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Part of your job as a team leader in your direct sales business is to be able to develop a network and system that can be used to connect with your team. The temptation for many is to rely on one method of communication that happens to be your personal favorite such as email or text. Effective direct sales training relies on you being able to understand the limitations and requirements of each member of your team. The chances are very good that most of your team members are on one of the popular social networking platforms.
To remedy that, you can create a personal message board or group just for your team that will be the place where you post messages and communicate with team members. In direct sales business training meetings, it can be difficult to get the entire team together on a regular basis.
However, when you are able to assemble a dedicated team of people you can rely on, you can then create a regular meeting schedule that will also act as a form of communication.
A meeting that is scheduled for monthly or every other week would be something that most people can fit into their schedule. When you use ALL the different forms of communication with your team, just like you do for your host, you have a better chance of connecting. You may find great sales associates that do not have email addresses or even cellular phones. Business Leaders Leverage Time! The Direct Sales Recruiting University leverages a business leader’s time.
Make the most out of your educational investments by teaching your team how to recruit and how to be leaders at the same time.
Being able to communicate effectively at work is a really essential part of the job, no matter what field, post or department you are in. Everyday, we have to communicate and even meet several dozen people, whether inside our workplace or even out on the streets! Making sure your words are clear and simple, can really improve your poor communication and make it better. Okay, now when you are at work, it’s important to be professional, but that doesn’t mean you sound all dull and dry while communicating with others. One of the most important features of being a great communicator is to also listen well and properly, when it’s your turn to do so.
The first and best thing to help you prepare for a telephone conversation would be to make sure you have written down all the points and questions which you want to discuss with your client, boss, co-worker etc.
Now that the world is getting more technologically advance and the internet is now available in most parts of the world, communicating via EMAIL is now a real essential part of communication. The most essential and first rule while communicating via EMAIL is to make sure that you use your language correctly.

In today’s modern world, it is really important for us to make sure that our communication skills are good, as the job market has gotten really competitive and there are no rooms for errors.
This entry was posted in Effective, Skills and tagged communicate, communication, communication at work, converse at office, talk effective, work at office on February 22, 2011 by . Now that we have gone over how you listen and you are mastering this by practicing it with others around you, we are going to talk about expressions and how to be the speaker. Developing an effective communication network also requires a comprehensive understanding of your team and the way it operates. Whether it is a cellular phone number or a landline, you need to have one phone number for each team member.
If you make the board exclusive only to team members, then your associates will feel more comfortable signing up for the board and they will use it. You can use these meetings for direct sales training and as ways to interact with your team members.
One of the mistakes that direct sales business owners make is assuming that everyone uses the same mode of communication. As long as you set up a comprehensive communication network for your team using multiple methods of communication, then you will be able to maintain your team long term.
The problem with many people these days is that they do not concentrate on their communication skills or even how they communicate with others. Using words which you, yourself have never used or even heard is useless because all you will do is confuse the listener. Talking about things which have nothing to do with your point, will just cause people to get bored and lose their focus from you. When you are having a conversation, with anyone, you have to consider that fact that, Are they comfortable with how you are talking? When you talk and then listen to what others are saying, then it allows that other person to feel relaxed because they are talking to you and you are talking to them. When you are on a telephone conversation with a client or even customer, you have to make sure that you are talking about the subject matter as well as the fact that you are answering their questions and asking your relevant questions to them.
The beginner employees are not familiar on how to actually send a proper email to someone and so that’s where they get beaten by the more veteran and old employees. This doesn’t mean you have to use words which are hard to understand or words you’ve never hear. Without proper communication, it’s really hard for information to go from one end of the office to the other. Realizing which of them we need to work on will help to enable better communication and we can move on to learning what effective listening entails. This can be very easy if you can just remember that everyone is just trying to survive both physically and emotionally.  Some people may to do or say things to protect themselves.

Many people have trouble with this because there will be times when there is something being said that is hard to hear. Make sure that the phone number you get is one that the team member uses or can get messages from on a regular basis.
When it comes to promotions and bonuses they are easily set aside and no one bothers to look at them! When you have an important topic to talk about or discuss, you have to make sure that you have said and made your point clear.
If they are comfortable and at ease and relaxed, then you have nothing to worry about, just talk how you are and they wont ignore you at all. You also have to be mentally prepared for the questions that will be posted to you by the other person, so best thing to do is prepare yourself for the most frequent and general questions.
It simply means that you use basic and simple words without any grammar errors or spelling, punctuation problems. We want to be right, we don’t want to know about how we have hurt someone else or that our favorite animal is not loved by all.
One to compare what’s being said with what you know to be true based on history, people and facts.
Communication in today’s world no only helps you communicate with your clients, but also with your managers, boss, co-workers etc.
When you talk facts and get to your point, people will actually listen to you and will pay a lot more attention then they do now. Don’t just tell others your opinions, but also take time to allow them to express how they are feeling and their views on the topic or subject matter.
First, paraphrasing is necessary to good listening by keeping you busy listening rather than your mind drifting off on other things. You can lead into this by saying, “What I hear you saying is…” “In other words…” Paraphrasing should happen anytime someone states something of importance.  The second step is clarifying and is extremely important because you want to make sure you fully understand what the speaker is saying.
Clarifying helps you sharpen your listening focus so that you hear more than vague generalities.
Lastly, giving feedback helps by letting the other person in on how you were feeling during the conversation.

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