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When it comes to weight issues, nothing is as delicate as the relationship between mothers and daughters. Having learned a bit about nutrition rather late in life, I am a tad sensitive about what my grown daughter and her daughter are doing because I want to spare them my hard learned truths.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Even now as I write this post I want to stop because I am not going to be able to get it all down. I was chubby,  but since my own mother struggled with her weight too, she always approached my weight with understanding.  Once we even joined  Weight Watchers together- I think I was fifteen.

They are both active and eat a wide variety of foods and I can only hope that they become more savvy about the marketing of the junk that is in the markets and the quality of what is the best for their consumption. But I think it’s worth talking about so I’ll get a few of my thoughts in and let you do the rest. I do intervene when they are about to put a third helping on their plate but only in terms of portion size and good health. Be good to yourself and enjoy who you are- that’s the best example we could give our kids. Post pregnancy,metabolic issues created the opposite problem and it is only now that I have seen any changes but now I deal with Type 2 as a result.
I am not talking about health and trying to instill good eating habits, promoting exercise and all that good stuff.

Not necessarilyy by being a perfect weight and eating all the right foods all the time but rather by not hating myself when I was heavier and not leaping for joy when I fit into my favorite jeans. Please help me to focus on being more like you and resist any temptations of the devil that come my way today.

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