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Imagine having a rewarding, high paying job coaching people to achieve success in their work, relationships and life. People use life coaches for the same reason that they use sports coaches: they want someone to work with them, to encourage them, to push them. Other people want a life coach to assist them in achieving a more rewarding job, better relationships, more free time, or to improve some other life area.
Likewise, successful companies (such as Kodak, IBM and Marriott) hire corporate coaches to help employees achieve greater success in a variety of areas. If you would like to be paid to coach people, the FabJob Guide to Become a Life Coach is for you! To give you insider advice on how to get started as a life coach, the author of this FabJob guide interviewed numerous experts including psychology professors at various universities, instructors at coach training schools, and administrators at the International Coach Federation. Where to get low-cost coaching instruments, including tests to measure stress, leadership, personality, coping, time management, etc.
Links to the information you need about business matters affecting life coaches including licenses, legal structures, etc. The information in this guide can save you many hours of research, help you avoid costly mistakes, and give you information you need to become a life coach.
SPECIAL OFFER # 2: Although this guide has previously been available only as an e-book you can get a print copy together with a CD-ROM that includes sample checklists, forms, and more. Only a very limited number of copies of this popular guide have been published in print, and are available on a first come first served basis.
You can earn back the price of the guide many times over with your very first life coaching client. We are so confident that this guide can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a refund if you decide within 30 days of purchase that you are not satisfied with the information contained in the guide. We are so confident this FabJob e-book can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a full refund if you tell us within 60 days that you are not happy with your purchase.
I received the Life Coaching Guide and am so impressed with how complete it was and all the areas it covered. As someone who has trained and certified coaches for many years, I know quality information when I see it. Several years ago when I was searching for my life passion, I kept bumping into two careers that intrigued me — counseling and life coaching. In speaking with my friends and family, I got a lot of encouragement to become a counselor or licensed clinical social worker.
But the more I explored both career options, the more convinced I became that becoming a life coach (or personal coach) was the best path for me. But the time and education factor did provide enough of a roadblock to push me to look around at other options.
First, I really liked the coaching model that emphasizes putting the client in charge of their progress, with the life coach serving as a challenger, accountability partner, and cheerleader.
Also, people who work with life coaches are generally proactive, emotionally healthy individuals who desire to do something better with their lives and take forward-moving actions. And because of my lifestyle with kids still at home, the coaching model allowed tons of flexibility, as most coaches work from home and generally offer coaching sessions by telephone. Coaching satisfied my calling to help other people, and combined it with my natural abilities including active listening skills, empathy, discernment, intuitive insight, and good communication skills. Once I landed on life coaching as a possible profession, I had to figure out how to become one. Unlike counseling, coaching is not a licensed profession, which means anyone can say they’re a coach and start a practice.
However, there is an accrediting association for coaching schools, The International Coach Federation (ICF), which holds their member schools to certain professional standards of excellence. Although there are many great coaches who’ve never been to coaching school per se, for me getting professional education and certification in coaching from an accredited institution was extremely valuable and important. If you are considering becoming a coach and want to investigate coach-specific training, I’d definitely begin with the ICF website which lists all of their accredited training schools around the world. I ultimately decided on Coach U, one of the oldest and most highly-regarded training programs.
If you want a checklist for self-publishing your bestseller then click here to check out our 46-point guide. In my experience, the main difference is that there’s less of a stigma working with a coach than with a counselor. I would love to use this platform to become a motivational speaker as my second step and fist becoming a life coach. Barrie is a bestselling author with 10 books and counting, and teaches others how to publish and market their books at Authority Pub Academy. There are certain professional and personal qualifications needed to become a successful life coach.
Coach Ayisha2 Comments No One’s Life Is Perfect….
Coach Ayisha1 Comment Introduction to How to Become a Life Coach Would you like to learn how to become a life coach? Coach Ayisha0 Comments How to Become a Certified Life Coach Step 1 – The first step in learning how to become a certified life coach is to first decide if you really want to become a life coach. Coach Ayisha2 Comments When many people think about becoming a life coach, they feel that they would be perfect for the job because they are good listeners. Coach Ayisha3 Comments How to Be a Life Coach I’ve received several request over the years asking for the exact stages of how to be a life coach. Coach Ayisha3 Comments Types of Coaches and Coaching Certifications In the coaching industry, there are two types of Coaches: Personal Coaches where you are designated Personal Coaching Certifications Business Coaches where you are designated Business Coaching Certifications Under each type of Coach are different coaching niches.

Now I feel empowered to use the tools I learned in this program to assist clients in solving their own life challenges.The Universal Coach Institute training has been so valuable to me as a business woman and teacher. One of the best of the life coach tips I was given for getting past the challenge of initiating and running a session is to prepare for coaching by getting “into state” with a ritual of some kind. Develop your ritual using whatever practice works for you to get in a peak state for coaching. There are two critical life coach tips to foil the fear that can keep you from starting every coaching session feeling confident in your role of coach.
To learn more about how to generate an endless wave of high paying coaching clients, get your FREE Instant Access to our “Life Coaching Business Blueprint” video toolkit when you go HERE.
Life skills are fundamental skills that are needed to lead a happy, productive life in society.
October 10, 2011 by Dana Bosley 3 Comments Are you thinking you would like to become a life skills coach?
They help people learn not only essential and practical things on how to live a productive life, but they also help to create a sense of balance and stability in their client’s life.
One particularly scary situation for a new coach happens in your head as least as often as it happens in reality, and that’s the “What on earth do I say now?” scenario. SPECIAL BONUS — If you would like step-by-step blueprints for generating a massive income from high paying coaching clients, I invite you to claim your FREE ACCESS to the “Life Coach Salary Secrets” video toolkit.
As a life coach you will help people identify what is holding them back from having everything they want in business or life, and coach them to overcome those challenges. Senior executives, for example, often want the unbiased feedback a coach will give them through executive coaching. They may have difficulty setting goals or finding the courage to do what they want instead of what others expect of them. For example, as a relationship coach, you might work with married couples, gay couples, singles who are seeking a partner, or anyone else who wants the guidance a coach can give to improve relationships.
In addition to executive coaching, many corporate coaches get paid thousands of dollars a day for leading training programs to help employees reduce burnout, improve customer service, get along with co-workers, and maximize performance. In this e-book you will discover how you can get started and succeed in this rewarding career. The previous edition sold out, so if you would like to have a print copy, we strongly suggest that you purchase it immediately.
And this guide can help you get hired as a coach or start your own life coaching business much more quickly and cost-effectively. Focusing on popular careers that don't require a college degree, a FabJob guide can save you many hours of research, help you avoid some costly mistakes, and give you the competitive edge you need to get started and succeed in your dream career.
But once it landed in my field of awareness, I started reading about coaching everywhere, hearing coaches (like Martha Beck) on television, and seeing ads for life coaches in local magazines. That certainly fit my personality type, and I’d talked for years about going back to school to get my graduate degree.
And as a mom of three kids all living at home at the time, I knew it would take several years to complete the undergraduate and graduate work required just to begin a practice. Had counseling turned out to be my ultimate calling, I would have happily gone back to school and put in the time and work. Coaching really isn’t the right helping profession for those going through emotional turmoil, grief, or mental illness.
And believe me, there’s more information on the internet about coaching than one could digest in a lifetime. And anyone can start a coach training program without jumping through any professional or government hoops. The ICF is internally-recognized and attending an ICF accredited school adds a level of professional credibility to coaches. And you can learn more about the various levels of credentialing and types of coaches (personal, executive, health and wellness, career, business, etc.). The training was extensive and invaluable, as I both learned the necessary and very specific skills of coaching, but also was given the tools and information I needed to begin a coaching practice.
Well, if you are intrigued by this post and the idea of coaching, that’s a great place to start. As a Life Coach you will come across several information which you will have to analyze and draw conclusions from. You should be confident enough in yourself to be able to make the coaching conversation “all about the client.” It’s not about you!
There are new things happening every minute and you, as a life coach, have to be familiar with the changes around you. I’ve moved in both worlds for a long time, being a professional counselor with a masters degree for the past 22 years, as well as doing lots of online and offline coaching. For many, going to counseling implies illness and embarrassment, while coaching is about working on a specific area.
That said, there are some really good coaches out there without a professional counseling background.
In the last two months I’ve just started on both health coaching a life coaching programmes with two different schools. She is a certified coach, and online teacher with several online courses on finding your passion, building confidence, and creating good habits.
A successful coach needs to be objective and to view the client through a non-subjective lens. Being observant goes along with being a good listener – part of listening is to observe body language, notice a change in tone, and take in everything that is happening with the client. This may sound trivial to some, but there are far too many coaches out there who neglect this part of their business.

Here’s the stages of getting your life coach certification and starting a coaching business. However, you should be content and be at your best when coaching others and you should be at your best before the coaching session Here are 5 steps to be your best self Step 1 – Forgiving yourself is the 1st step to being your best self. Receiving a life coach certification online is ideal and great for anyone that is interested in becoming a certified life coach.
I’ve run my own vocational school for the past eight years and work one on one with private clients. Sooey 1 Comment When you’re new to coaching, a few key life coach tips can feel like having a life vest on when you are about to go overboard in a stormy sea.
You can use visualizations of particularly successful coaching experiences, real or imagined, or other times when you felt powerful, strong, successful, etc. Remind yourself, perhaps as part of your getting into state, that the sessions you are about to coach are not about you. Sooey Leave a Comment I keep a little list of life coach tips posted on the wall in my office. It dovetails very nicely with the “What if I’m not good enough?” concern so prevalent among new coaches in particular. If you are truly committed you won’t let anything, including your fear, get in the way.
If you’ve been paying attention to what your client has been saying, the right words will come through you. The FabJob Guide to Become a Life Coach contains some of the best career advice you could get from other sources, plus much more. Bureau of Labor Statistics, competition is expected to remain keen in the consulting industry through the year 2016. Coaching schools seem to be everywhere, and it’s hard to know the standards for what makes a reputable school.
The ICF also has established a respected Code of Ethics for certified members who must pledge to uphold these ethical standards. I agree a lot of it depends on the motivation of the client, but it hasn’t been my experience that people who seek out coaches are generally more motivated.
Coaches merely act as guides; they help clients create a road map to their objectives or locate a pathway to their goals. But today I decided to create post dedicated to teaching the step by step process each stage. In the past I would take the students and clients problems home with me and it really weighed me down. You can ask yourself a set of questions that remind you what you are grateful about, what you are excited about, what you love, or whatever will give you positive feelings. As part of my coaching ritual I always include these words: “This session is for my client. This is a second way to give your subconscious mind the message that it doesn’t need to worry about you. If you find yourself getting freaked out either by not knowing what to say or by the fear that you won’t know what to say, do you remember what you need to remember?
Advice is sometimes given, but as long as it is not in the form of a command or an instruction. Clients are opening their hearts and souls to you, and you must reciprocate this vulnerability with good listening habits.
People with the “gift” care less about their own success than they do about the success of their clients.
Now I feel empowered to use the tools I learned in this program to assist them in solving their own life challenges and finding healthy solutions. The best ways to get past this and start strong on all your sessions are life coach tips that I was lucky enough to get early on in my training, and I want to pass them along to you. You can use a power move—a move or gesture you make when you feel your most strong, your most sure, your most powerful, to anchor in those feelings.
My stuff stays completely out of it.” Use my words or put the thought in your own words, but one of the best life coach tips is to say it out loud.
But it helped me out a lot in the past when I got in a panic on a call because I didn’t know what to do next.
A good listener is not someone who is waiting to respond; a good listener takes in everything the client says before formulating a response.
Clients, potential clients, and peers will often base their opinion of your coaching services on how promptly and professionally you reply to their messages or inquiries. You will find that those two sentences entirely change how you feel about what you are about to do. Do you ever find yourself in that situation?Maybe my list of life coach tips will help you out sometime.
The other six traits can be taught, but this trait may actually be one you need to be possess.
I knew UCI was the right one because I’ve been in prayer about becoming a transformational leader. And I must say, after going through the program and applying the coaching techniques in my own life, I truly have become more self-aware of what I really want to accomplish.

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