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Pick3Edge has been helping Pick 3 Lottery players for almost 3 years, but needs YOUR help to maintain its "free"ness. If you enjoy Pick3Edge or have had a win, please help us by making a donation of $5, $10, $20 or a $100+? Access to the site is still FREE, however we would like to be able to contact you about new systems, content and site updates.

To keep the amount of numbers small, you can use any of your filters (High, Low, Even, Odd, Hot, Cold, Recent Hitsa€¦etc.). Use your states last month history file to back check this Pick 3 lottery system to see if it holds any validity in your particular state.
Some people play a version of repeating doubles or a€?Back-to-backa€? doubles by waiting for a double to hit then playing doubles in hopes of a repeat.

While there are versions of that method that warrant a closer look, it didna€™t make the top 50 systems in the version of this book.

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