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If you decided to add a little bulk to the back side of those teeth they should now look like the above pictures. Brushing your teeth properly is not terribly complicated but it is important to do it correctly, and the biggest factor in determining whether you are brushing properly is the length of time you spend brushing your teeth. In order to maintain fresh breath and fewer bacteria in your mouth, it is also a good idea to brush the surface of your tongue, which can also harbor bacteria.
For many, the best choice is an electric toothbrush because it does a superior job at cleaning your teeth and keeping them free from debris and bacteria. Your toothbrush won’t last forever and it is important to recognize when it is time to replace your brush, whether you use a conventional toothbrush or a powered toothbrush. Toothpaste products today offer a wide array of choices so there should be something to satisfy just about anyone’s taste, and toothpastes are formulated for specific purposes including plaque fighting toothpaste, tartar control, sensitive teeth toothpaste and even teeth whitening toothpaste. If you are confused about the best way to brush your teeth and the best products for your particular dental condition, call us at Pearland Family Dentistry today.
Next, the hard tissue that surrounds the teeth is formed, around three to four months of gestation. After the child is born, the next stage occurs when the tooth actually protrudes through the gum. Pulp. Soft tissue on the inside of the tooth that contains the nerve and the ability to produce dentin.
While every child is different, the primary teeth begin to come in between the ages of six and 12 months. The first tooth to erupt is usually a middle, front tooth on the lower jaw, known as the central incisor. The above is followed by the first four molars, and the remaining bottom two lateral incisors. Usually, after the child reaches two years old, the four second molars (the last of the baby teeth) appear. The teeth on the upper jaw usually erupt one to two months after the same tooth on the lower jaw.
That moment when you are talking to someone and all of the sudden their voice strangely sounds like it’s fading into a tunnel-like echo because all you can focus on is their teeth that appear to be the shade of an overcooked cob of corn.
Unfortunately, all through my teenage years, I was that person qho was putting you into a dry-heaving, trance-like state because of the mustard stained shade of my pearly-not-so-whites. In my defense, and in the defense of all those who have suffered along with me, the color of enamel varies from person to person because of genetics and other factors.
My sister was in the dental hygiene program my first year of college, and she introduced me to the world of TEETH WHITENING. Well, my friends, get ready to do some barney jumps, or crab crawls, which ever you prefer. All toothpastes help remove surface stain from your teeth through the action of mild abrasives.
Like whitening toothpastes, there are as many brands of whitening strips as there are shoes in Kim Kardashians closet.. I personally have tried several different types of Crest white stripes, and have never been disappointed.
BUT my FAVORITE Whitestripes I’ve ever tired are the CREST 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips     (amazon seems to ALWAYS have the best deals on white stripes in my experience, PLUS they have a $10 rebate!). During chairside bleaching, a protective gel is applied to your gums or a rubber shield to protect the oral soft tissues. Ask around for recommendations for a good dentist in your area, and then call them and ask what new patient specials they have, and if they provide any specials for any kind of bleach system. The biggest precaution I can give you for ANY kind of whitening is that it can and most likely WILL cause some sensitivity. Lastly, it’s crucial to remember to brush and floss regularly and avoid foods and drinks that are known to stain teeth, as this will help extend your brighter smile and ensure an overall healthier mouth.
I don’t have any actual before and after pictures of my results from whitening, but this pretty much sums up the drastic difference from what I can remember.

Don’t suffer from corn disease as long as I did, your banana teeth years are behind you! 1) About how much is the (approximate) cost for the gel (for the trays), and you said you use it for a couple of weeks? I have bleach trays from my dentist from years ago, but have long since run out of the bleach.
The easiest way to whiten teeth is to put a small amount of baking soda in your hand, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and brush. Defying Western stigma and school-age angst over wearing braces, some Asian teens are reportedly buying fake braces as a status symbol. This orthodontia oddity has flourished in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, according to outlets. Kids are forking over $100 for the black-market fashion braces to fool observers into thinking they can afford the authentic -- and expensive -- mouthworks, AFP reports.
Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty are among the popular designs, but whimsical themes aside, the braces can also be dangerous.
In 2009 -- yes, this trend has some bite -- CBS reported on the Thai government's concern that parts could come loose and choke wearers, and that some of the braces contained lead. Humor site the Chive ran a pictorial, remarking that among all the supposedly crazy crazes, this one was, well, surprising.
Unfortunately in today’s busy society, people are often hurried in the mornings are rarely spend the appropriate amount of time brushing their teeth. Since this bacteria is what causes tooth decay, it is important to remove as much of it from your mouth as possible during brushing.
The shape of the handle and the head are both personal choices, but it is often recommended that a smaller bristle head is best because it allows you to maneuver the brush into those hard-to-reach areas better. These range from hard to soft, and many dentists recommend that soft-bristled brushes do a better job of removing plaque from your teeth.
We will be happy to offer advice regarding your teeth and we can make recommendations for the best techniques and products for you to use to keep your teeth healthy. Good nutrition from the mother during pregnancy is important in the development of the teeth. Some people are just annoyingly blessed with fairy white enamel, while others of us suffer from the corn disease (I made that disease up, don’t look it up in the dental dictionary, it’s not there even though it should be).
They are all pretty similar because they all usually contain hydrogen peroxide as the whitening ingredient.
A bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth and a special light may be used to enhance the action of the agent. Weddings, senior pictures, family Pictures, first dates with that possible future hub-a-lish, etc.. Carbamide peroxide is the bleaching agent and comes in several different concentrations (10%, 16%, and 22%). Take the trays home, apply a tiny dot of bleach in each tooth slot of the tray, put trays on, wear for instructed amount of time. If you want optimal results, there is no debate in my opinion, custom bleach trays are the bee’s knee’s!! And if you want to just put a pin in it and think about what kind of whitening is right for you, HERE are a few ideas of foods that whiten teeth naturally. Many people avoid smiling in public because they are self-conscious about the poor color of their teeth.
Your focus should be all outer surfaces of your upper teeth, followed by all inner surfaces of your upper teeth. You will also want to replace your toothbrush after suffering any illness or cold because the brush can harbor germs that can cause your illness to return.
The mother's diet should have adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and vitamin D.
However, if teeth fail to come in a year after the expected time, it would be advisable to check with your child's dentist to make sure they are developing properly.

My teeth get SUPER DUPER sensitive when I whiten, but I use fluoride in my bleach trays in between bleaching, which helps heaps!
Selling fashion braces now carries a punishment of up to six months in prison and a $1,300 fine, according to the report. It will help remove plaque and make your pearly whites shine.Mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with a little toothpaste. If done twice daily for a few weeks, the yellow tinge on your teeth will vanish.Another option is to mix the pulp of one strawberry with one-half teaspoon of baking soda and spread the mixture onto your teeth and let it sit for a few minutes. This may be disconcerting to some and if you were to time yourself with a stopwatch, you may find that two minutes seems like a very long time. You can then turn your attention the outside surfaces of your lower teeth and then the inner surfaces of your lower teeth. Certain medications, such as tetracycline, should not be taken by the mother while she is pregnant as these can cause discoloration to the developing teeth of the embryo. The last baby tooth is usually lost around the age of 12, and is the cuspid or second molar.
The power will be shown right on the box, for example: the power of the white strips on the box in the picture below is the maximum strength of 5.
Some products are used once or twice a day for two weeks, while others are intended for overnight use for one to two weeks. There are some difficult areas to reach within your mouth and the best way to reach all of them is with a careful, thorough brushing. If you make these steps routine, you will find that it is easy to build a two-minute brushing habit. I would also add my stamp of approval for custom bleach trays because you can fill them with Sensodyne or other sensitivity toothpaste and wear them to relieve the sensitivity after whitening! Make sure not to swallow the hydrogen peroxide.You can also make a paste of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and gently brush your teeth with it.
Have a good time!rameen October 26, 2015 at 5:13 am ReplyHy it us good Alexis July 15, 2013 at 2:26 am ReplyThese are some great home remedies! Once the outer and inner surfaces are finished, it is time to focus on the chewing surfaces of your upper and lower teeth, particularly those teeth located far to the back of your mouth.
Rinse with the mouthwash two or three times a day.You can also scrub your teeth gently for at least two minutes with diluted baking soda. This little experience is just one of many that solidified that dental hygiene was the right profession for me as well! It helps replenish lost mineral content in the teeth and helps revive their white color.You can use common salt regularly each morning as a tooth powder instead of toothpaste. Rose August 9, 2013 at 10:30 pm ReplyWOW this worked!!!ariff August 9, 2014 at 12:18 am Replywhich method u practise ?
The end result of acid traveling to nerve of tooth resulting in need for a root canal or extraction. My best advice as a practicing Dental Hygienist of 24 years is to get a dental exam and cleaning. Not only does it help with external stain buildup but also helps neutralize the acidic content of our daily diet. Keep on the good work Gloria Ogbudu August 23, 2014 at 7:40 am ReplyWow,will try the orrange solution out.
U will be amazed by the resultsHenry September 9, 2014 at 6:16 pm ReplyAm your neighbour at KE,is it any charcoal and how do you use it exactly?

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