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Abby and Tommy are being warned by his friends as they refused not to spend time with Abby, due to missing out several of the football game. Meanwhile, Abby and Tommy went out on a date night, until Woody gets into a fight by Tommy's friends and Joe shots him and dies.
Meanwhile, Abby and Tommy get back together, as they are going away from each other, but when the NBA stadium is where he'll be attending is a couple of blocks away from Abby's college, and will see each other once again. And two months later, 17-year-old Abby Barnes (Amy Tammie) is near four months before her High School graduation and has nothing to do for college. While befriending with Jessica Hutchinson (Kristen Stewart), Joey Marshall (Alex Pettyfer) goes close over her causing their friendship to become awry blaiming on her for stealing a jewerly, as her dad punishes her for stealing. At the funeral, Amy discovers her dad Jared absent, trying to give him phone calls, but hasn't return phone calls. Jessica apologies to Abby for making her look like she steal the jewerly, and decided to become good friends. And in the meantime, she learns that her mother Kelly Barnes (Jennifer Aniston) is a fashion model, where it leads Abby to become interested, leaving her father Jared Barnes (Johnny Depp) suspicuous.

Tommy's sister Rebecca (Jojo) invited Abby and her friends to the wedding night party, but her dad refuses her not to come, due to her being on punishment. Meanwhile, Abby and Tommy helps Brian to continue building Elementary school and became a success. While shooping with her friends Jennifer Blackwell (Debby Ryan) and Ben Foster (Mitchel Musso), Abby gets over handsome popular Tommy Kroger (Lucas Till), where he fell in love with her, but Abby dislike dating and never wants to have a boyfriend.
Until now, she sneaks out and goes to the wedding - Until - Joey goes crashing into it and gives money to Abby for making her to have sex. But when Tommy discovers that he starts the fire, Abby furiously attacked him and ends a relationship for good. However, after an argument with her father, she sleeps outside until Tommy shows up continue to bug Abby.
Meanwhile, Abby decided to let Jared to tear down the Fashion Model College, but feelings changed decided to give another chance. But when he gives a present, which is Abby's favorite book, he eventually falls in love with him and decided to spend time with him.

Abby and Tommy arrives to Abby's house and was spotted by Jared and punishing her in an extended time.
Meanwhile, while beginning to move to another school, Brian Barnes (Nathan Gamble) decided to rebuild his Elementary school with the students and teachers, but there replacing it as an apartment, must keep the spot away for their school to be rebuild.
But when Tommy told Jared about Abby not stealing the jewerly, he eventually forgives her and lets her off punishment. Until now, the Fashion Design college is set to be teared down and to be replaced by a theater, and Jared decided to join men. But, Kelly and Jared gets into a divorce, as Jared packs up his things and leave the house.

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