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Each week for 12 weeks you’ll receive a training module to go through at your own pace.
Expertise is nothing without the transformational coaching skills to actually help your clients change. Situational questions to help clients with relationships, finding their purpose, money, career, health, and more! Optimizing energy and reducing stress is crucial in achieving goals and being the best you can be. Using music therapy to help your clients achieve goals-increasing focus, sleeping, enhancing mood, etc.
Living your purpose and pursuing a calling has many health and energy benefits-learn how to help clients do just that! Just for a moment I want you to think about sitting down to have a session with your very first coaching client using only the skills you have today. This process helps you transition seamlessly from practice coach to professional (paid) coach. Coaching is a multi-billion dollar per year industry, yet the majority of new certified coaches never take on their first paying client. When you’re starting any type of business it requires growth and mindset work on your part. We meet twice per month for a high-level mastermind so you can connect with others, ask any questions you have, conduct in-class coaching sessions, and get the laser coaching you need to break through any obstacles or limiting beliefs that pop up while starting your business. Your program includes 4 months access to our Mastermind so you have support during and after the 90 days. The course provides skills, resources, and tools that may be used in many areas of life to help clients with a variety of problems.
As a Physician Assistant, I appreciate Brandi’s simple and effective nutritional and wellness tips that help my patients make better choices. As an individual who has always had a love for learning, maintained a 4.0 GPA in grad school, and developed sales training curriculum for a living, I did a lot of research to find a coaching program that would meet my expectations. By offering a quick and effective way to get out there and make a name for myself, I landed four clients before graduation! Brandi has the gift of putting the marketing and business modules into a fun and creative mind set. Landed 5 Clients Before Graduation + Filled Her Practice Within 6 Months and Hired an Assistant. Brandi, I just wanted to share with you that my coaching business is booming! I presented in front of 2 offices today (15 members on the panel) and explained how my life coaching would benefit their clients.
Are you looking for powerful, effective coaching and healing tools, including spiritual life coach certification online training?Are you interested in deepening your abilities and confidence to help yourself and others to experience profound spiritual transformation?And, depending on the your direction you choose, you can make a a part- or full-time successful living from it.
Course Starts June 7, 2016Call (805) 931-0129 or click here to speak with us and find out about early-bird registration savings and how to get started now. This telecourse includes EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) a premier healing technique, recognized worldwide for its ease of use and extraordinary effectiveness.You will learn tested methods, tools and knowledge. Although there are other trainings, this one uniquely combines holistic life coaching with energy healing and EFT. The Holistic Coaching and EFT Healing Telecourse Certification is open to anyone who wants deeper personal and professional transformation. Some people start to work with clients even during the course, so there can be a quick turnaround on their investment, which will continue to multiply over time.
Since 1994, we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) have reached thousands of people through our popular books on EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology and personal growth, and our classes, certification trainings and personal consultations. We are also the co-founders of Awakenings Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to people's spiritual growth and heart-centered success.
You can get consistent results helping yourself and others?You will be able to easily integrate a deep understanding of holistic life coaching and healing, along with taking effective actionYou will have a powerful toolbox of soul-based approaches.
Without actively seeking them out, I’ve had two opportunities for teaching and retreat leadership opportunities, which will likely lead to more. We find that most people learn more effectively by having weekly short classes (75 minutes), rather than a large training in one weekend or more. The calls are conducted through a telephone bridge line which you can access from anywhere in the world. Twice a week you call in to a special telephone bridge line: one time for a class and the next time a follow-up teleab (about 70 minutes each). You will gain access to an information-rich Class Resource Page, with valuable information and instructions on how to optimize the program. Each week we allot time to answer specific questions about the weekly material, plus any other areas where you want specific support.
Other training programs can be quite impersonal, where you don't have direct and easy access to the lead trainers and creators of the program.In other words, you get your questions answered during and after class time.

The program is carefully organized around three themes: life purpose, manifestation, and success principles. Once a month there is a week off, to give you a break and extra time to review or catch up if needed. You are preparing for your client or your employee and looking over your notes on their issues and as before, you see that they have failed to make changes even after you spoke with them about the importance of meeting their goals.
The Wholistic Life Coach & Mentor Skills Training focuses on how to better coach and mentor others to greater health, well-being, and personal and professional satisfaction.
Basically, you will have a skill set where everyone who has a problem, a frustration, or an issue they wish to address is your client. Coaching and mentoring skills, applied with the understanding of personality dynamics, are used to motivate, inspire and engage others to achieve their highest possible expression in their lives, whether personally or professionally, that they might not have thought possible. This course is for participants who already help others to improve their personal and professional productivity or who wish to assist others in setting and achieving goals.
Learn powerful personality frameworks, skills, and insights for dealing with the 4 different types of clients who express different needs when identifying and working with life changes. BONUS #1: Lackner McLennan Insurance has approved coverage to include Wholistic Life Coaches with their complementary healthcare program. BONUS #2: If you have a residential address in the US and with membership in NAMASTA, this life coaching training is available for liability insurance coverage with their insurer. After two decades this empowering work has evolved into the 1st Authentic Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality called the HuMethod™. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The training consists of a lecture (available in video and mP3 to suit your learning style) and handouts. We are bombarded with environmental toxins and chemicals that cause low energy, a poor outlook on life, fatigue, weight gain, and stress. Many of our students start taking on paying clients during their program, before they even graduate or complete certification requirements. Successful coaches invest in high-level masterminds so they can be around other coaches and also can be mentored by someone who not only has good coaching skills, but who has turned those coaching skills into a successful business. This way, you can implement the business pieces right away, so you can start enrolling clients as soon as possible. Students may also choose 1 niche specialty certification based on how they choose to use the skills they learn. The fact she offers strategies that are easy for anyone to implement is important so that people are actually able to make changes and improve their health. The marketing modules have shown me how to increase my pipeline and I now have the potential to close 10 more within the next 30 days! Brandi did a fabulous job providing us with information and resources we need to be successful coaches.  We not only walk away with a certification, but with a plan to run a business effectively. And what's more, it will deepen your connection with your soul's inner wisdom.It's tested, practical and gives you a roadmap to develop your full potential and live at a deeper level. Over the years, people from all walks of life take the training: business people, traditional and alternative healthcare providers, educators, human service professionals and anyone else who want to empower themselves and transform others. Personal and Spiritual Growth — bottom line, everyone who takes this program has profound transformations, going deeper into their personal journey, life purpose and expanded consciousness. Create or Expand a Practice — whether as a coach or holistic practitioner, from a traditional or holistic approach, a conventional or alternative healthcare field. Compliment what you are currently doing — whether as a business person, healthcare provider, teacher, housewife or other area. For those interested in using this program with clients or business, the training can directly lead to a small to considerable income.
These will serve you well to deal with a wide variety of situations and the challenging cases that come up.You will be able to right away apply the tools and knowledge you learn into your daily life and to help others and build a profitable business if you choose.
The program serves as a vehicle for soul development.Because of the holistic training and the deep spiritual growth that occurs, the program is akin to a 21st century spiritual development school. We also limit the class size (15-20 students), so you get the attention you need to progress at the pace that is right for you.
This hands-on approach makes a big difference.Your life purpose will be more fully realized, with the invaluable support of like-minded peers. Anyone who wishes to gain more objectivity or to keep on track and focused, whether a staff member, a current client, colleague, friend, or family member, at whatever age or stage in life they are, can benefit financially as well as personally from this training. These skills, when applied in a coaching context, help to increase your staff or client retention dramatically by demonstrating a deep interest in their outcomes. In 30 days or less you’ll feel confident in sitting down with anyone (with any problem) and coaching them to success. Stress plays a huge part in disease, but fortunately can be significantly reduced by eliminating environmental factors, learning to have healthier relationships, and feeling a sense of contribution by pursuing a life with purpose.

Then, you listen to others coach via recordings provided to you in your student center (and practice sessions during live calls). As a coach, you must walk your talk by being coachable and getting the coaching you need yourself.
Students who wish to take this course as a personal development program for themselves or to add skills to their resume (and don’t want to take on clients), will simply have a little less to do each week.
This gives you the opportunity to tailor your certificate based on your needs and what resonates with your clients. I share the wellness and nutritional tips I learn with my students and patients on a regular basis. Granted it’s always scary to make a large investment towards entrepreneur education especially in this economy, but I’ve learned to trust Brandi and everything she offers.
For full healing and growth, you will learn step-by-step, in a hands-on spiritual approach. We have continued to add and improve all the tools and knowledge to optimize the ease and depth of learning.This unique program is a vehicle for accelerated s?piritual development, as well as professional development, along with a holistic support community.
But through this work I’ve been able to release limiting beliefs about what I could be and began opening up to the dreams which were always there – waiting for me to “wake up” to them.
In turn, these key areas can be used for a variety of niches and specialities to help others. Transformational Coaching Mastery will give you the tools to help people with their health, relationships, purpose, self-care, career, and holistic life situations.
No matter what type of coaching you do, having foundational nutritional information is critical. Our goal is not just to create coaches who are great at coaching and never get clients, but to provide students with the support they need to start a business.
Brandi is a living example of what it looks like to live your purpose, on purpose, and she truly inspires me to share my purpose with the world. The wealth of knowledge I took away from the program has impacted my life in so many positive ways. I feel exhilarated!!!!!” *Within 6 months of graduating LaDena was coaching full time, having to put clients on a waiting list, and hired an assistant!
I come to coaching with a degree in counseling, so I feel like my view of the big picture might be a bit different than some folks. It provides structure to an area that is traditionally quite ethereal and difficult to put into meaningful processes. Clients can’t achieve their goals and operate at peak performance without feeding their bodies right. In this semester, you’ll learn to help clients develop exercise routines and make simple lifestyle changes that will help them achieve optimal energy so they feel like living the life they were created for! Now, what if I told you by the end of 90 days you would be excited to have your first session?
And finally, a mentor listens to you coach and gives you feedback so you know which simple tweaks to make so you can go from good coach to great coach fast. I felt completely comfortable with asking any question and confident that I would receive the best answer! The trust and honesty during the coaching sessions was uplifting and truly feels like family.
I wanted to balance my freedom to practice in a creative way with a strong desire to practice ethically and with professionalism.This made finding a program that was a fit for me a bit difficult.
We understand there is a mind-body connection, but did you know there is also a body-mind connection?
What if I said you would be completely confident in your skills, knowing that whatever comes up in the session you’ll be able to handle?
She enrolled 6 mastermind clients before graduation and the course paid for itself before it was over!
I wanted to be proud of being a coach, not like I was settling for coaching in lieu of a counseling license. The program has literally ignited the light within -- it's for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of who we really are and what we are here to do. What you fuel your body with has a huge impact on your mood, mindset, and attitude towards life. These courses are the bridge into the bigger picture for those who have an awareness that there's more to life than meets the eye.
If you wish you had a skill-set that would help in dealing with such problems or if you are one of those people that everyone comes to for advice, the Wholistic Life Coach and Mentor Skills Training is for you.

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