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Just installed the Sims 3 patch or about to?Read this article for helpful advice about patching and keeping your custom content working! Gentle, modest, and meek, a young daughter of the Fitzalans disappeared while walking on the beach one autumn day. During the Yuletide Ball, Lady Annelise was found in the music room, unconscious on the floor.
Married and widowed twice before the age of thirty-eight, Sir Charles was killed in a hunting accident before the age of thirty-nine. Fully furnished and partly decorated, Cryptomeria Hall is meant as a sort of tribute to gothic novels-- the ones with covers depicting beautiful young women in the foreground, and dark, ominous houses in the background. No CC is used, but I have all the noted expansions, and have used some of the lighting from Kitchen & Bath.
This is actually only accessible if you add in Marvine's ladder or Targa's ascension circle. You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed above installed to use this custom content.

Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.
It has seen the births of many of the Fitzalan clan, and the deaths, or disappearances, of many-- Fitzalan by blood and marriage both. When she was revived, she fled the house in hysterics, and refused to leave the rectory (where she had taken refuge), or explain the cause of her distress. The Hall is of pseudo-Victorian construction, and is a beach lot, perfect for walking on at midnight in a storm! In my in-game CC version, I've made extensive use of Adele's sets (her honey-colored stucco looks amazing in the kitchen!), and of Parsimonious' walls and floors, etc. Registration allows you to thank and leave comments for the creators, see your download history, participate in the discussions and much more!
More than one visitor to Cryptomeria Hall swears to have seen her walking along the waterline, in the hour between dusk and dark. I didn't leave room for a driveway, but it wouldn't be impossible to remodel the music room into one (or into a pool area, or anything else, for that matter).

For a more period look, Parsimonious also has a old-fashioned-looking smoke alarm and wall phone. When Sir William attempted to force her to return, she promptly insisted on a divorce, and afterwards left the country for Italy, never to return to her native land. You may want to use the Sims2Pack Clean Installer instead of the game's installer, which will let you install sims and pets which may otherwise give errors about needing expansion packs. Do NOT use Clean Installer to get around this error with lots and houses as that can cause your game to crash when attempting to use that lot.

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