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At the end of world war–II managing employees became the most concerning matter for every organization. From the above discussion we came to the points that human Resource Management includes job analyses, planning staff requirements, recruiting the right people, orienting and guiding, administration of wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and corresponding with every employees at all level.
After the realization of concerned people regarding the workers as a human beings they were promoted to the humanism movement and they focused employees decisions, stress which directly affect themselves i.e. All the managers in an organization must be familiar with human resource management theory similarly they must be aware of marketing and accounting theory, was broadly accepted.

It is concerned with attraction, assortment, training, appraisal, and rewarding of employee. It is the process of appointing and developing employees to make them valuable for the organization.
It is founded by the high level management that it is not possible to increase productivity without the complete satisfaction of the workers. On the basis of that discovered issue the current knowledge on motivation and reward system came out of this period.

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