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When selecting a degree program in hotel and restaurant management, it's important to identify your ultimate goal in the hospitality industry.
Choosing the best hotel and restaurant management program requires identifying your preferences regarding program content, structure, and location. When deciding between hotel and restaurant management programs, consider your specific area of interest in the industry. The degree offerings in the field of hotel and restaurant management range from an associate‚Äôs degree to a doctorate. Reputation and structure of the hotel and restaurant management program are also important considerations. Choosing the best program in hotel and restaurant management also requires assessing costs and geographic location. From 6 months - Certificate, 1 or 2 years - Diploma, Bachelors, to Masters and PG Degree, the institute has everything to offer. GSIHM has more than 40 years’ experience in India in the field of student and corporate trainings.
We welcome students both for undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduates (PG, Master, MBA) levels and programs. Students experience working in the international team and challenges of the multicultural communications. The institute being based in Mumbai and Goa, India, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world itself explains how relevant we are to what we teach. Classes in the five-star hotel facilities, personalized service and intensive academic support both from Indian and international staff is to maximize the learning experience. Mumbai campus offers leveraged opportunities and great facilities like well equipped kitchen, modern restaurant, well stocked library, housekeeping lab, bakery and confectionary, computer lab. An affordable education, with fees less than anywhere in the world which offer similar education.

A place with a very big international tourist market, hence opening up employment opportunities. Degree types, specialization topics, and program reputation are all important factors to consider. If your goal is to have international options in the field, choose a program that offers courses in cross-cultural communication and international business. When deciding on an ideal program, choose a school that allows you to complete your ultimate academic goal.
A reputable university will generally have connections in the industry that may assist your summer job search and career planning upon graduation. What separates our institute from the rest is the importance we give to practical trainings along with maintaining the standards of theoretical academics. We provide internationally recognized and authorized by Government of India diploma from the State Open Universities. The professional team of Indian and international teachers performs academic program combined with internship in the five-star hotels.
With an increasing international tourist inflow in Goa, the institute takes up the initiative to expand it’s course availability to international students. We are targeting the personal attention to each student, thanks to an indivi dual approach and small class sizes. Identifying your ideal job in the industry at the outset will assist in choosing a program that gives you adequate preparation. Large hotel management training should have a strong focus on event management and community engagement.
If you want to earn a doctorate in hotel and restaurant management, you might choose a university that offers a PhD program so that all courses of study at each degree level will count toward your ultimate degree. Universities with career counseling offices, campus placement events, and job fairs will be an asset when you are ready to work in the field.

Universities offering grants and extensive financial aid guidance will help to ease financial stress.
We have a 20%-80% theory to practical system, where the students are enrolled in theoretical study for a semester and Industrial internships in the other. Vijay Mandhyan is to bring a change in the educational system by emphasizing more on practical knowledge and experience on job training.
If program and transportation costs are an issue, the availability of online classes, lower tuition, and financial assistance will be important. Managing a hotel in a resort area will require study of advanced classes in travel and tourism. When planning to complete each degree level at a different university, research various programs to ensure that all credit hours and degrees are transferable. Whether the degree program is structured on a quarterly or semester basis may also be an important factor.
The option of online classes may also be appealing if you must work part-time or full-time and want to save on transportation costs and time.
If you want to work as a restaurant manager for a large chain of hotels, the ideal program will offer advanced courses in food systems management.
If accustomed to a longer semester system, for example, you might find that a quarterly system moves too quickly.

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