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This equates to 31 hours of wasted time that could have been spent getting actual work done or simply finishing your workday on time (wouldn’t that be nice?). Most of us know the standard meeting best practices- send out agendas with an objective, share organized meeting minutes, and keep track of important action items. Telling someone in a position of power “no” is a difficult scenario, but if there’s something more important on your plate, it’s better to give the choice of what’s the best use of your time. Send out your prioritized tasks for either your client or boss and ask them if it would be better to work on those pending tasks or attend the meeting. You can always suggest a quick review of the meeting minutes to stay in the loop on any important updates without having to be physically present.
Status meetings are great when they are in small doses and have clear objectives, but they often become blocks of wasted time on your calendar. Teams have a bad habit of inviting everyone on their team (usually for the convenience of using a team ‘reply-all’ list email address) to their meetings. For example, if you have a team of 10 people, there may only be 4 people who have something to solve, while 6 others are stuck with nothing to contribute.
Taking efficient meeting minutes can update the other members of the team and doesn’t waste 6 hours of time. Stephen Weber is a meeting specialist for the business meeting productivity tool, Less Meeting. Regardless of whether you are a project manager for an organization, an independent contractor or entrepreneur, or a small business owner, tasks and responsibilities can easily get out of hand of you aren’t careful. On average, project managers attend 62 meetings a month and report half of those to be unproductive.
This will help make poor meetings more successful, but what about those meetings that should have never taken place to begin with? Once the importance of X, Y, Z is explained, most bosses will understand that your time will be better spent elsewhere.
Less Meeting allows users to set agendas, write effective meeting minutes and follow up on action items in one convenient location. Land an account with a new client, finish three large projects, hire a freelance to delegate tasks to while you are away.
Qualitative Risk Analysis offers an easy and effective way for businesses to improve their project risk management robustness without the need for heavy statistical analysis.In a recent blog post I talked in general about the importance of project risk management in and listed several techniques that can be applied.

This article outlines the process of qualitative risk analysis and shares a story where risk management saved one of my projects! Project management definitely appeals to certain personality types that are extremely organized and detail oriented. Even if you were able to finagle it, would you really be able to enjoy a day or week off without worrying about a particular project or client? Be sure to keep the points above in mind whenever you are managing work, projects, or clients.
She has over four years experience in publishing as a full time editor and project manager.
In fact, two out of every three business owners work an average of forty hours per week or more.
For project managers, this is about managing projects, stakeholders, team members, and may mean delegating tasks to other team members or looping in vendors to help out as necessary. The classic project manager is extremely neat and organized at home, uses spreadsheets to track, well, everything, and answers emails while cooking dinner on the stove.
Due to the extreme impact of this particular risk the project was structured from the beginning to accommodate it.Long story short, when the risk occurred and our client panicked, we were able to demonstrate that we had considered the risk and had a plan of action should it occur. Our client took great comfort knowing the risk had been mitigated and our response strategy was already underway.As a Project Manager, it is great feeling when a risk does occur which you have already considered and have a plan in place to manage it. However, while this is usually good news as too much is a wig of sheer business growth, we need to be realistic here.
The fact is, in order to keep functioning and maintaining a healthy and healthy work life balance, we have to take time off tot take care of ourselves.
Her project management experience began while she was working for Victory Productions, a small publishing house in Worcester, MA.
She now holds a position at Pearson Learning Solutions, the largest textbook publisher in the world, managing an initiative to ensure that custom higher ed textbooks are more relevant and cost effective for students. But risk management does not need to be an over the top statistical analysis of probability and impact.Qualitative risk analysis can make risk management much lighter, quicker and almost as effective as advanced quantitative risk analysis. As the textbook publishing industry is facing steep competition from digital format books, she has learned to work closely with professors, adopters and field editors all over the country to ensure projects are seen through to successful completion. I promise you, if you adopt these qualitative risk management techniques, you will have quite a robust project risk management system that can challenge the big players.

What Is Qualitative Risk AnalysisQualitative risk analysis is simply the approach you take to analyse project risks, the impact these will have on the project and the probability of these risks occurring.Qualitative risk analysis does not rely on data and statistics to base a model on. Language Solutions, is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals with their language needs and challenges whether it be translation, editing, writing blogs, or project management. Impact AnalysisOnce you have identified a list of possible risks, the next step is to analyse guesstimate what the potential impact could be. Risk TreatmentNow that the risks have been identified with their impacts and probability scored, it is time to think about how to treat each risk.
Transfer – Transferring a risk is quite common through insurance and contracts, issuing a contract to a supplier is essentially transferring some of the risk to the supplier, especially in a fixed price contract. You may choose to avoid the risk, either by changing or removing certain scope items or changing the approach. Plan BHave a plan of what to do, who gets notified and who does what if when the risk event does occur. Most of the planning to this point is likely to be around minimising and transferring risks.Knowing, documenting and agreeing on the course of action now, will save time and money and reduce the impact if when the risk does occur. When the risk occurs, there should be no debate about what has to happen, it just gets done.5.
There should be constant review and updating of the risks, perhaps the impacts have changed or the risk is no longer a possibility, continually review and update the risk log.
I've managed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects since the inception of my career. If you are finding it difficult to identify risks, can I suggest that you gather your team in a room and just start brainstorming everything and anything that can go wrong.Considering you have taken the time to read my article (which is quite long) on a dry topic such as Risk Management, I am happy to spend 30 minutes of my time over Skype with yourself and your team to give you some ideas on Risk Management at no cost. Reply Chris Sterling said: April 15, 2016 at 5:10 AMDo anyone know of a good site that I can get a simple template to complete a qualitative risk assessment? I was trying to understand about Risk managment from various websites, blogs nd books too.. It will often reference the organisations risk appetite, to ensure alignment with the business and possibly aligned to a best practice or international standard such as ISO:31000.

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