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Art Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist and director of the Alpha Omega Clinic and Consultation Centers.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. For it's only through mutual understanding of our own patterns of reaction, and those of our spouse, that we can motivate, nurture, respect, and above all, love each other with the selfless patience to which Christ calls us in the sacrament.In a fun-to-read style that incorporates practical psychology, real-life anecdotes, and decades of clinical experience, the Bennetts will show you: The four kinds of spouses - which kind did you marry? There are some occasions that make life happier and we need to treasure them as the marital life is very much affected by these moments. If you are a wife who is married to a narcissistic husband, not to worry; there are always some solutions for psychological problems we face in others. Communication requires efforts and it actually is worth trying since you spend huge amount of time with your spouse and it is important how spent this time.
He writes a monthly column for the National Catholic Register on the topic of families and work.
It takes guts, but the payoff is sweet.“All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love.
Allaah The Almighty gives us the gift of 'Eed, which are days of happiness and joy that envelop all members of the family including the spouses.
Currently residing in Virginia, the Bennetts have been married for twenty-eight years and have four children — one of each temperament type!Laraine Bennett has a master's degree in philosophy and is a freelance writer with articles published in Faith & Family, Nazareth Journal, the New Oxford Review, and the National Catholic Register.
Consider consulting an older relative, a trusted friend of both you and your husband, or perhaps even a marriage counselor or psychiatrist. On that day, the souls of the spouses become purified and their hearts act as one, in accord with each other. Currently residing in Northern Virginia, the Bennetts have been married for twenty-eight years and have four children — one of each temperament type! Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principle of equal partners,” said Ann Landers.

Make sure that your perception of your husband's behavior matches the reality, and remember that when conflict occurs in a relationship, it is rarely the fault of just one partner. In today's vernacular, that usually means physical bedroom activity, but the root of the word really means to interact on a deeper level. Thus, we feel the spirit of happiness hovering over their house and the fragrance of love, cordiality, tolerance and fun is felt everywhere. If your husband is dealing with serious, full-fledged narcissism, he is unlikely to respond well to any of your attempts to convince him of his error.
However, for some people, 'Eed may spark quarrels, particularly in the morning, due to the limited time and distracted minds when preparing to go out.
Such quarrels fill the souls with anger, which transforms 'Eedfrom a source of happiness into an occasion for fights. Your partner might not directly address his or her feelings on a certain topic, but there may be plenty of non-verbal clues. In this case, the result would be that the spouses would go to visit their relatives with angry faces and depressed souls.
Be sure to strike a convincing tone, and explain to him in a non-confrontational way that you are unhappy with the direction your relationship is headed.
Odds are, if you are experiencing problems he's sensed them too and will agree with you. If you are caught in a misunderstanding, it's important to establish your willingness to communicate.
Sometimes we expect our partner to understand our hidden meanings, but wishing or relying on this isn't fair or effective.
Allaah The Almighty legislated 'Eed to be an occasion for joy and fun rather than sadness and quarreling. Set an example of humility (NOT sarcastic, false humility, but true humility, out of love for your husband) to counter his narcissism.

Prepare the clothes of your husband and children and all the items you will need and keep them in a suitable and easily accessible place. Always set a time-out signal; you both may need time to calm down before continuing a discussion.
Use the power of imagination to fully envision what your partner's perspective might be in a given situation. Raise your voice until all the members of your family hear you and feel the happy atmosphere of 'Eed. Both members of the relationship can offer solutions until you find one that is mutually acceptable. Overlook all that might anger you, and remind yourself and your husband, whenever you see the ghost of anger approaching, that this is 'Eed and that you should be happy and change your life for the better. A true compromise is one in which both partners feel that their thoughts and feelings are addressed while adhering to real constraints: feasibility, time, cost, etc. Whenever you communicate in a relationship, it builds bonds and trust and also you may find a mutual interest.
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