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The Division of Child Care Services provides assistance to low income families who need help with child care costs while parents work or attend school.
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These leadership techniques will surely help your team, and employee sin achieving more success. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Leadership is the way by which an individual can convince another to make his vision a reality and runs an organization with confidence and conviction. Trait Theory Some people naturally posses the leadership qualities which invariably makes them standout and have others looking up to them for guidance. Great Events Theory Sometimes circumstances or an event in life could provide the background where your leadership qualities are showcased which makes you standout in the crowd. Transformational Leadership Theory This is the most common of the three as this states that leadership is an acquired skill.
As a leader you must be aware that you are being watched by the employees as every thing you do reflects on their growth as well.
Employee satisfaction is a major consideration when it comes to effectiveness of a leadership and trust is the main factor which engages an employee to rely on your leadership qualities. Self assessment form time to time is very important and ensuring you are always ahead of the race by keeping yourself updated and maintaining a good interaction with everyone.In-order to be a good leader you need first need to have a good knowledge of the job being done by your employees. More than your professional skills your humane nature and caring attitude will enhance your image as a leader. The magic is to highlight your goals while you bring them out of others, the best way to do this is to make the person feel important by asking for their opinions and getting them involved in important matters to make them feel that their contribution matters. To summarize the concept of leadership we can say that it is the ability to make a particular group focused with a common goal and motivating them to attain it. Its all about management skills in a complex enterprise, it is the ability to think creatively in various circumstances and influence others to follow your vision.
Leadership is dynamic, challenging, stimulating, stressful, scary, rewarding and sure to help you sail close to your potential.
I've been coaching leaders for 20+ years, and the one thing, which consistently causes leaders to come undone, is that they don't have a strong understanding of how they are showing up as an individual and as a leader. You can build your people skills, throughout your life, by belonging to a range of teams, both as a leader and as a follower. Being a great communicator - great leaders listen really well, making sure people know they've been heard and then, when it is time to make the decision and move forward, to do so with conviction in a clear, precise and galvanizing manner.
Your leadership style will evolve with time, and taking as many opportunities as you can to lead and to follow, will enable you to discover the style that works best for you and the people you want to lead. The important thing to do is to identify and understand your strengths and natural leadership style. The Sailing Close To Your Potential program supports you in identifying your strengths and leadership style; helping you to maximize the best they have to offer and minimize the impacts of the downside. A great coach won't be afraid to let you learn from your mistakes, however, he or she will steer you clear of, or catch you before you can make monumental mistakes.
In conclusion - my two favorites for how to develop leadership skills are -- Practice in as many areas as you can to be great with people - either as a follower or a leader. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Some children are born leaders and in some, leadership qualities need to be learned.  This can easily be done by reading the material on “how to develop leadership qualities in your children” available on the net. The term leadership skills refer to a series of skills that allow people to succeed in management and directorial positions.

Best-selling author and leadership expert John Adair brings his stimulating insights into leadership into his most accessible book to date.
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This is done by having belief in ones self, possessing the right values and ethics pertaining to an honorable character which others can look up-to. Your knowledge can earn your respect and by careful planning, motivating and implementing you can give them the proper sense of direction with good ethics and a focused vision. Your communication skills and the effective way you make them comply with the demands in achieving the company goals and objectives. Always be on the lookout for new innovative methods to improve performances in-order to get better results.
To walk this path you need to have an open mind and absorb new ideas, techniques and developments in order to reach the top and your goal faster. These tips are generic enough to be able to help you - no matter your stage in your leadership journey, yet specific enough to give you something tangible to do to develop your leadership skills. In the context of the corporate arena, the vast majority of people stumble into leadership positions because they got promoted on the back of being good at what they do; and it is the way to get increased salaries and status. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you are going to work with people you need to have great people skills! You may be impulsive, decisive, outspoken and fast-talking; others maybe more analytical, methodical, more thorough in their decision-making.
Recognize the up and downsides and make sure that you don't lean too heavily on that strength or style.
You want someone who has walked a similar path to that which you want to tread, and yet has a unique or different perspective.
They provide complete guidance to your child’s emotional, physical and mental needs and development. Always encourage your child; believe me nothing works better or faster than the two magical words “Well done”. Setting goals, meeting deadlines and motivating others are some basic qualities of a good leader.
When it comes to learning leadership skills, kids are in a winning position, as they can be taught without pressure and can be guided through the process at their own pace. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality. Full of exercises and checklists, "Develop Your Leadership Skills" provides the tools to recognize and develop leadership qualities, acquire personal authority and master core leadership functions, including planning, communicating and motivating. Self analysis, knowledge, experience, and formal education are some of the basics of a good leader. Open mindedness is also a key factor along with maintain a transparent company policy with clear visions which are key factors in gaining the employee trust. When things go wrong learn to shoulder responsibilities by taking charge of the situation with necessary action. Communication methods must be effective to convey job descriptions and for effective supervising as well. By spending time in self-reflection, (understanding what is important to you, what impact you want to have on your immediate and broader community, how you want to be remembered), is the first and most important step you can take to develop your leadership skills.
On the flip-side accolade, joy, camaraderie and a sense of having made a difference will also likely fall into your lap as a leader. Having the courage to say that you 'don't know it all', 'don't have all the answers', 'not sure what to do next', are statements that leaders who have the courage to be high on vulnerability are unafraid to utter. For example, a leader who has great attention to detail, may, if he or she lets it run rampant, end up in analysis paralysis.

For example, I have coached several executives from the travel industry (even though the vast majority of my personal leadership experience has been in the manufacturing industry). Suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their leadership skills, this guide distills the essence of Adair's teaching and offers a framework for becoming an effective leader.
Discuss and communicate your expectation to your team only then they will be able to fulfill all your expectation.
Be the first one to assist them and show confidence in them so that they give their best shot.
Being a leader it is your prime responsibility to recognize and value their opinion but in a way that if you don’t agree with the opinion even then appreciate it. It is crucial to share employees performance and progress so that they will be more motivated and if there will be any areas of improvement there also they can work for future. Their abilities and qualities builds a charisma that attracts the others which they can then use to power their self confidence inorder to motivate the followers. In order to maintain your leadership status you need to keep stressing on your best qualities, work on your attributes and not get stagnated in the comfort of your position.
It is only when you gain their trust that that you can be an inspiration and and convince them that you are the person to follow. Improvising on the areas that need improvement and the ability to take decisions can add to your leadership qualities. Creating a team spirit can go a long way in improving loyalty in employees and getting them to put in their best effort for better outputs. A positive attitude is the driving force behind your vision which is sure to rub off on everyone who will look to the winner for inspiration. Or, a leader who is quick to make decisions - may make too many serious mistakes due to gathering insufficient data.
These travel executives wanted to tap into my knowledge of how to inspire others and create the conditions that create high performance workplaces, and were glad that I wasn't caught up in the 'drama' of what has been happening in the travel industry. Let’s take an example, there is company XYZ that introduces a new technology and does not provide proper training to employees so what will be the result? This confidence along with persistence makes them reach their goals and vision with the help of others.
Personally you need to study your competitors strategies to keep ahead of strategic planning and implementation. Your followers are your fuel to drive you to your goal and you need them to reach your destination. Just make sure that you learn and that you catch your errors before they become monumental. As a boss you exercise your authority and power whereas as a leader you can make people to do their best without having to push them around. Increase effectiveness by developing the existing talent in your team and having the necessary skills to retain them. Your immediate goal as a leader should be to encourage your team to perform individually with the common goal which would result in making your leadership graph climb. Here you need to make a point to ask your employees or team about their requirements, assist them in every aspect. In-order to achieve this you must be aware and take into consideration the needs of your employees and effectively cover all the interests to engage them in the pursuit of a common goal.

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