of Philosopher's Stone. This can also apply to the Merwyn the Malicious card, only since it is received from the Library, it can be "cloned" during the day or the night (and for that card, the player must know Incendio first in order to access the room that contains its chest). This only works on Flipendo and Incendio however, as the other projectile spells will pass through. When the 3 fight in a magical encounter and lose it, the screen resumes to Harry on the other side of the snakeskin and when you move on to the Chamber of Secrets, you still have Ron and Lockhart in the group and during the fighting of the Basilisk, Ron joins Harry and Fawkes in battling the monster and later Lockhart is said to have lost his memory without his backfiring Memory Charm having happened. It is believed that screenshots may be exhibited on Harry Potter Wiki under the fair use provision of United States copyright law. Featuring Quidditch matches, magical duels and other wizard-world mini-games, the game allows for multi-player magical encounters with the denizens of Hogwarts, and more collecting of Famous Witches and Wizard Cards.
They have a very minor role in the computer version (they set up the bean trading system seen throughout the school and grounds), but in the home console versions, they give Harry a refresher on the Flipendo spell, teach him how to toss gnomes, and once back at Hogwarts, they open a shop in Gryffindor Tower where Harry can purchase items like Stink Pellets and Dungbombs, Famous Witches and Wizards cards, and the Alohomora spellbook. He is also in the clip where Harry (in the figure of Goyle) is in the Slytherin Dungeon to talk with Draco. In the computer game, if Harry gets caught in the Slytherin common room while sneaking out, Snape shows up and punishes him. Also in that version, she isn't seen very often because Harry doesn't have any Transfiguration classes.
He also is in charge of the Duelling Club, and accompanies Harry and Ron into the Chamber (excluding the home console and GBA versions).
This is also the first and only game in which he is shown to have a "napping place" and the ability to shrink.
The diary is destroyed during the showdown in the Chamber of Secrets and Riddle is destroyed with it.
The only appearance that Dobby makes in the PC version is in a cutscene at the very start in which he warns Harry not to go to Hogwarts.
Press the Delete key next to the help key, then move to beyond the door usually leading into the Gryffindor Tower's dormitories, then press the Delete key again, the level will then load.
When it is killed, it simply falls on Riddle's diary, presumably burying its fangs in the book and destroying it.
Note that this only works in the aforementioned PS2 version, as that possibility was not carried over to the Xbox and GameCube versions. In the case of the former, it moves rather fast so tight timing to activate the charm is needed. In the console versions, the shop is only open at night and on the last day before entering the Great Hall. Also, in the PS1 version, this spell doesn't deflect other spells, but disarms the opponent and puts an end to the duel. And what better way to celebrate such a triumphant gaming history than with everyone's favourite consumer icon and merchandise mogul Harry Potter.

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