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There is plenty of money to spend by Premier League clubs,  with the current ?3B TV deal running out next summer, and the new even bigger deal of ?5.1B starting at that time for the next three years.
Newcastle have finally started to spend some of the money we are making from the PL, but we also saw smaller clubs like Crystal Palace spend around ?21.5M net in the summer. So just like a rising tide lifts all boats, the increasing money available in the Premier League should improve the squads of all the Premier League clubs, with the emphasis on should. What we witnessed in the summer transfer window were some of the top six clubs in England paying out massive fees for some players, who didn’t seem to be worth the money,  and in some cases it looked like it was even a competition as to who could spend the most of the top clubs in England. Angel Di Maria was sold to PSG for ?44M this summer so that’s a loss of over ?15M in one year by the Red Devils on just one player. Most people would think those clubs overpaid for those players, and they were not worth that much, but we were extremely happy to see the top clubs seemingly wasting a lot of their money by overpaying in the transfer market. But if they continue to spend huge amounts on their players, the smaller clubs by some savvy and wise spending  can create (very) good sides who could then challenge them in the Premier League. We have seen that over the last two years with Southampton and Swansea, and this year even Crystal Palace (that big club Sissoko wants to join?) have brought in some good players. Palace beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last time out, and they are now second top of the league to Manchester City at the moment. So it could be that the big money in the Premier League over the next few years, rather than favoring the big clubs, can actually make the competition even stronger with clubs like Newcastle spending money wisely and building up a very good squad.
That could happen if the top six clubs continue to waste their money advantage, by grossly overspending on their players. Notice that Newcastle sold very few players in the window,  so we kept some experience in the squad. Routledge should be in the squad as well, not just because he plays for swans, he done well since he joined the club.
It seems if you want to be competitive in the PL with the TV deal in place then you need to spend more than ?38M which is the average spend by a club this summer! Please discover water polo or something – you offer nothing to an English soccer blog you ignorant Scandinavian twerp.
I would say myself the children of england are the very same type of children as those seen in USA.
They do manage to perform very well at indivigual sports like athletics where only that person himself needs to make the effort and the attitude (i’m the best) especially helps there.

I think the best way to become competitive in the league would be to really commit to finding and developing young local talent.
Strangely Dok I was going to mention the fact that the USA contributors although they have no soccer tradition seem more au fait with footy than Jesper. It’s not just defined to the main team, you also get lots of U21 putting club before country as well.
I was just stating that there are a lot of ppl here who are as fanatical about the game as you over there.. There’s no player in the England squad is in the same league as bale, apart from shelvey. One of the big things with keepers is that very few can kick well either from the deck or from the hands.
I love the Queen but I’m dyslexic and don’t believe in dog, I still love my national anthem though !
I can’t stand the way that that commentator gets excited whenever Rooney has an effort on goal: ROOOOONEEEEE! So how is that caterwalling (maybe that’s right in the states) against everyone and blog bullying .
In honor of two dedicated Newcastle fans, who lost their lives supporting Newcastle United, when their passenger jet was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday July 17th, 2014 by rebels, as they were traveling to support the team in New Zealand.
The good news last week was that after more blood tests my PSA count is still undetectable, which means the prostate cancer is still under control, and there is no trace of it in the body. Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux give you a nice insight when they interview referee boss Mike Riley, Training & Development manager Roy Oliver, psychologist Liam Slack, Performance Director Howard Webb and many more. And if you prefer reading some important quotes to get a better idea of what to expect, just scroll down below the video. My name is Jan ter Harmsel, amateur referee in The Netherlands and author of Dutch Referee Blog. Former Liverpool forward Luis Garcia is urging his old club to take a leap of faith and become the first Premier League club to play a match in India. Premier League champions Leicester City could be on the verge of breaking into the top 20 richest clubs in the world following their title triumph, according to financial experts.
The Foxes were crowned champions on Monday night when Tottenham Hotspur drew 2-2 with Chelsea, meaning they were seven points clear of the north Londoners with just two games left to play.

Their triumph, having been 5000-1 outsiders at the start of the season, could well see them become one of the top 20 richest clubs in the world with added revenue from their finish in the top flight and their participation in the Champions League.
It had previously been suggested Leicester will earn ?150 million through winning the Premier League title. A growth in the fanbase will also add more marketing revenue in terms of sales of products worldwide and even a greater clamour for matchday tickets. Tim Bridge of Deloitte expects them to enter the top 20 bracket in the coming future should they enjoy a relatively successful Premier League campaign while remaining competitive in the Champions League. Rob Wilson, a financial expert for Sheffield Hallam University, has also predicted that the Foxes may earn an additional ?50 million from their participation in the Champions League, even if they failed to make it to the knockout stages. If you see a comment not adhering to rules 1 & 2 please email [email protected] and this comment will be reviewed by a member of the Squawka editorial team.
This comment section is here to let football fans talk about football, not to allow people to sell or push products. You must not insert links to websites or submit content which would be an infringement of copyright. Please respect these rules when commenting on Squawka News; people will disagree from time to time but please try to see each other's point of view before getting all worked up, that helps no one. I think that some may be surprised in a few years in respect of football (soccer) in the US -bearing in mind it is not the main sport -currently. Also refs in lower leagues are involved ans staff like physical trainers, nutrition experts, psychologists, etcetera. Please refrain from insulting other users, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you shout the loudest, doesn't make you more correct or valid in your point of view. These so call super stars like rooney play nowhere near a superstar during the england games, he might have broken the bobby charlton record but as a striker made out to be the star he is, that record should have been broken already, bobby charton is most certainly still the best player ever IMO.

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